Narooma Rotary Beacon 30 June 2022

Andrew’s Thoughts

Our Board 2022-2023 consists of Mike Young, left, Susanna Chung, President Andrew Lawson, Vice President Ange Ulrichsen, Lynn Hastings, Julie Hartley, Gero Mitchell and Laurelle Pacey.

Well, what an amazing way to end our Rotary year! Changeover was a great success with almost 50 people attending – honoured guests including PDG Phil Armstrong and AG Adam de Totth, voluntary agency representatives, plus us and our guests. 

Mike Young, PCFA’s Jim Lloyd, Julie Hartley and President Andrew

There were so many highlights for me to report, but reflecting back on 21/22 it was encouraging what we achieved, surviving Zoom meetings and fully establishing our fledgling Business Breakfast program. The highlight was to establish our Prostate Cancer Support Group (PCSG) and we were honoured that The Hon Jim Lloyd from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) joined us to receive our first donation for prostate cancer research and support.  As is our tradition, we donated to our local voluntary agencies, recognising the VRA, the Surf Club, Oz Harvest and Marine Rescue – both Narooma and Bermagui. 

David McInnes receives a Paul Harris Fellowship

Then it was on to recognising our own. It was with great pride that I presented a Paul Harris Fellowship to David McInnes for his years of support at the same time as balancing his business and swimming responsibilities, and also for a second time to Rod Walker for all that he does quietly in the background and his very wise counsel.

Rotarian of the Year Julie Hartley

We recognised John Rungen for what he has done over the years as he takes some time off to travel the globe, and also Mike Young for his unstinting support throughout my presidential year. Club Rotarian of the Year was a very close call but went to Julie Hartley who was the seed, the inspiration and a major launch partner behind the PCSG, as well as leading the successful Duck Race Team with a broken wing.

Rod Walker receives his second Paul Harris Fellowship

So to 22/23, the year of the ‘three Rs’ – Review, Reflect and Revise. Whilst I envisage evolution and not revolution, it is time to take stock of what we do, and benchmark our Club against others in D9705. This process may be challenging but it is important we remain relevant for the members of tomorrow. One of the areas for review will be communication, both internally and externally. We are getting there with our Facebook, albeit with more to do, but have a long way to go with our website where Susanna Chung and I have already agreed on a program of review. So our ‘Imagine’ Year motto will be CRAY – Community and communication, Reach into the wider territory, Agencies where we can work collaboratively, and Youth through our scholarship and continuing to work with the High School.

So there’s lots to do. The new Board will meet on Friday to develop our plans for the year and I look forward to reporting back at our Club Night on 7th July.

Meanwhile, as ever, it’s onwards and upwards mes Amis!


Thursday 30 June – no Club Dinner Meeting

Friday 1 July 4.15pm – Planning Meeting of new Board – Narooma Golf Club

The Week that Was

More on our Changeover

In reviewing the past year, President Andrew Lawson said “with everything the year threw at us, I was impressed with the adaptability of our Club”.

Past District Governor Phil Armstrong pointed out 2022-2023 was an extraordinary year for Rotary being the first time a woman has been President of Rotary International (Jennifer Jones). It coincides with women also leading our South Pacific Zone (Dr Jessie Harman) and our District Governor (Geraldine Rurenga).

Last Sunday’s Market

Some of our great Market Team – Robyn miller, Lynn Hastings, Chris O’Brien and Ange Ulrichsen

What a great vibe at Sunday’s Market. Beautiful sunshine after a freezing start, with many happy people. Hats off to all our Market team including some of our Rotary Friends for their efforts.

Eurobodalla RYDA receives national award

Eurobodalla’s Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) programme for High School students received national recognition in receiving the 2022 Toyota Community Award for its outstanding commitment to youth road safety education.

In accepting the award at last week’s Batemans Bay changeover, Eurobodalla RYDA organiser and Batemans Bay Rotarian Neil Simpson said it was “very pleasing to be selected for the community award”. “It’s fitting recognition of the efforts of dozens of Rotarians and community volunteers who willingly give their time and expertise to help with RYDA every year,” he said. “This includes local bus companies, Moruya Jockey Club, driving schools, NSW Police, Eurobodalla Shire Council and the three Rotary clubs.”

In the Eurobodalla, Road Safety Education’s flagship RYDA programme is organised by the combined Batemans Bay, Moruya and Narooma Rotary Clubs. Since 2008, nearly 3000 Year 11 students from every high school in Eurobodalla Shire have attended the RYDA course to help them be better drivers and passengers. 

Batemans Bay Toyota will financially support RYDA for the next five years ensuring its longevity in the Eurobodalla.

Out and About

From Pambula Rotary

Connecting Communities Australia (CCA) is working with lead partner, the Rotary Club of Pambula, Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast, Pambula-Merimbula Lions Club and Bega Valley Shire Council to deliver a water and sanitation project following the Black Summer bushfires.

