Narooma Rotary Beacon 18 August 2022

Andrew’s Thoughts

Our thoughts this weekend (19-21 August) will be with our Narooma High team attending the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) in Canberra (see below). I look forward to hearing from them when they report back.

Mike Young on their recent family holiday ‘stateside’

Last Thursday we had an interesting Club Assembly meeting primarily discussing the possible changes as to how Rotary Zone 8 (that’s Australasia and the Pacific Islands) could operate for the betterment and increased relevance of Rotary going forward. While there was healthy scepticism as to how this will actually help us at the local level, the project of review was approved. Accordingly, I shall be voting YES in September’s upcoming ballot. Of far greater interest (!) was Mike’s fascinating chat about his recent trip to visit his daughter and her family in Hawaii, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Cape Cod.

This Thursday was to see the return of Business Breakfasts. We were all looking forward to hearing from Jenn Black of Merivale but we have had to cancel the Breakfast because she is not well.

We have commenced the sale of the Whale Watching Raffle with proceeds being earmarked for the proposed new Carers’ Accommodation at Moruya Hospital so we look forward to positive support both from our members and the wider public.

So in these uncertain times, we continue as ever upwards and onwards mes amis.

THIS THURSDAY – Business Breakfast cancelled

Our first guest speaker for this new round was to have been Jenn Black with a Merivale update, but it will have to be another day because she is not well.

The Week that Was

More from Club Assembly

Whale Watching Raffle: The whales are already heading south and many locals are getting excited. Fortunately our popular whalewatching raffle is back thanks to Narooma Charters and Ange Ulrichsen. If you are able to sell tickets around town or take some books of tickets (and take the load of Ange and Andrew), please see or ring Ange (she will have tickets and a preliminary roster at the Business Breakfast). Tickets will cost $2 each and be drawn at the September markets (25th) ready for a trip peak season. Proceeds will go towards Carers’ Accommodation for the proposed new Eurobodalla Regional Hospital plus other charities.

Looking for a community project: Andrew is keen for us to instigate “a meaningful family day on NATA Oval”, possibly with other organisations, with “the aim of giving back to the community”. All ideas welcome.

Aloha from Hawaii: At last week’s meeting, Mike Young reported back from his “really wonderful” holiday with his daughter and family ‘stateside’. First in Hawaii, then San Francisco (thick fog meant could not see the bay, but away from SF no fog and 100deg F), then to his daughter’s home in Philadelphia for five to six days for her 50th birthday (she lives in a gated community with many families of similar ages). They all then went up to the family’s holiday house in Cape Cod with the ocean on one side, the bay on the other and shark warnings every day (!).

Out and About


Our Club has sponsored Narooma’s team of three Year 11 students – Yeshe Smith-Macpherson, Ellen Hemsted and Jack Lenihan accompanied by their teacher Monique Wicks. The students will represent Iran, the country allocated to them, and debate current political issues relating to Iran.

This Rotary youth programme attracts students from across the eastern states and provides them with the extraordinary experience of contributing to a United Nations General Assembly style debate in Old Parliament House. It encourages them to learn about the workings of the United Nations while developing debating skills and gain self-confidence in public speaking.

Thanks to Ange Ulrichsen for helping make this great youth project happen again this year.

NEXT THURSDAY 25th – please invite friends and family

Lynne Thomas

This promises to be a top night so please invite partners and friends. Our guest speaker is Yuin Elder Lynne Thomas, a teacher and cultural consultant. She will talk about Dreaming stories and their importance, some special places that speak to connection to country.

Also, our Narooma High students who attended the recent Model United Nations Assembly (see above) will share their experiences with us.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 11 August 2022

Andrew’s Thoughts

Well it was an “interesting” week! Firstly, at 4PM on Tuesday we found out that the Golf Club is closed on Tuesday’s – a mere two hours before the first Prostate Cancer Support Group meeting at the new location. To say that Julie and I were “unamused” would be classic Pommie understatement. We met with the Golf Club on Friday, expressed our displeasure, and have agreed that the PCSG will now meet on the first Wednesday of each month so please spread the word.

