Narooma Rotary Beacon 13 December 2018

This will be the last Narooma Beacon until mid-January. However we will be quite busy in the interim.

The Week that Was

President Rod as well as several others were away last Thursday; we had 14 members with Vice President Laurelle in the chair.

Our newest Rotarian Robyn Miller gave her first international toast which was to Rotary’s impressive contribution over many years to the eradication of polio worldwide. [Ang is working on having another film night at the Kinema as a polio eradication fundraiser, probably mid-2019.]

Laurelle organised two rounds of Trivia – one was a ‘Who’s who’, the second round was a combination of local historical and Christmas trivia. Chris O’Brien was the winner, with Lynda Ord a close second.

We combined some happy moments e.g. Mike’s diversion to Young on a recent road trip to pick up some baseball caps emblazoned with ‘Young’ (guess what’s in the family’s Christmas stockings this year) with hearing about one of the many highlights of Ang’s recent European trip – a visit to the wonderful Mont St Michel. Meanwhile Charmaine was busy enlisting the help of members to sell duck tickets (proceeds will top up our scholarship fund).

This Thursday night is our AGM

During the AGM, former President Bob Aston will present his annual report for 2017-2018 which was a very successful year. We will then try and finalise our Board for 2019-2020. At the stage of going to press we still had no nomination for President.

Tahlia Arnold completes first year Uni

You may remember that last December the Club awarded Alicia Bate the 2018 Tertiary Scholarship; she’s been on a gap year this year. The panel was also so impressed with another candidate Tahlia Arnold and her desire to do well at university, they awarded her a one-off scholarship of $3,000 for 2018.

Tahlia has now completed her first year studying Psychology at the University of Wollongong with fantastic results. During this week, Lynda Ord received this wonderful note from Tahlia.

Dear Lynda,

I hope you have been well. I’ve been studying really hard this semester, with 5 subjects and 5 exams (and little time for breaks!) I got my results back just the other day and Ithought you’d like to hear them: ENGL131 82/D, INDS130 83/D, PHIL151 82/D, PSYC12274/C, and PSYC123 89/HD

My family and myself are very proud of my marks, especially my stats result (a HD!). I’ve been taking some Indigenous Studies electives, and hopefully, I will soon be able to claim a minor in either Indigenous Studies or Australian Studies. I think that will be a nice bonus to my Psychology major. 

I’ve made quite a few friends at International House, and I’m pleased to say that some will be staying at iHouse again next year, so I’ll have a good group of friends to hang out with again. Some have even invited me to stay at their homes in Japan! One day in the future, I’ll take them up on their kind offer.

Finally, I’d like to say that none of this would have been possible if you and the kind people at Rotary hadn’t considered me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! First year of uni complete!! 🙂 

A wonderful outcome and big smiles all around! The Board decided this week to award Tahlia an additional $1,000 in recognition of her outstanding results. Hopefully she can join us at our Youth Night in February.

Drought Relief Appeals

The Drought Relief Appeal launched by Rotary Australia, the National Farmers’ Federation and Channel 9 in August raised over $10m to support drought-stricken farmers. The appeal closed at the end of September. The donations were administered by Rotary Australia and distributed to farmers in need with the help of the National Farmers’ Federation.

Funds were distributed  through the CWA, Rotary districts, the Salvation Army and Drought Angels and were used to purchase fodder and stock water, assist with household expenses and also support mental health services.

Moruya Rotarians meanwhile raised $6,000 in their own Drought Relief Project which was distributed to 20 farming families in the West Wyalong area known to be doing it tough, with the assistance of West Wyalong Rotary. Each family received a $300 gift certificate purchased in the West Wyalong business area.  Not only did Moruya Club help the farmers but they were also supporting local business. 

Coming Up

This Friday, Christmas Carols on NATA Oval

Thank you to those who volunteered to man the van at Narooma’s Christmas Carols this Friday evening 6.30-9.30pm – John Doyle, Lynn Hastings, John Rungen, Mike Young and Aish Stanley. Should be good.

