Shelterbox Update for Beacon

Latest update from Shelterbox 18th September 2015
Overview: An earthquake measuring 7.8 in magnitude occurred between the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal on Saturday 25 April. Since then, several aftershocks have taken place, ranging from 5 to 6.7 in magnitude.
On Tuesday 12 May, a second major earthquake hit Nepal near Mount Everest. It measured 7.3 in magnitude and has caused further damage, bringing down many buildings that were damaged by the first quake.
Nepal help ongoing
It is currently monsoon season, which heightens the threat of flash flooding and landslides, as well as slowing the rebuilding efforts.
The team is working with the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) to distribute further aid.
14,500 tarpaulins have been transported into the country and are being distributed along with materials from ACTED, such as corrugated iron, so that people can create temporary shelters and make repairs on damaged buildings too. Read more here:
Syria update
ShelterBox has ensured distribution of aid through implementing partners including Hand in Hand for Syria (HIHS). Shelter kits, more tents, mosquito nets, water filters, water carriers, blankets, groundsheets, SchoolBoxes and solar lamps have all been sent to assist families in the region.
HIHS are continuing to distribute aid throughout the country including to areas in the Aleppo governorate and the Syrian/Turkish border.
350 UN tents and tarpaulins have been transported to Syria, where they are being distributed by aid agency the Violet Organization to replace tents that are starting to wear out due to long-term use in refugee camps near the Turkish border. Distributions are due to finish soon.
200 UN specification tents have been pre-positioned with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at their storage facility in Turkey. These tents are now in the process of being distributed, mostly to families whose tents have worn out due to use, and will soon finish.


Beacon 1st October 2015

Thursday night was a club fellowship and board meeting night. We were joined by Gordon and Di Bennet from Dubbo and Pres Bob gave the three minute talk. Our meeting next Thursday night will be final preps for the Blues Festival. The board was pleased to allocate funding for three students to Conoco Phillips science, also agreed to order the Defibrillator for the IGA Narooma making three in total.
This Sunday was our regular market and my thanks to all who helped out. As our major fundraising activity it is important to support as much as you can. Thank you to Chris who is on the case of the Polio movie night.

News about Jack

Jack is still in Moruya Hospital and is up for visitors but only short visits and not too many people at a time. Jack is still reviewing his emails and is happy to receive them and will answer as time and energy permits.

Jack’s family are staying at his house and as a club we have offered any assistance that they need.

Bits and Pieces

Charmaine bought a boat and it has arrived, a laser ! – but she cant sail in it because she is off to warmer climes, to work closely with the tooth fairy,  pull teeth, and work with the Carmelite nuns to improve dental health in East Timor.  We expect a few stories on her return.

Radar was introduced to veggiemite in Cooma.  He is wondering whether it can be used to deter aphids from Rose bushes 🙂

Gordon reported that his son Chris has landed a job as a doctor in Byron Bay.  Mike is off to Broom to sweep out the cobwebs, and Michael’s son has gone off on a Contiki tour, and has sent home a photo of a Big Antenna (the Eiffel tower) while Chris is expecting a grandson

Ang and Lynn are back from beauteous Bali.

Bob did 1300 km to Wagga to pick up his kitchen bits and pieces.

Website / Newsletter

All of the unfinished pages have been hidden while we wait for a volunteer to come forward to write up some words about what the club does.  If you would like to help out, there are 4 pages that have been hidden – note that we are not talking about anything other than writing words and maybe some pictures – its not a hard task nor is it a technical task.  All we need is someone who has been around for a while who knows the history of the club!

I have made it super easy for everyone to create new events – just go to the Events page, and click on Create Event.  Fill in the details, then email me at and I will “approve it” for publishment.  Chris pointed out that the biggest drawcard for a potential member is what we are about to do next – a great speaker with an interesting subject needs a good writeup.

Lunch any one!

The Bowral Long Lunch is being held on Sunday October 18. This fabulous event is in its third year and has been attended by many Rotarians who have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We encourage you to consider booking for a fabulous lunch with wonderful food and wines served right down the main street of Bowral. An event not to be missed.