Our Club was well represented at the recent Carers’ meeting in Moruya by President Andrew and VP Ange

Also on Friday, Ange and I attended the second meeting for the proposed Carers’ Accommodation for the new Eurobodalla Regional Hospital. I am a firm believer that this initiative will serve the whole Shire, so it is beholden on all three Eurobodalla Rotary Clubs to get behind this project.

I committed our Club to provide full support, and this was ratified by the Board at its later meeting.  A Steering Committee was proposed to initially scope out “What, When and How” and, thanks to Ange, I suddenly saw myself elected as Deputy Chairman supporting Chairman Cr Rob Pollock who was instrumental in the Oncology Unit project, chairing that committee. Never a dull moment!

As I mentioned, we held a Board meeting on Friday afternoon and I shall report fully at Thursday’s Club Assembly, but we made some important decisions which will help move the Club forward. At this week’s meeting I shall also present several videos which discuss the possible changes to how RI Zone 8 will operate going forward and the opportunity to define how WE want to operate as opposed to the central RI mandate. I urge you all to come along.

And as ever, it’s upwards and onwards mes amis!


Dinner meeting at Narooma Golf Club – Club Assembly 6 for 6.30pm. Andrew will report on our Board’s decisions from last Friday’s meeting. He will also show presentations from Rotary International shown at the recent District Webinar for Area Presidents about the proposal for changes to how Zone 8 (Australasia and the Pacific Islands) will operate ‘semi remotely’ from Rotary International from 2025.

The Week That Was

Last week’s Board meeting

It was a full and productive meeting of the new Board. Andrew will expand more at this week’s meeting but items discussed included:

  1. Starting and finishing the winter markets (May to August) an hour later – approved
  2. Increasing the price of food sold from the van by 50c (sausage sandwiches), and $1 for the other food – approved.
  3. Julie is tasked with researching a replacement food van for our Club.
  4. The Board also endorsed the July Club Assembly’s recommendation that we should no longer consider hosting the Narooma Regional Australian Busking Competition. A letter was subsequently written to Australian National Busking Championships instigator Allan Spencer of Cooma.

More on Busking Competition

Busking Competition 2018 – two Dogs Pluckin’

In the letter to ANBC’s Allan Spencer, former Narooma Rotary secretary John Rungen explained that we were unable to continue to host the Narooma competition because of low membership numbers and the difficulties in obtaining sponsorship with current business conditions. He thanked Allan for all his assistance over the years.

Allan’s response was warm and appreciative, saying how he totally understood our situation. This year’s grand final will be in Cooma on 26 November, with regional competitions coming up in The Entrance, Braddon ACT and Ballarat.

He sincerely thanked our Club for everyone’s hard work and support over the years which would no doubt especially refer to the years of the ‘Dream Team’. Allan said, “Your efforts have brought a lot of joy to many people as well as encouraged many performing artists to further their dreams.”

It was certainly an extremely rewarding and much appreciated project by our wider community.

Narooma Busking Competition 2018 – the Rhythm Hunters from Narooma Public School

From Moruya Rotary

More details about the recent Carers’ Meeting were published in this week’s Moruya bulletin which the Club saw as a substantial step forward (see Andrew’s column above). Fifteen people attended including seven Moruya Rotarians, Batemans Bay Rotary President Matthew Thomas, and our President Andrew and VP Ange. The plan is to form an incorporated body, provisionally to be called CAREH.

The next meeting is on Friday 30 September when they hope to have commitments from non-Rotarians prepared to work in one of the several areas President Shirl identified “to get the how on the road”.

Out and About

From Merimbula Rotary

Merimbula Rotary is supporting Rotary’s Adopt-A-Tree Initiative.   Adopted trees will be planted in environmentally impacted areas of NSW & ACT. The planting areas will be determined by experts, including Landcare and Rotary will organise plantings under their guidance.  Plantings will take place in months such as April/May & September/October.

  • Local schools & clubs will be contacted, encouraging them to become involved.
  • A variety of trees and shrubs will be planted to ensure a balance in the local environment, encouraging native birds and fauna also grow and thrive.