 Scholarship interviews this Saturday

This Saturday, our three-member panel which includes President Rod will interview the seven students from Narooma High who have applied for the 2019 Rotary Tertiary Scholarship. Then it’s on to the party!

Club Christmas Party this Saturday night

The Christmas party at Casey’s Café this Saturday night gets underway at 6.30pm. If you haven’t already paid, please pay online before Saturday night; it just makes the night a lot easier. Some wine will be provided by the Club; if you want beer or spirits, please bring your own.

The Club then goes into recess for a few weeks with no formal meetings until 7 February but we will still be out and about in our community.

Markets Friday 27 December

Our Markets Manager Chris O’Brien reports bumper bookings for the holiday markets on Friday 27h December, with a variety of stalls including many new ones. Everyone who will be around has put their names down for the roster; we should be very busy. We will also push our Australia Day Duck Race tickets.

Sunset, fish and chips Thursday 17 January

Our first get-together in 2019 will be in Quota Park for nibbles from 6pm Thursday 17 January and then take-away fish and chips from The Inlet. Best bring a chair and maybe throw in a small fold-up table just in case it’s needed.

This will be chance to finalise arrangements for the Duck Race on Saturday  26th and the roster for the markets the following day.

Back to the Golfie

Our first meeting back at the Golf Club in 2019 will be our Youth Night on Thursday 7 February when we will hopefully get to meet our 2019 Rotary Tertiary Scholar. We’re hoping we might also have as guests some of our previous scholarship winners (depends on work commitments and return to uni arrangements).

Have yourself a merry little Christmas and a safe one.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 6 December 2018

The Week that was

It was wonderful to have Narooma Golf Club’s Event Manager Julie Bradley join us for dinner last week and to receive a Certificate for the Golf Club. This expressed our appreciation for working closely with us to ensure our meetings run smoothly each week. Julie is our ‘go to’ person for our meetings.

President Rod presents a certificate of appreciation to Narooma Golf Club, received by the Club’s Event Manager Julie Bradley

It was all ‘go’ last Thursday at the Golf Club for Narooma High’s Year 10 formal. The students looked fabulous and so grown up, including Julie’s daughter. Julie left us early to join in the festivities upstairs.

Rod had a busy night seeking our input on various matters, including recruiting the 2019-2020 Board. However, we still lack a President for the next year…

Our International Toast last week was to the Rotary Club of the Orkneys which meets at Kirkwall for lunch.

Narooma Rotary Tertiary Scholarship

As members are aware, the Club offers a Tertiary Scholarship to a student from Narooma High to attend university or other tertiary study after they have completed the HSC. The scholarship is valued at $9000.00 over three years. It is funded from a bequest made to the Club many years ago; from time to time the scholarship is also supplemented with funds from our Charity Account.  Proceeds from the 2019 Australia Day Duck Race will go to the Scholarship Fund.

This year, seven students from Narooma High have applied for the Scholarship; each applicant submitted a written application, a CV and a copy of their last school report and their school reference. Students will be interviewed for the Scholarship on 15 December; the winner will be announced at Narooma’s Australia Day celebration.

Eurobodalla Rotary Christmas Race Day

A big thank you to Michael O’Connor who has been busy selling raffle tickets to support the major beneficiary of the Christmas Race Day, Muddy Puddles. He has been selling them in front of IGA and at the last markets. Michael with the help of Murphy sold 27 books raising over $920.00 to help Muddy Puddles – a great effort.  Michael of course attributes his success to Murphy’s salesmanship.

Another sign, on a lighter (but serious) note…

This is a translation of a French church notice, courtesy 
(via Lee) of the Moruya Rotary newsletter  …

When you enter this church it may be possible thatyou hear ‘the call of God’. However, it is unlikely that He will call you onyour mobile. Thank you for turning off your phones. If you want to talk to God,enter, choose a quiet place and talk to Him. If you want to see Him, send Him a text while driving.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 29 November 2018

The Week that Was

Noel Trevaskis OAM is always an inspiring speaker and as our special guest last week he did not disappoint.

