Narooma Rotary Beacon 5 July 2018

Rod’s Ramble 

Rod Walker, Narooma President 2018-2019

It is a great honour to be your President in the 60th year of Rotary in Narooma. When I look back on the great presidents of the past and the fantastic achievements of such a small club, it is a daunting prospect.

I will say more about my approach to the presidency at this week’s meeting. I will outline our business plan for the year at the Changeover on Saturday 4 August. Suffice it to say, I enjoy some of the formality that used to be an integral part of Rotary culture. It was a structured approach that resonated with the industry in which I worked and was a counterpoint to the informality of the sporting clubs I was involved with at the time. I felt privileged to be a member of Rotary.  You will see some more formality from me in 1918-19 whether you embrace it or not is up to you.

It’s worth considering  there are at least four former presidents still living in Narooma and no longer members of the Club and probably another six to 10 former members. If this much experience was lost in the corporate world then there would be a major review of the workplace culture to see what is going wrong. Membership will be a major focus for me but hand in hand with that is looking after the wellbeing of our current members. Therefore my theme for 2018-19 is ‘Fun, Fellowship and Family’ I will elaborate on this at this week’s meeting.

This Week: For my first meeting as President, I invite partners and friends to join us as we begin the 60th year of Rotary in Narooma. In the spirit of ‘Fun, Fellowship and Family’ it will simply be an opportunity to share a meal and a few stories in the company of the wider Rotary family. Please let Bob Aston know if you are bringing guests on Thursday or if you are an apology. Unless he hears otherwise, he will assume you are coming.

Regards Rod

Sandra Doyle presents Michelle Garcia of Narooma Public School with a $500 donation from the Busking Festival.

Out and about

Busking Festival buys musical instruments 

We wrapped up the 2018 Busking Festival with a ‘thank you’ night in Narooma Golf Club’s auditorium last Thursday for sponsors and volunteers. We also made donations with Festival proceeds to six local schools. Festival coordinator Sandra Doyle said the Festival in May was a huge success with the town buzzing from the Flat to the Plaza. ‘It would not have been possible if Rotary did not have the support of the many sponsors (both of prizes and hots spots) and all the wonderful volunteers from our community,’ she said.

Sandra Doyle presents Brendan Constable of Bermagui Public School with a $500 donation .

In Bob Aston’s last official function as President 2017-2018, he added his thanks to those who helped on the day, as well the Club’s appreciation to Sandra and her ‘Dream Team’ for their initiative and hard work in staging the of Narooma Public School Festival.

Sandra presented cheques to Narooma High School ($1,000) and to each of the five primary schools in Narooma Rotary’s catchment ($500 each), proceeds from the busker hot spots and busker votes, topped up by the Club. She said these donations would enable each school to purchase more musical instruments to encourage students to further their musical experience. One of Sandra’s little ‘twists’ for the evening was a display by Narooma Camera Club of candid shots of some of the buskers on the day, with a people’s choice.

Bob’s year ends

It may seem strange not having an official handover at this time of the year, with Bob’s year just seemingly morphing into Rod’s with our official changeover not until the 60th celebrations in August. However it is perhaps important at this point to pay tribute to Bob’s leadership over the past 12 months and to all that we have achieved, while also looking forward to a new ‘captain’ for the next 12 months. Another good year ahead!

Please don’t forget to let Bob know if you are bringing guests on Thursday night by 4pm Tuesday.

Bob would also like to know if you are coming to the changeover/60th celebrations on Saturday 4 August.

Cheers Laurelle

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