[If you would like to find out about the Adopt-A-Tree, please click on:]


We resume our Business Breakfasts at Narooma Surf Club. Our first guest speaker for this new round will be Jenn Black with a Merivale update.

Bookings are essential with President Andrew by Sunday. Cost is $10.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 4 August 2022

Andrew’s Thoughts

Gordon Bentley thanked our guest speaker Sol Ramana-Clarke of Dignam’s Creek for his fascinating talk on medicinal cannabis

So the ‘Saga of the Lawson Winter’’ continued!  This time it was Lynn’s turn to concuss herself with me playing nursemaid; I am pleased to say that she is now fully recovered. As a consequence we missed Sol Ramana-Clarke’s talk on Medicinal Cannabis which would have been of particular interest to us both. By all accounts it was a really interesting evening (please see below).

On Sunday, I joined an important District Webinar for Area Presidents concerning the proposal for the changes to how Zone 8 (that’s Australasia and the Pacific Islands) will operate semi remotely from Rotary International from 2025. This matter is of such importance to us all that I shall present the various presentations at our Club Meeting on the 11th, together with our Board Meeting decisions. The Board will be held this Friday and will cover many important matters.

Tuesday sees the Prostate Cancer Support Group commence its 2022/23 program with Dr Gundi Muller-Grotjan from our associated GP practice providing a GP’s view. We also aim to hear what is important to the attendees so we can tailor our program accordingly. Hopefully we’ll have a good attendance; it’s interesting how the level of enquiry and interest has definitely risen over the past two months.

All in all, as we head out of winter, it’s onwards and upwards mes amis!


Tuesday 2 August: The Prostate Cancer Support Group resumes this Tuesday after a winter break at 6.30pm at a new venue – the Board Room at Narooma Golf Club. Dr Gundi Muller-Grotjan of Braveheart Healthcare will lead discussion.

No dinner meeting this Thursday 4 August, being the first Thursday in the month.

Friday 5 August: Board meeting at 4.15pm in the Board Room at Narooma Golf Club.

The Week that Was

While numbers were few, a very interested gathering. Lovely too to have Iris back among us.

Last week’s talk by Sol Ramana-Clarke on medicinal cannabis brought home to many how some things once considered ‘alternative’ can eventually become more mainstream. However, Sol said that is still a way off.

He gave a fascinating account of the hemp plant’s history (hemp is another name for cannabis, as is marihuana), its many uses and its ability to solve major health as well as environmental problems.

Sol spoke about the latest and current research into two major components of cannabis THC and CBD and their claimed ability to kill cancer cells, ease back pain, heal many illnesses, and the newly found role of cannabinoids in balancing every bodily function. What was particularly fascinating is that less than a handful of companies worldwide are manufacturing medicinal cannabis and that it is highly regulated and expensive, leading to a lot of sales on the black market. If you are interested in finding out more, check out Sol’s DVD The Hemp Solution available online.

Several people on Thursday mentioned that Four Corners last week was partly on cannabis’ medicinal potential. Mentioned was the $15m investment by iron ore magnate and cattle producer Gina Rinehart into the European expansion of the Perth-based company Little Green Pharma in the growing medicinal cannabis industry. Little Green Pharma sells its products into Europe. She obviously sees some potential.

Interestingly, Sol’s late father was a member of Bega Rotary.

Out and About

From Bega Rotary

Interesting at Bega Rotary’s recent Changeover, in outlining the Club’s plans for the year he referred to the Rotary International theme for the year. – “Imagine”. Phil challenged Bega Rotarians to ‘re-imagine’ their club and ‘to step up’. They’re set for an exciting and busy year ahead. Also at the Changeover, Paul Windle OA who is a Paul Harris Fellow was recognised with an Honorary Membership.

From Moruya Rotary

Moruya Rotary has invited Narooma and Batemans Bay Rotarians to join them at the next planning meeting for Carers’ Accommodation for the new Eurobodalla Hospitalon Friday 5 August at 10.30 am at Moruya Golf Club. Moruya President Shirl says it would be good to have a crowd to pool ideas, concerns, skills and knowledge


Dinner meeting at Narooma Golf Club – Club Assembly