Lynda Ord did her research well for her task of introducing Noel, listing his extraordinary achievements over 21 years in Rotary. Most recently (2016-2018) he was the Director on the Board of Rotary International representing Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and the South Pacific Islands.

It was fascinating to hear from Noel about ‘the process’ of RI Board meetings extending sometimes over two to three weeks. The papers to read before these meetings were usually over 600 pages.

However, Noel particularly struck a chord with many of our members when he spoke about membership. He said there has been a dramatic drop in membership in Australia and New Zealand as well as an increase in age, and a ‘turning over’ of members about every 10 years. In contrast, he said places like India ,Asia and Africa have had a tremendous growth in membership, largely because of ‘the status’ of being a Rotarian. Noel said unfortunately in some places this has occasionally led to corruption to secure executive positions in clubs.

So, his suggestions on how to retain members?

  • Don’t focus on fundraising, but rather on community service. Noel said people join Rotary because they want to do something for their community, meet new people and make new friends, not to raise funds. Look for good community projects.
  • Be more inclusive of everyone at a meeting. Don’t always sit with the same people. This in particular prompted discussion among members.

We also welcomed Eleanor and Geoff Robin’s friends to our meeting.

Our international toast – to the Rotary Club of Aston

Bob Aston toasted the Rotary Club of Aston in Birmingham – obviously trying to find his roots in ‘the Mother Country’ in preparation for his next trip overseas. The RC of Aston meets over lunch every second and fourth Wednesday of the months at the Aston Villa Football Club.

Bob noted that Birmingham also has Aston University in the city centre. It began as the Birmingham Municipal Technical School in 1895,evolving into the UK’s first College of Advanced Technology in 1956. The University today includes medical, business and engineering schools.

Frank and Rolf discuss the intricacies of our tokens for the wheel.

More on signs, courtesy Peter Bull

On a plumber’s truck:  “Don’t sleep with a drip. Call your plumber.”
At a car showroom: “The best way to get back on your feet – miss a car payment.”
Outside a muffler shop: “No appointment necessary. We hear you coming.”

More on signs, courtesy Peter Bull

Narooma Rotary Beacon 22 November 2018

The Week that Was 

Last week

Seventeen Rotarians and guests were at last week’s meeting. Both President Rod and Vice President Laurelle were in Sydney so Bob Aston was in the chair.  Guests were our regular Iris and our guest speaker and Geoff’s wife Dr Eleanor Robin. 

Lynn Hastings thanks Eleanor for her engaging presentation.

Eleanor recently wrote a biography of Captain Charles Swanston called Swanston – Merchant Statesman, launched in Hobart in August. Swanston settled in Hobart in 1829 and was a colourful and fascinating character, becoming one of the most influential men of the time in Hobart Town.

He played a key role in setting up the Derwent Bank and under his leadership attracted a large amount of overseas capital. He was also a member of the Tasmanian Legislative Council.  Swanston also played a significant role in the development of the Port Phillip District, hence the naming of Swanston Street in Melbourne in recognition of his achievements.  

 A large part of Eleanor’s talk was about her research and how she tracked down primary resource material . It was interesting to see photographs of some of those documents.  

Betta Home Living barbecue

Saturday dawned looking overcast and stormy, fortunately the skies cleared in time for us to set up outside Betta to serve sausage sandwiches to the hordes turning up to help celebrate the store’s first birthday in the industrial estate.
Numbers were steady and there was lots of debate about onion on the top or underneath the sausage, but a good time was had by all. It also gave us a chance to again promote Rotary in our community.

Thanks to Liz and Julian Barrington-Smith and their team for purchasing the sausages and bread to sell and for giving us the opportunity to promote Rotary. Thanks also to Chris O’Brien, Ange Ulrichsen, John Rungen, Mal Gray, Peter Bull, Julie Hartley, Bob Aston, Iris and Frank Eden for helping out on the day. Julian and Liz were most appreciative. 

Julian and Liz saw a business opportunity when they moved to Narooma. They believed in Narooma’s regional potential and are now making their vision a reality. They have greatly increased their staff, increased their product range and greatly increased their turnover. They really appreciate the community support they have received.

