Narooma Rotary Beacon 25th October 2018

Rod’s Ramble: 

As I write this I am laid low with a cold so Rod’s Ravings may be a better title.

 Last week’s meeting had a great vibe due to the unexpected attendance of three Rotarians and two partners from Victoria and our regular visitor Rotarian Gordon. “Older” members tell me that visiting Rotarians was a regular feature of meetings in the past as Canberra Rotarians came to Narooma for holidays. I am thinking of writing to all the Canberra clubs reminding them we are here and encouraging them to visit. What do you think?

Wednesday October 24th is World Polio Day. Here is a link to more information on this event. 

Secretary’s Musings 

A couple of weeks ago Luke Burgess the Maintenance Manager at Dalmeny IRT emailed me to ask if Rotary was interested in some old wheelchairs, walkers and other equipment no longer suitable for use at the Care Centre. I emailed Fred Fawke to see if he and RAWCS were interested, well at least I thought I did! I was actually using an incorrect email address. When I realised my mistake, I made contact with Fred on Friday afternoon. Believe it or not Fred was on his way to Moruya with a three-tonne truck to pick up some hospital beds, so on Saturday he was able to continue on to Dalmeny to pick up all the gear. We managed to load a heap of old wheel chairs, walkers, walking sticks and other bits of pieces onto the truck before the rain struck. I understand that the gear will be sent to Sierra Leone.

Thanks to Fred Fawke and Brain Goldstraw (Gungahlin Rotary) who picked up the gear and to Luke Burgess and the IRT who made a very generous donation to help Rotary International projects.

Luke Burgess (Dalmeny IRT), Brian Goldstraw and Fred Fawke with the truck loaded with gear donated by the IRT.

I also made a quick trip Moruya Rotary’s Renewable Energy Expo on Saturday afternoon. Although the number of exhibitors and visitors were less than what we had experienced when our Club held the event at the Leisure Centre it was great to see the Moruya Club take up this important initiative. Thanks to Frank for all his enthusiasm for the event and to Phil Armstrong and his team from Moruya for taking the event on this year.  Hopefully, we can bring the Expo back to Narooma in 2019 with Moruya taking it up again in 2020.

Attendance :  13 Members, 6 Visiting Rotarians, 5 Visitors & 2 Club Guests

Members are reminded to advise me by 4:30pm on the Tuesday prior to the meeting if they are an apology for our Thursday meeting. If you are bringing a guest, please also let me know by 4:30 each Tuesday. Preferred format for letting me know is email.