Hah Hah

Someone was overheard remark, while looking at the Carbon emissions arising from the BBQ at the markets on Sunday:
“where there’s smoke there’s Michael”

Beacon 24th September 2015

Norm from Whale Watch Charters

A Whale Breaching Near Montague IslandNorm from Narooma Charters kept us entertained . . . A non swimming crew member, a half drowned tourist and an emergency operator who wanted to know what the nearest cross road is between Montague Island and the Narooma Wharf, a day ion the life of a  Charter Boat Skipper.



Norm Ingersol kept all glued to his every word as he recounted stories from the high seas to a back drop of wonderful images of magnificent Whales as they entertained passengers on his boat

2015-09-17 Rotary 009 (Medium)
Norm Ingersol and John Doyle

Club member John Doyle thanked Norm for his talk and for his company’s generous donation of a whale watching trip for two which we recently raffled, proceeds going to buy two Shelterboxes.





Jack is home and slowly on the mend. He is not up to a lot of visitors yet, but is happy for emails. His wonderful daughter is looking after him and over the next few weeks they will work out what assistance is needed as he gets his strength back. He is on leave from the club for as long as needed.


2015-09-17 Rotary 004 (Medium)
Chris is acknowledged for introducing new member John Doyle

A short note note by bob ant.

What a busy week, the grass is growing. Congratulations to Lewis Ives who is off to Honeywell Science experience and to Lynda Ord for all her work on this project.

This week we have a board meeting for which an agenda will be out over the week end, if any board members have items, please email me or Peter Hartley.

The Club fellowship meeting this Thursday will work out Donuts for this next market and the Blues Festival. We also need a working bee on the van and open to suggestions but Saturday (26th September) might be good. With a few bodies it should only take an hour or so.

Many thanks to Frank for trying to get me up to speed with the web site. Make sure you all look before next meeting …. questions will be asked!!!!

Have a good one.

The Kinema

Laurelle updated us with some news about progress on restoration work to be done on the Kinema.  This historic building is in need of some TLC, and its good news to hear this is all going forward, with a DA soon to be approved.

Fundraising Idea

Frank brought along a pack of cards to show everyone, as a possible fundraiser.

Playing CardsThey were printed by PrinterStudio, and have 54 different photos of Narooma most taken by Frank.  Some of them came from Rachel (the best ones) – thanks heaps!  On the “other” side, the same photo is repeated – otherwise they wouldnt be any good as playing cards I suppose SmileyCapture

The cost depends on how many packs we get printed.  This pack cost $10+$6 postage in US dollars, so $23.50 or thereabouts.

Laurelle and Chris remarked that sometimes the card “number” can be hard to read depending on the photo.  Sky works best, providing a contrast.  Peter observed that there were pictures of Frank that would make the cards almost impossible to sell – we’d have to pay people to take them!

Pictures of, say, the bridge, the boardwalk etc would be better.  Norm said he would find out if it is possible for us to use one of the many photos he has of “Naroo”, the special Narooma whale that helped save Humpbacks from predation by overseas whaling vessels. Someone else suggested a Rotary emblem might be included.

Bob had an even better idea – we may be able to get other clubs interested, widening the appeal, and hence increasing the  potential for fundraising.

1-15 $10.19
16-33 $8.55
34-51 $8.00
52-71 $7.45
72-150 $5.03
500+ $3.61

Frank will investigate getting them printed by an Australian company.  The thought on pricing was that $10 would be an easy sell, $15 possibly OK, but $20 was probably too high.

Christmas is coming soon – what do you think?

Website Changes

This week I have included a Facebook “feed” (below the Events), and moved the Markets page at Bobs suggestion.  There is still work to do, and Im hoping someone will take on the task of rewriting the text on the page “What We Do”.

Bob has many old Beacons from way back, I will be adding them to the Archive section.

At the next meeting, there will be a quick quizz to test you on whether you have looked at the new website,  with questions like “How many times is there a picture of Bob?”.  The biggest loser  ( the one with the fewest correct answers) will be appointed to be the next website administrator!

Hah Hah

When chemists die, they barium.

Beacon 17th September 2015

Thank you to all who came on Thursday night to Tilba. We had a great time, good food and exceptional company.

Orit, our wonderful hostess, looked after us and the food was great.



This Thursday night we will have Norm from Narooma Charters to talk on whales and other nautical adventures on the high seas between Narooma and Montague Island and beyond.