THIS WEEK IS A PARTNERS’ NIGHT with guestspeaker Past Rotary International Director Noel Trevaskis.

Noel will talk about ‘The Rotary Story; Yours and Mine’.

Noel is currently a member of Narooma’s ‘mother club’, the Rotary Club of Bega. He has had extraordinary Rotary experience being on the Board of Rotary International (2016-2018) representing Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and the South Pacific Islands (Zones 7 and 8). Noel was our District Governor 2005-2006, and a past Board member and Chairman of Australian Rotary Health. His own personal story too is extraordinary.

Other news

BowelCare results

Our BowelCare coordinator John Rungen has received a report on the results of the 2018 BowelCare campaign across Rotary Districts 9710, 9685 and 9670. It highlights why we participate and why we should continue to do so.

Of the 15,145 people who participated, 973 (6.4%) returned a positive result requiring follow up; not all would have been bowel cancer. Some interesting comments in the report:

  • Sales were down on previous years, mainly due to the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme increasing their eligible age brackets for the free screening kit.Those 75 and over are not eligible for the free kit.
  • Only 85.5% of people who purchased the kit completed the test.
  • More women than men did the test (59% c.f. 41%) except in the under 40 age bracket.

Eurobodalla Drug Action Team

A Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) has been formed with 12 local organisations looking to tackle the drugs problem in the Shire. This is a follow on from the successful Drugs Meeting in Moruya in April, a combined Rotary clubs initiative which attracted over 200 people to discuss local drug and alcohol problems.

MoruyaRotary (and presumably the Shire’s Rotary Clubs?) is represented by Robert Richmond. He will be providing advice on how Moruya Rotary might be able to support this practical follow up to PP Mike Dent’s Drugs Meeting initiative.

On a lighter side

Spotted by Laurelle in Padstow in Cornwall during her recent travels.

More signs to come, courtesy Peter Bull.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 15 November 2018

Rod’s Ramble

At last week’s meeting we welcomed our newest member Robyn Miller. We look forward to getting to know Robyn more over the coming months and sharing with her our dedication to the ideal of ‘Service above Self’.

New Narooma Rotarian Robyn Miller was welcomed into the Club last Thursday by proposer Ang Ulrichsen and President Rod Walker

We also had our Board meeting and Assembly last week. I would like to share with you important outcomes from the Board meeting. Firstly, the Board agreed to my suggestion to run a President’s Raffle from February 2019. My very clever wife Jennifer has made a quilt and tickets will be sold up to and including the Changeover on 27 June.

The Board also decided to further investigate some community projects for 2019. These are:

  • Upgrade signage at Ringlands Walk and the pamphlet in conjunction with Narooma Historical Society
  • Check out what can be done re the maintenance of Narooma Scout Hall
  • Look at upgrading Buckeridge Lookout
  • Support IRT’s proposal to build a pathway from the bus stop on the corner of Mort Avenue to the top of Ruth Place, parallel to Club Dalmeny.

On the fundraising front we will investigate the viability of a BookFair.

FOR YOUR DIARY: The Board confirmed these dates

It was wonderful to have former member Enid Holmes with us last week. She said she may not be back for a while. Our thoughts are with Enid and Colin.
  • Saturday 17 November – we are running the Narooma Betta Home Living barbecue, as part of its first birthday celebrations and sale from Thursday 15 to Saturday 17 November
  • 25 November – Market
  • 13 December – AGM and last meeting for 2018
  • Tertiary Scholarship interviews in December
  • Saturday 15 December CHRISTMAS PARTY Casey’sCafé 6.30pm $35 per person payable in advance
  • Friday 28 December – Holiday Rotary Market (instead ofSunday 23 December)
  • 18 January – Social event possibly take-away fish and chipsin Quota Park from anticipated newly opened Taylors/The Inlet
  • 26 January – Duck Race – ticket sellers and duck wranglerswill be needed leading up to this day
  •  7 February first meeting for 2019 – Youth Night.

THIS THURSDAY: Our own Eleanor Robin is our guest speaker.

