Narooma Rotary Beacon 28th June 2018

Bob’s Blog

Hello everyone
Welcome to my last blog as President of Narooma Rotary. Although I will provide a full report to members at our combined changeover and 60th on 4 August, it is well worth reflecting on our achievements over the past 12 months, especially as we are a very small Club.
Have we made a difference? I think we have.

  • We have provided much needed information to the local community about renewable energy.
  • The Busking Competition has made a difference, it helped build community spirit and though the donations we have made from our profits many students at our local schools will be able learn a musical instrument.
  • We have also helped to make a difference to the lives of meant through our donations to The Foundation (both the Annual Fund and Polio Plus), to RAWCS and Australian Rotary Health.
  • We have also made a difference through our donations to local organisations such as Narooma Surf Club, RFS and Monty’s.

I think we have also made a difference at a club level:

  • We have learnt about the work of our members through our ‘Rotarian Presents’ nights
  • We have been kept informed through a range of thought provoking speakers at many of our meetings.

In conclusion I would like to thank all members for their guidance and support throughout the year I would also like to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of the Board; you have made my life easier. All the best to Rod and his crew for the 2018/19 Rotary year.

Out and About

Our overworked morning barbecue crew of John Doyle, Mal Gray and John Rungen enjoy the winter sun with off duty gate keepers Rachel and David McInnes.

Sunday’s Markets

Last Sunday’s markets was a little quiet, being our smallest market for the year but good atmosphere for those who came, enlivened by the great music from buskers LP. Great work on the gate with David and Rachel (standing in for Chris who was away enjoying ‘grandma time’) along with our regular team of eager helpers.

Needless to say, being relatively quiet, the barbecue team had plenty of time to enjoy the sun, as the photo shows.

Moruya Changeover

President Bob and Peter Bull represented our Club at Moruya’s Changeover last week at Moruya Golf Club. Outgoing President Mike Dent reported the Club had donated about $33,000 to the local and international communities over the past year. Both Mike Dent and incoming President Ward Hack spoke of the need to attract younger members. The average age of Moruya’s 50 members is 71 years and four months (will be interesting to work out ours). Much like our Club, when Moruya Club started 62 years ago, its members were drawn from the town’s main businesses and would have had an average age around 40. One suggestion new president Ward is putting to the Club to rejuvenate membership is to change their meetings from weekly to fortnightly.

Batemans Bay Changeover

John Rungen and I represented our Club at Batemans Bay’s changeover. Their changeover included an impressive line-up of all past presidents in the Club. Outgoing President Maureen Manning stepped down from her third (and she says final!) term as President, but still continues at the District level as RYPEN Chair. Interesting to note the Batemans Bay Board includes someone solely responsible for membership.

New President Alan Russell is also our new Assistant Governor (taking over from Bob Antill) for the year.

The Busking Festival fills the town with music.

This Thursday

Please don’t forget that our ‘Thank the Sponsors and Volunteers Night’ this Thursday starts at 5.30pm  upstairs at the Golf Club. Please bring your partners with you.  Sandra describes it as ‘mainly a social gathering with a couple of little twists’.

Cheers Laurelle