Narooma Rotary Beacon 18th October 2018

Rod’s Ramble:

Last week:

Rotarians and Friends,

I take my hat off to last week’s meeting where members recognised the scourge of mental illness in our society and highlighted Rotary’s efforts to combat this insidious disease. Like Australians often do we reflected on the impact mental illness has on families by doing something funny. A funny hats theme was the order of the day. Thanks to all who participated and to our guest judge Therese (is that how you spell it Bob?) Aston.

Keeping with the theme guest Dr John Brown gave a brief but insightful presentation on how mental illness can manifest itself. It was a pleasure to have John and wife Larry with us at Rotary. We have some great speakers coming up before the end of the year.

Here’s a list. 

THIS WEEK 18 th October Nacy Casu

Title: Your Health and Retirement Nancy Casu is a fitness specialist, personal trainer, author, speaker and presenter on the subject of ageing and functional fitness. She earned her degree in Health Science (Leisure & Health) at Charles Sturt University and has fitness specialist qualifications.
Nancy believes we should live our lives to the fullest, live with no regrets and keep a positive attitude.

25th October Michelle Preston and Donna Falconer
Turning Family Pain into Power
Donna and I take the message of drug awareness very seriously and use our combined lived experiences to educate people on how to deal with an addict, keep mentally healthy through the process and offer many families a confidential space to simply off load without judgement. We also
have a vast network of local service providers that we can link people with.

15 th November Eleanor Robin 

Captain Charles Swanston Writ Large: revelations from a nineteenth century bank archive’
After a lengthy career as journalist and writer, in retirement Eleanor resumed her study of Australian history. She was awarded a doctorate from the University of Tasmania in 2017. Based on her thesis, the biography SWANSTON Merchant Statesman was launched by Professor Henry
Reynolds in Hobart in August 2018.

22nd November Noel Trevaskis (PDG)
‘The Rotary Story; Yours and Mine’

Attendance – 9 members, 8 visitors, 1 club guest & 1 visiting Rotarian.

3-Minute talk – Chris O’Brien on all things hats, followed by a hat quiz.

International Toast – The “pan handle” of Florida recently devastated by Hurricane Michael