After a lengthy career as journalist and writer, in retirement Eleanor resumed her study of Australian history.  She was awarded a doctorate from the University of Tasmania in 2017.  Based on her thesis, she has written the biography Swanston – Merchant Statesman, launched by Professor Henry Reynolds in Hobart in August.

Eleanor has revived Swanston’s remarkable story from a treasure trove of bank archives, and highlighted his considerable contribution to the economic, political and social life of Van Diemen’s Land and his leading role in Melbourne’s settlement. Should be interesting.

From Moruya Rotary

Moruya Rotarians recently farewelled PP Geoff Fleming. President Ward Hack said ‘It would be wrong to describe his send off as a funeral’; many stories were told of how Geoff was ‘sharp as a tack, generous and funny to the end’.

From Batemans Bay Rotary

Rotarian Peter Wood OAM spoke last week about his role as Chairman of the Batemans Bay Youth Foundation Inc (BBYF), launched in 1994. It is probably the largest educational charity in Southern NSW.  Since 1994, it’s given 195 students grants totaling $593,500. Its mission is to assist Batemans Bay youth to pursue personal development and advancement in their chosen field.

Peter paid tribute to PP Alex Taylor OAM who negotiated a partnership with Batemans Bay Soldiers Club and the RSL Sub-Branch which continues to this day, with control residing with Rotary.

From Bega Rotary

Bega Rotarians are working towards their annual Summer Book Fair which is on 11-13 January at Bega Showground Pavilion. They expect to have over 30,000 books for sale, many left over from their Winter Book Fair. They have two drop off points in Bega, and have EFTPOS facilities.

With our Board looking at the viability of a Narooma Book Fair, might be interesting to see how Bega does it.

Check out Narooma Exhibition

If you haven’t already seen it, do check out the current exhibition in the SoART Gallery by Narooma Historical Society: ‘Narooma Remembers 1918-2018 – Brave Hearts and Smiling Faces’. It’s being very well received around Narooma.

It’s on every day until the 19th, 10am-4pm. It ends at noon on the 20th.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 8 November 2018

Rod’s Ramble

Firstly thanks to Peter Bull for editing the Beacon in Laurelle’s absence and dealing with some frustrating technical issues along the way. Welcome back Laurelle and Ange we look forward to hearing about your travels in the future.

Our meeting this week will be an assembly. I am discussing with the Board some ideas for fundraising and community activities for the last half of this Rotary year and will report back at the meeting on what we have in mind.

This remembrance day Sunday 11th November Jennifer and I will be representing Rotary at a wreath laying ceremony. In would be good if other Rotarians could also attend. Details at this week’s meeting. I was researching information on Narooma and the First World War and found this link on the Narooma Memorial School of Arts. Click here for the link

I also found this extract from the  the Moruya Examiner of 6 April 1918 which I think encapsulates the sacrifices being made by the young men of Australia including Narooma.

On Tuesday last, March 26th, Narooma was in Festal array, the occasion being the home-coming of Lance-Corporal James Anderson, D.C.M., who has been on active service for the past two years in France, having been wounded twice. On the first occasion he greatly distinguished himself although wounded, and on the second occasion he received a knock-out which necessitated his being invalided home, and is now an inmate of the Randwick Military Hospital, where, I understand, he has to undergo an operation, having lost one of his eyes, hence he was granted a few days leave to come home and visit his friends and relatives. Word was only received late on Monday evening by his father that he was coming home via the s.s. Merimbula, so the citizens were early astir on Tuesday morning making preparations for his reception.

Can I ask that if you are not attending a meeting or are bringing guests that you advise Secretary Bob ASAP. 

The week that was

Last Thursday President Rod was busy scribing in Canberra, so VP Laurelle was in the chair ( I think she was still getting over a bit of jet lag!) we spent a bit of time catching up with Laurelle and Angie about their travels as well as discussing options to improve our membership. Secretary Bob also gave a quick demonstration of the RI website, Ry Rotary and donations to the Foundation.

11 members were present along with our regular guest Iris. We missed John and Sandra as John was recovering from his second cataract operation.  Rolf was absent celebrating his birthday with friends and family. 