The first stage involved a team of local and interstate volunteers working in the Kiah area for two weeks recently. The team constructed two sanitation sheds for families directly impacted. These sheds will provide improved sanitation, water catchment and waste disposal, supporting them to stay or return to their properties. The incidental personal interaction and conversations from this project also provides a valuable connection and outlet for people. This project has seen all partners effectively working together, with teams on-site showing great kindness and generosity and allowing our residents to fully embrace this project.

The second stage of the project will commence in the north of the Bega Valley Shire in July.

From Merimbula Rotary

Merimbula Rotary‘s Board allocated payments from their wishing well at their monthly markets to various charities. February’s went to RAWCS  Tonga Disaster Relief Fund (matched by the Club), March’s to the RAWCS NSW/Queensland Flood Relief Fund, April’s to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief Aid Appeal and June’s to Animal Welfare.


Thursday 7 July – Dinner Meeting – Club Night on the year ahead

Narooma Rotary Beacon 23 June 2022

Andrew’s Thoughts

We have had a great Rotary year, despite the ups and downs of Covid, as evidenced by some of our wonderful bridge crew at Rotary’s Great Australia Day Duck Race in January. Shown are David McInnes, VP Ange Ulrichsen and President Andrew Lawson

After a quiet week, we launch headlong into the most important meeting of the Rotary calendar. Yes; it’s Changeover! Thursday is special as we welcome honoured guests, together with our partners and friends, to reflect on this last year with its highs and lows, and to pay tribute to other local voluntary organisations that protect and nurture us daily.

I look forward to précising my annual report, to recognising worthy Rotarians, and to outlining plans for 2022/2023. So I urge you all to come and have a great night celebrating all that is good about our Club.

See you at our Narooma Market on Sunday…

As ever it’s onwards and upwards mes amis!

THIS WEEK – Thursday 23 June

Our CHANGEOVER at Narooma Golf Club 6 for 6.30pm. Cost $45pp (two-course meal, wine on the table). Reservations closed Monday. Look forward to seeing you there.

The Week that Was

Moruya embraces Carers’ Accommodation

Many Moruya Rotarians are enthusiastic about participating in building Carers’ Accommodation for the new Moruya Hospital, similar to what Pambula Rotary initiated for the Bega Regional Hospital. Narooma Rotary contributed towards the Bega project. Moruya Rotary would be the driving force but would require widespread community support over many years including from Narooma and Batemans Bay Rotary Clubs. A site for a future accommodation building has been identified in the master plan for the site but no Government funding has yet been allocated. The $2.3 million project would have $1 for $1 government funding.

Moruya Club has written to the Chief Executive of Southern NSW Local Health Margaret Bennett indicating Moruya’s desire to launch an effort to help raise funds and to facilitate the construction of appropriate carer’s accommodation.

Homeless in the Eurobodalla

Following approaches by the community, including by Moruya Rotary Club, Council has arranged for mobile shower units to arrive at North Head Moruya campground next week. More than 50 people, including working families, are living at the campground because they can’t find affordable rental accommodation. The mobile units will provide hot showers over winter months while longer term options are considered.

While Council considered opening Community halls for shelter, advice from local agencies and peak body Homelessness NSW was that approach is unsafe for people already vulnerable.

Longer-term solutions being explored are Council possibly providing land for tiny homes in a pilot project funded by the Federal government, or building a homeless shelter to be run by a local service.


Thursday 30 June – no Club Dinner Meeting

Friday 1 July 4.15pm – Planning Meeting of new Board – Narooma Golf Club

Narooma Rotary Beacon 16 June 2022

Andrew’s Thoughts

Where does the time go!

Thursday saw a Club Night at the Golfie which turned out to be great fun for all concerned, and included signing off on the Changeover menu and drinks. Thanks to Gero for her culinary input and to Bob for his wise advice on wine. It was really good to see John and Francoise for a second time.

Friday was the combined 21/22 and 22/23 Board Meeting which is always special. It is good to see important cover for our key functions, together with input from new Board members Gero, Julie and Sussana.

On Saturday, Julie, Mike and I met to reflect on the Prostate Cancer Support Group and where we had kicked goals and also where we had missed. We are working on plans for 22/23 and shall update you all in due course.

Changeover will be on the 23rd and is unquestionably the most important date in the Rotary calendar. We already know that many of “the great and the good” will be honouring us with their presence. I urge everyone to come and bring friends and partners for what is a serious but very enjoyable night. I look forward to giving my strategic vision for 22/23 and how we shall ‘Imagine’.

As ever, it’s onwards and upwards mes amis!


No Rotary Breakfast this Thursday (Breakfasts resume 18th August) and nothing else is planned.

The Week that Was

News of Eurobodalla RYDA award

Ange Ulrichsen and Rachel McInnes represented our Club at this year’s RYDA and accompanied Narooma High’s Year 11 students through the day.

Eurobodalla’s Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) team will be presented with a major national award at Batemans Bay Rotary’s Changeover on 23 June  by the National Road Safety Education (RSE) Program Manager and Toyota Australia. The Toyota Community Award for 2022 is for a community’s outstanding support to road safety education; our Eurobodalla RYDA team has been selected for our community support of RYDA over many, many years. Our Narooma Club is a strong supporter.

