Shelterbox Update for Beacon

Latest update from Shelterbox 18th September 2015
Overview: An earthquake measuring 7.8 in magnitude occurred between the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal on Saturday 25 April. Since then, several aftershocks have taken place, ranging from 5 to 6.7 in magnitude.
On Tuesday 12 May, a second major earthquake hit Nepal near Mount Everest. It measured 7.3 in magnitude and has caused further damage, bringing down many buildings that were damaged by the first quake.
Nepal help ongoing
It is currently monsoon season, which heightens the threat of flash flooding and landslides, as well as slowing the rebuilding efforts.
The team is working with the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) to distribute further aid.
14,500 tarpaulins have been transported into the country and are being distributed along with materials from ACTED, such as corrugated iron, so that people can create temporary shelters and make repairs on damaged buildings too. Read more here:
Syria update
ShelterBox has ensured distribution of aid through implementing partners including Hand in Hand for Syria (HIHS). Shelter kits, more tents, mosquito nets, water filters, water carriers, blankets, groundsheets, SchoolBoxes and solar lamps have all been sent to assist families in the region.
HIHS are continuing to distribute aid throughout the country including to areas in the Aleppo governorate and the Syrian/Turkish border.
350 UN tents and tarpaulins have been transported to Syria, where they are being distributed by aid agency the Violet Organization to replace tents that are starting to wear out due to long-term use in refugee camps near the Turkish border. Distributions are due to finish soon.
200 UN specification tents have been pre-positioned with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at their storage facility in Turkey. These tents are now in the process of being distributed, mostly to families whose tents have worn out due to use, and will soon finish.


Beacon 1st October 2015

Thursday night was a club fellowship and board meeting night. We were joined by Gordon and Di Bennet from Dubbo and Pres Bob gave the three minute talk. Our meeting next Thursday night will be final preps for the Blues Festival. The board was pleased to allocate funding for three students to Conoco Phillips science, also agreed to order the Defibrillator for the IGA Narooma making three in total.
This Sunday was our regular market and my thanks to all who helped out. As our major fundraising activity it is important to support as much as you can. Thank you to Chris who is on the case of the Polio movie night.

News about Jack

Jack is still in Moruya Hospital and is up for visitors but only short visits and not too many people at a time. Jack is still reviewing his emails and is happy to receive them and will answer as time and energy permits.

Jack’s family are staying at his house and as a club we have offered any assistance that they need.

Bits and Pieces

Charmaine bought a boat and it has arrived, a laser ! – but she cant sail in it because she is off to warmer climes, to work closely with the tooth fairy,  pull teeth, and work with the Carmelite nuns to improve dental health in East Timor.  We expect a few stories on her return.

Radar was introduced to veggiemite in Cooma.  He is wondering whether it can be used to deter aphids from Rose bushes 🙂

Gordon reported that his son Chris has landed a job as a doctor in Byron Bay.  Mike is off to Broom to sweep out the cobwebs, and Michael’s son has gone off on a Contiki tour, and has sent home a photo of a Big Antenna (the Eiffel tower) while Chris is expecting a grandson

Ang and Lynn are back from beauteous Bali.

Bob did 1300 km to Wagga to pick up his kitchen bits and pieces.

Website / Newsletter

All of the unfinished pages have been hidden while we wait for a volunteer to come forward to write up some words about what the club does.  If you would like to help out, there are 4 pages that have been hidden – note that we are not talking about anything other than writing words and maybe some pictures – its not a hard task nor is it a technical task.  All we need is someone who has been around for a while who knows the history of the club!

I have made it super easy for everyone to create new events – just go to the Events page, and click on Create Event.  Fill in the details, then email me at and I will “approve it” for publishment.  Chris pointed out that the biggest drawcard for a potential member is what we are about to do next – a great speaker with an interesting subject needs a good writeup.

Lunch any one!

The Bowral Long Lunch is being held on Sunday October 18. This fabulous event is in its third year and has been attended by many Rotarians who have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We encourage you to consider booking for a fabulous lunch with wonderful food and wines served right down the main street of Bowral. An event not to be missed.

Hah Hah

Someone was overheard remark, while looking at the Carbon emissions arising from the BBQ at the markets on Sunday:
“where there’s smoke there’s Michael”