Four Winds Youth Music Festival 

Come and be inspired by amazing young musicians performing at Four Winds. Young, talented musicians from the Sapphire Coast will perform with the Western Sydney Youth Orchestra and The Australian Voices in concert on Sunday 18 November 11.00am to 2.30pm at Four Winds Nature’s Concert Hall (Windsong Pavilion and Sound Shell).

The three-day Inaugural Four Winds Youth Music Festival will climax with this very special event on Sunday 18 November.  Concert tickets are $30 for adults, children 16yrs and under are free.

The concert will begin at 11.00am in the Windsong Pavilion.

From 1.15pm the focus of the performance will move to the sublime setting of Nature’s Concert Hall after a 45-minute, extended interval/lunch break. 

Once the music begins again, the Festival will present wonderful repertoire performed by the Western Sydney Youth Orchestra and The Australian Voices. They will be joined by local musicians and choristers who will sing and play alongside these magnificent ensembles – a very special opportunity for the South Coast’s young people.

If enough members are interested Four Winds can organise a group booking for us. 


If you are unable to attend a dinner meeting or if you are bring a guest PLEASE advise the secretary by 4:30pm on the Tuesday before the meeting. Please remember if no advice is received it will be assumed that you are coming to the dinner. 

Some Humour

Teacher: “If I gave you 2 cats and another 2 cats and another 2, how many would you have?”
Johnny: “Seven.”
Teacher: “No, listen carefully… If I gave you two cats, and another two cats and another two, how many would you have?”
Johnny: “Seven.”
Teacher: “Let me put it to you differently. If I gave you two apples, and another two apples and another two, how many would you have?”
Johnny: “Six.”
Teacher: “Good. Now if I gave you two cats, and another two cats and another two, how many would you have?”
Johnny: “Seven!”
Teacher: “Johnny, where in the heck do you get seven from?!”
Johnny: “Because I’ve already got a freaking cat!”

Narooma Rotary Beacon 1st November 2018

Rod’s Ramble

Hello, Rod’s Ramble comes from the Nation’s capital today. I am in Canberra for a week working. Hopefully Laurelle will be in the chair for this week’s meeting. Welcome back Laurelle, look forward to hearing about you travels soon. I understand Angie is also back tonight, welcome home Angie. 

Over the weekend I attended my high school 50th year reunion along with our own Peter Bull and friend John Brown. Yes, we went to the same high school Sydney Boys High and finished year 12 in the same year 1968. It was great to catch up with friends not seen for 50 years and not recognised thank heavens for name badges. Lots of tall stories were told and teachers bagged. I also found out that Peter Bull started his career as a larrikin 50+ years ago.

Sunday’s market had a good vibe at least while I was there until 10.30. The volunteering expo was going well with lots of exhibitors and interest from market goers. Thanks to Chris for wrangling all the exhibitors and Charmaine for organising the volunteer event. We will do a debrief with the exhibitors and decide if we might make it an annual event.

As I said at the meeting we are still searching for a President for 2018-19. The AGM is only 6 weeks away and the President Elect should be in place before then. Why – so that the incoming President can have some influence over who is on their Board. Not sure what happens if we don’t get someone, probably means our 60th year is our last year.

At this week’s meeting the recently formed membership committee is going to lead a discussion on their deliberations to date. I what to encourage everyone to participate.

Have a great week.

President Rod with guest speakers, Ronda and Donna and Frank

Renewable Energy Expo – Some feedback 

Hi Frank,

I just wanted  to thank you for all of your support and help with the Expo last Saturday.  I suspect that without you we would not have had such a success with 10 exhibitors plus the Tesla – and then approx. 250 through the door.  While the numbers do not match those that you have had for the past two years – I was extremely pleased and consider the Expo a success.

I have had positive feedback from some of the exhibitors and believe that most if not all will participate next year in Narooma.