RYDA is written and resourced by Road Safety Education Ltd (RSE) in Sydney. Every year, RSE and their major partners recognise the contribution of individuals, schools, Police members and community groups with their ‘Supporting Excellence in Road Safety’ Awards. There are only five awards presented for all of Australia and this is one of them.

Eurobodalla’s RYDA targeting Year 11 students is a joint programme between the Bay, Moruya and Narooma Clubs with the Bay’s Neil Simpson as Coordinator.Ange Ulrichsen has been a stalwart of our Club’s commitment to RYDA over the years and she has been invited as our Club’s representative at the presentation. Unfortunately their Changeover is the same night as ours.

Market thankyou

The Club has received a lovely letter from one of our Market stallholders who first came before Christmas and is now permanent because she enjoys selling her Australian-designed and made clothing at our markets so much. She said she looks forward to travelling down from Sydney to participate in our market and enjoy all that Narooma has to offer. She praised the skill and professionalism of market organiser Chris and the team.

Our 2023 Tertiary Scholarship

Bob Aston and President Andrew will give Narooma High Year 12 students an early ‘heads up’ on our 2023 Narooma Rotary Tertiary Scholarship on 30 June. The value of the scholarship has doubled thanks to the generosity of a private benefactor. Interviews with scholarship applicants will be held 17 December.

Moruya ‘Changed-over’ on Tuesday

From Moruya’s last bulletin…Thanks to the efforts of Moruya’s Foundation Director Phil Armstrong, the Club was able to secure $30,000 from the Rotary Clubs of Britain and Ireland Disaster Relief plus $10,000 through the District Bushfire Recovery fund. This money is being directed towards the renovation of Moruya Showground’s kitchen which was a vital facility during the Bushfire evacuation.


Our CHANGEOVER night 6 for 6.30pm at Narooma Golf Club. Cost $45pp. Members and friends have been sent an invitation.  Please ensure you let John know if you are coming and numbers by Monday 20th at the latest.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 9 June 2022

Andrew’s Thoughts

At last year’s Changeover when PP Ange Ulrichsen handed over to President Andrew Lawson

After last week’s ‘down week’ we get back into action with a Club Night on Thursday. This is very much an ‘end of term’ party so let’s have some fun, and share some humorous life experiences!

On Friday we shall have our June Board. This is one of celebration when we thank the retiring members for their efforts, and welcome in the new team who will bring vigour and fresh insight.

Of course, all of this is in preparation for our Changeover on the 23rd. As we all know, this is the most important event of the year where we will be joined by dignitaries, from civil, political, volunteer organisations, and where we can recognise reserving causes with our annual donations. All in all, an evening of Rotary Celebration! So please come along with your partners and friends for what will be a special occasion!


Thursday 9 June 6 for 6.30pm: Club Assembly Dinner at Narooma Golf Club.

Friday 10 June: 4.15pm: Combined meeting of the 2021/2222 and 2022/2023 Boards – Golf Club First Hole (Board Room)

The Week that Was

Moruya ‘changed-over’ on Tuesday

Congratulations to outgoing President Chris Manahan and Board and best wishes to new President Shirley Hayes-Cornish and her Board.

It is interesting to note from Chris’ report that after an Anglicare presentation on Homelessness, the Club donated 20 $100 grocery vouchers to eligible residents. They then initiated a Council-led forum with all the Aid agencies present to work on a hygiene solution for the Homeless, particularly hot showers. Chris was pleased to report that via successful grant funding a laundry system has been formulated for those who are homeless and the hot shower issue has improved.

Thanks also to the efforts of their Foundation Director Phil Armstrong, the Club was able to secure $30,000 from the Rotary Clubs of Britain and Ireland Disaster Relief plus $10,000 through the District Bushfire Recovery fund. This money is being directed towards the renovation Moruya Showground’s kitchen which was a vital facility during the Bushfire evacuation.

All up, Moruya Club contributed almost $59,000 to the community through the year.

Other Changeovers

Batemans Bay’s Changeover is on the same night as ours, Thursday 23rd June.

Bega’s is Thursday 30th.

Merimbula Rotary goes back stage

Merimbula Rotarians on stage in the new theatre in the Twyford Hall Complex. Photo courtesy Merimbula Rotary webpage

Merimbula Rotarians count themselves fortunate to be invited recently to an interesting private tour of the new Twyford Hall Complex, soon to be opened. Twyford Hall has been the heart of Merimbula since 1931, long serving as a space for community events, celebrations, markets, the arts and so much more.   The heritage listed Twyford Hall has been kept and the new modern state of the art theatre complex integrated alongside. Interesting the Hall committee is calling on donations to support the completion of the fitout of the new 199 seat Theatre; donations of $1,000 or more will  cover the cost of installing a seat; each donation will be acknowledged by a small plaque with a name on a seat in the new theatre.


No Rotary Breakfast (Breakfasts resume 18th August) and nothing else is planned.