About Us

President Bob Aston launches Friends of Narooma Rotary.

Narooma Rotary Club Inc. is a not-for-profit community organisation dedicated to serving and supporting both the local Narooma community, as well as the wider global community.

We are an Incorporated Association,  our ABN is  73305 994 268

Chartered in 1958, Narooma Rotary is a dynamic club committed to expanding members’ opportunities for service, personal growth and enjoyment.

Through our shared commitment to service, members are already engaged in Rotary programs and activities that have achieved worthwhile outcomes locally, nationally and globally. These have produced benefits to individuals, organisations and even whole communities. We have seen that when we engage Rotary, we can change lives and the extraordinary success of our End Polio Now campaign shows what can be achieved when people work cooperatively together.

We are members of an international family of 1.2 Million Rotarians, each of whom has made a commitment to be guided by the Rotary Four Way Test.


The Rotary Four Way Test

Of the things we think, say and do:

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?and an extra one for good measure
  5. Will it be BENEFICIAL to the environment?

Below is a four minute video by Rotary International that explains a lot about our organisation.

For more information about Rotary International, please visit the Rotary International ‘About Us’ webpage.

Past Presidents of the Narooma Rotary Club

1958-59 Syd Morgan
1959-60 Bill Smyth
1960-61 Moran Callaghan
1961-62 Neville Gough
1962-63 Fred Wood
1963-64 George Barker
1964-65 Miles Brice
1965-66 Charlie Matheson
1966-67 Ray Cooper
1967-68 Jeff Brice
1968-69 Allen Swan
1969-70 Bill Smyth Jr.
1970-71 Kevin Young
1971-72 Norm Hoyer
1972-73 Harry Dudley
1973-74 Ted Rose
1974-75 John Taylor
1975-76 Jim Lavis
1976-77 David Ryan
1977-78 Ray McCarthy
1978-79 Tony Cobcroft
1979-80 Ted Oliver
1980-81 Mike Barry
1981-82 Bob Dorling
1982-83 John Williams
1983-84 Alex Venn
1984-85 Barry Lake
1985-86 Norm Hoyer
1986-87 Peter Nelson
1987-88 Peter Maclean
1988-89 Jack Ings+
1989-90 Ron Simpson
1990-91 Bruce Grimmond
1991-92 Bruce Barrett
1992-93 Ian Thomlinson
1993-94 Paul Rayner
1994-95 David Banson
1995-96 Kevin Young
1996-97 Fred Doctor
1997-98 Peter Bull*
1998-99 Ian Thomlinson
1999-00 James Denny
2000-01 Jeremy Ferguson
2001-02 Bob Aston*
2002-03 Paul Schaefer
2003-04 Bill Hardie
2004-05 Georgina Staley
2005-06 Richard Lovatt
2006-07  Marilyn Gibson
2007-08  Laurelle Pacey*
2008-09  Ted Bladwell
2009-10  Jack Whitman
2010-11  Bob Antill*
2011-12  John Messner
2012-13  Terry Irvine
2013-14 Charmaine White*
2014-15 Ang Ulrichsen*
2015-16 Bob Antill*
2016- 17 Michael O’Connor*/ Bob Antill*
2017 – 18 Bob Aston*