Short words by bob ant 27th Dec

“‘Tis the season to be jolly’ – and every one was at yesterdays markets. From marking out to booking in to setting up and running the van and to selling Duck Race tickets – a huge Market was handled amazingly smoothly. It was a busy day but thank you to everyone who could be involved, for coming on board and helping make the day one of our most successful for the year!

As 2015 comes to a close, I think of the last six months as President and how much has happened  in Rotary,  family and business – wow a lot !!

It was very sad to have lost both Jack and George and even more challenging to have them pass away within a few days of each other. Their funerals remind us of how privileged we are to have known them both and worked alongside such wonderful men. I miss Jack’s advice and George’s smile and catch ups. Our thoughts are especially with their family at this time.

I think moving the donuts machine into the gazebo has made a difference to the safety within the van and to the smooth operation of the cooking side at the markets.

Our club is small but what we lack in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm, dedication and friendliness, making Narooma Rotary a pleasure to lead.

Radar, our exchange student, joined us in early August and has settled well into Aussie life. Narooma is a long way from Taiwan and as our first exchange student from Asia, we have all been on a learning curve. If you haven’t been able to take Radar somewhere or if you want to invite him for dinner, please do. You will be rewarded for the experience from being around this fine young man.

Our youth programs are going well and our first meeting back at the Whale, on the 28th January, will be our Youth Night.  I’m hoping to get an Interact Club running this coming year, it will benefit all the young people who reside in the Narooma area and go to Schools north and south of the town. Lots of positive talks have been happening. If you or your partner are interested in getting involved please call me.

Most importantly I want to thank Merinda for her support. When times get busy, we lean heavily on each other for support and I am always grateful for her support.

Have the best New Year ever and looking forward to 2016



Short words by bob ant 20th Dec

Christmas time is often very stressful some but very lonely for others. As we power toward the 25th please take a few minutes to thank all who love you for being an important part of your life. Steal a quiet moment to realise just how lucky we are to be living here and offer friendship to someone in need.

Last Thursday we finalised the meetings for the year with a Christmas Party at Casey’s Cafe. To the staff and chefs who looked after us, to all who came, to our wonderful partners and to every member of Narooma Rotary and Rotary internationally – a big thank you. Looking after each other and offering a helping hand is a fantastic thing to do, and Rotarian’s do it well.

This Sunday the 27th is our last Market for the year. Please join in and help as this will be huge. Every one is welcome, bring your visitors.

Today Laurelle, Angie and myself joined with Moruya and Batemans Bay members at the Rotary Moruya Races. We sold raffle tickets ’till we dropped. Thank you to all who sold tickets over the last few weeks, lots of money hjas been raised for the Oncology Dept at Moruya. Next year we need another deserving project within the Shire….. thinking caps on.

Duck race tickets will be available from this Sunday’s Markets….. need sellers and the roster for ticket sales will be sent this week. We should be able to buy two Shelter Boxes.

Charmaine is embarking on another wonderful humanitarian trip to Cambodia. Funds are needed for basic supplies and at the Christmas party we raised some $300 toward this goal. Thank you to Michael O’Connor for his hard work and initiative. More to come.

To the wonderful team who interviewed all the applications for the Uni Scholarship, well done and much appreciated.

Enjoy Christmas day – you all deserve a day off