Cashier Charmaine
3 Minute talk David
Introduce speaker Peter


A short note note by bob ant.

The Great Southern Blues Festival is bearing down on us. Please can we finalise the roster this Thursday evening. We will also need to lock in a cleaning bee on the van, this will take about an hour or so, depending on how many hands are available.

Don’t forget that we also have the markets just before the Blues!!!! Busy month but gives us a great lead up to Christmas and builds the charity account.

Have a great weekend… Bob


Hah Hah

‘I won’t stand for gossip! No, I sit down and make myself comfortable for gossip’

I tried to catch some Fog. I mist.



Beacon 10th September 2015

Paradoxically speaking, at times I think the words went over our heads (or was it just me?) BUT the central message that Andrew Seaton spoke about made sense. How much of the information that was drilled into us at skool (sorry Chris – School) was useful in our “life education”?.

_1As Andrew pointed out,  there are certain areas of learning that we must adhere to – basic English, Maths and Science but other areas of creative thought and expression should be freely encouraged helping young minds develop without being bored or assessed to oblivion. Pictured (left) is Andrew following a presentation of ‘Rotary in Motion’ by secretary Rod who thanked him for his great talk.

Radar (our Taiwanese exchange student of one month)  listened and was moved to speak after Andrew, drawing on his experience of education in Taiwan and comparing it to Australia. Radar feels students need time and the opportunity to develop some life skills preparing them for the work force and society.

Donuts were still on the menu for discussion. David and Mike Young are working on the OH&S side and John Doyle has saved the machine from a trip to the tip after drying out the spilt oil. Thank you !

It was good to see Michael back from his trip north, although, being in disguise everyone thought we had a new member.

This week for Thursday night’s meeting we are journeying south to Central Tilba to Orit’s Café for something different. Normal price plus BYO. Bring your partner and join in the fun. Numbers are limited so let Anthony know by Tuesday evening cut off. First 20 in are it.

Whale Watch Raffle Draw – Narooma Charters

And the winner is…… Joan Shipton  of Narooma has won our raffle for the Whale Watch for two with Narooma Charters.  Huge thanks to Norm (Narooma Charters) for donating the prize, to Joan for buying a ticket,  and most of all to Angie for her hard work in organizing, hassling recalcitrant ticket sellers until all 1,000 tickets were sold. The raffle means that we are able to purchase another two ShelterBoxes. Pictured PP Angie holds the box while Norm draws the winning ticket watched by PE Mike holding  Murphy and member Enid.

Following board approval, Chris is on the job of ordering the defibrillator to go into Dalmeny IGA. This is the second of three defibrillators we are providing for our community.

Jack is doing well and will soon be returning home, we wish him well, a full recovery and we are standing by to assist.

Short notes from Bob Ant

We are at a cross roads with the donuts. We need to decide quickly where we go, if we continue, how do we minimise the risk? In the future, is this a good option for our image? My thanks to David, Rachael, Mike, Angie, Lynn, John, Michael, Peter, Laurelle and everyone who has been contributing to the discussion. This is good for our Club and I’m encouraged that we are all working towards a satisfactory outcome.

I was wrapt to see Angie, Mike and Enid joining Merinda, Radar and Myself  to witness Norm draw the raffle prize winner. Thank you for all the work in selling the tickets, what a great effort!

This Thursday night will be the second fun evening which was one of the Club Visioning ideas. Should be a lot of laughs !



Should be a great night also featuring our own Merinda performing.


Radar on the way home from a Four Winds Concert. ‘You people have really funny names for things’!


Stolen from Moruya’s bulletin


Michael, in researching problems in his own imminent flight to UK, uncovered this tale:

A high school teacher was arrested recently at Mascot as he attempted to board an international flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a pair of compasses, a slide-rule and a calculator. Inside sources have revealed that the man is a member of the notorious extremist Al-Gebra movement.

He is to be charged with carrying weapons of maths instruction. ASIO has confirmed that members following this movement derive solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute values. They use secret code names like “X” and “Y” and refer to themselves as “Unknowns”. It has been determined that they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval, with coordinates in every country. They follow the teachings of the Greek philosopher Isosceles and his ruling that there must be three sides to every triangle