Thanks to the Narooma Club for allowing us to run the Expo in Moruya this years and if there is anything that we can do to assist the Narooma Club next year then please let me know.  Thanks again  

Phil Armstrong

Market Takings 

Markets: Gate – $1125; Van – $669; Wishing Well – $246.30


Last Weeks Attendance:  12 Members, 1 Visiting Rotarian, 2 Club Guests, 10 Guests

Narooma Rotary Beacon 25th October 2018

Rod’s Ramble: 

As I write this I am laid low with a cold so Rod’s Ravings may be a better title.

 Last week’s meeting had a great vibe due to the unexpected attendance of three Rotarians and two partners from Victoria and our regular visitor Rotarian Gordon. “Older” members tell me that visiting Rotarians was a regular feature of meetings in the past as Canberra Rotarians came to Narooma for holidays. I am thinking of writing to all the Canberra clubs reminding them we are here and encouraging them to visit. What do you think?

Wednesday October 24th is World Polio Day. Here is a link to more information on this event. 

Secretary’s Musings 

A couple of weeks ago Luke Burgess the Maintenance Manager at Dalmeny IRT emailed me to ask if Rotary was interested in some old wheelchairs, walkers and other equipment no longer suitable for use at the Care Centre. I emailed Fred Fawke to see if he and RAWCS were interested, well at least I thought I did! I was actually using an incorrect email address. When I realised my mistake, I made contact with Fred on Friday afternoon. Believe it or not Fred was on his way to Moruya with a three-tonne truck to pick up some hospital beds, so on Saturday he was able to continue on to Dalmeny to pick up all the gear. We managed to load a heap of old wheel chairs, walkers, walking sticks and other bits of pieces onto the truck before the rain struck. I understand that the gear will be sent to Sierra Leone.

Thanks to Fred Fawke and Brain Goldstraw (Gungahlin Rotary) who picked up the gear and to Luke Burgess and the IRT who made a very generous donation to help Rotary International projects.

Luke Burgess (Dalmeny IRT), Brian Goldstraw and Fred Fawke with the truck loaded with gear donated by the IRT.

I also made a quick trip Moruya Rotary’s Renewable Energy Expo on Saturday afternoon. Although the number of exhibitors and visitors were less than what we had experienced when our Club held the event at the Leisure Centre it was great to see the Moruya Club take up this important initiative. Thanks to Frank for all his enthusiasm for the event and to Phil Armstrong and his team from Moruya for taking the event on this year.  Hopefully, we can bring the Expo back to Narooma in 2019 with Moruya taking it up again in 2020.

Attendance :  13 Members, 6 Visiting Rotarians, 5 Visitors & 2 Club Guests

Members are reminded to advise me by 4:30pm on the Tuesday prior to the meeting if they are an apology for our Thursday meeting. If you are bringing a guest, please also let me know by 4:30 each Tuesday. Preferred format for letting me know is email.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 18th October 2018

Rod’s Ramble:

Last week:

Rotarians and Friends,

I take my hat off to last week’s meeting where members recognised the scourge of mental illness in our society and highlighted Rotary’s efforts to combat this insidious disease. Like Australians often do we reflected on the impact mental illness has on families by doing something funny. A funny hats theme was the order of the day. Thanks to all who participated and to our guest judge Therese (is that how you spell it Bob?) Aston.

Keeping with the theme guest Dr John Brown gave a brief but insightful presentation on how mental illness can manifest itself. It was a pleasure to have John and wife Larry with us at Rotary. We have some great speakers coming up before the end of the year.

Here’s a list. 

THIS WEEK 18 th October Nacy Casu

Title: Your Health and Retirement Nancy Casu is a fitness specialist, personal trainer, author, speaker and presenter on the subject of ageing and functional fitness. She earned her degree in Health Science (Leisure & Health) at Charles Sturt University and has fitness specialist qualifications.
Nancy believes we should live our lives to the fullest, live with no regrets and keep a positive attitude.

25th October Michelle Preston and Donna Falconer
Turning Family Pain into Power
Donna and I take the message of drug awareness very seriously and use our combined lived experiences to educate people on how to deal with an addict, keep mentally healthy through the process and offer many families a confidential space to simply off load without judgement. We also
have a vast network of local service providers that we can link people with.

15 th November Eleanor Robin 

Captain Charles Swanston Writ Large: revelations from a nineteenth century bank archive’
After a lengthy career as journalist and writer, in retirement Eleanor resumed her study of Australian history. She was awarded a doctorate from the University of Tasmania in 2017. Based on her thesis, the biography SWANSTON Merchant Statesman was launched by Professor Henry
Reynolds in Hobart in August 2018.

22nd November Noel Trevaskis (PDG)
‘The Rotary Story; Yours and Mine’

Attendance – 9 members, 8 visitors, 1 club guest & 1 visiting Rotarian.

3-Minute talk – Chris O’Brien on all things hats, followed by a hat quiz.

International Toast – The “pan handle” of Florida recently devastated by Hurricane Michael

Narooma Rotary Beacon 11th October 2018

Rod’s Ramble: 

Last week’s meeting was an Assembly and followed a Board Meeting. At the Board meeting the following dates were confirmed:

  • AGM Thursday 13th December – this will be our last meeting for 2018. The next time we meet will be Thursday 31st January. We will organise a social event in January if there is interest.
  • Saturday 15th December Christmas Party venue to be confirmed but probably Casey’s.
  • Thursday 27th June – Changeover

It was also decided that the proceeds from this year’s Duck Race will go to our Tertiary Scholarship fund.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to the future of the Club for members to take on Board positions.  Please consider doing something in 2019-20. In particular we need a President Elect for 2019-20 to maintain some continuity. This position is available now we don’t have to wait for the
AGM it is a current year vacancy. Talk to me if you are interested.

Our next community activity will be our Market on the 28th October combined with our volunteering expo. We need all hands-on deck for this day. Please let John Doyle know your availability ASAP. In particular we need someone to tow the van on that day. If no one is available we may have to forego cooking at this market and again in November. We will also need people on the Rotary stand.

Next on our community agenda will be Carols by Candlelight on Friday 14th December commencing at 7.30pm. We will most likely be doing a sausage sizzle. Then its 2019 and we start the year with the Duck Race on Saturday 26th January. If you already know you are NOT available can you let Charmaine as soon as you can.

Membership was discussed the Assembly with a number of suggestions on attracting members tabled. Including the use of social media and holding a free event with food to capture interest from the broader community.
The Assembly agreed to set up a small committee to develop some other strategies. Chris, Frank, Lyn and Ange are on the committee but I am sure they would welcome anyone willing to help.

At the next meeting we will be celebrating Hat Day and all attending are asked to wear their best or worst hat. Special guest will be Dr John Brown.
With 1 in 5 people experiencing a mental illness every year, it’s very possible that you know someone who has had a tough time with their mental health. It’s now Mental Health Month and World Mental Health Day is 1 WEEK AWAY. That’s when Australian Rotary Health will be celebrating
Hat Day.

Last Week’s Meeting:

Attendance Last Week: 12 members, 1 visiting Rotarian, 2 member’s guests

Raffle: Winner of the wine – John Rungen.

International Toast:

Rotary Club in the Philippines

History –
Preliminary steps were first made to organize the Club in the Philippines in January 1919 through the interest and agreement of Leon J. Lambert. In June 1919, the Charter No. 478 authorized the Rotary Club of Manila (RCM) to operate as a formal organization under Rotary International.
The Rotary Club of Manila was both the first Rotary Club in the Philippines and the first in Asia under the direct supervision of the International Association of Rotary Clubs (now Rotary International).
The Club went on to organize its daughter clubs, the Rotary Club of Cebu in 1932 and the Rotary Club of Iloilo in 1933. Rotary Club of Bacolod and Baguio were also established later on. The Rotary Club of Manila was also responsible for organizing the Rotary Club of Guam as its first overseas daughter Club in 1939, through the efforts of then R.I. Vice President Carlos P. Romulo.
During World War II meetings of its members were only held if circumstances allowed. This period lasted from May 1942 until it was reorganized in 1945. Many other Rotary Clubs were subsequently established in the Philippines.
There are now over 800 Rotary Clubs in the Philippines, and their members are among the most active when it comes to serving the Filipino community and helping those in need.