Narooma Rotary Beacon 12th July 2018

Rod’s Ramble

Planning for 2018-19

Outgoing Bob Aston hands over to our new  President Rod Walker at last week’s meeting.

Our meeting this Thursday is our Club Assembly at which I will present a draft business plan as endorsed at the Board Meeting. My intention is to take a ‘steady as she goes’ approach.

Over the last two years we have added two major events to our Rotary year – the Renewables Expo and the Busking Championship. Members have sacrificed time with their families and businesses to ensure their success; for a variety of reasons we will be missing the input of some key people in 2018-19. As you know, Moruya Rotary will host the Renewables Expo this year in a great example of inter-club co-operation.

I can also announce that John Rungen has agreed to lead the Busking Championship team this year and we will be seeking assistance from interested people from the community. Thanks John for stepping up. Members please give John all the help you can muster over the next 11 months.

This week Lynda Ord will also give us an update on the Rotary Youth Protection Policy which has been impacted by some legislative changes. It is an additional administrative burden we have to bear to ensure we practice due diligence.

Growing membership

I said last week that membership growth would be a major focus. The ‘Rotary On The Move’ Newsletter for July 2018 has some interesting strategies on attracting new members. In particular it highlighted a toolkit now available to assist in engaging with young professionals. This toolkit will help you rethink membership, from a broad perspective down to a tactical level, that you can adapt to your area. Topics include characteristics of your audience, your club’s culture, ideas for outreach and engagement, and the long-term benefits of becoming a Rotarian. I would like someone to review this material and consider if we could use some of these ideas. Let me know if you are interested.

Mama Mia premiere

I also talked last week about the need to have fun at Rotary, to build on the fellowship benefits of being a Rotarian, and to embrace the broader Rotary family. Hosting the Mama Mia Here We Go Again movie premiere at the Kinema on Thursday 19th is a chance to have fun while also raising funds for eradication of Polio worldwide. This will replace our meeting that night.

Let’s kick off the year with this big event. Invite partners, family and friends even total strangers. Get your tickets early as this will be a popular movie with the broader community, after all, who doesn’t like ABBA. We will also need a hand with catering and raffle ticket selling on the night.

Please don’t forget to bring prizes for the raffle in this Thursday night.

President Rod’s table last week.


Out and about

Our mini Changeover

It was good to have a ‘symbolic changeover’ to President Rod last week, supported by a table of Rod’s friends. Stand by for the 4th  August for our official changeover and  60th celebrations!

Polio update prompted by  fundraiser

With the polio fundraiser next week and Ang’s drawing out attention to the polio campaign at last week’s meeting, a few reminders of what it’s all about, courtesy Rotary International’s webpage.

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative is a public-private partnership led by national governments with five partners – the World Health Organization (WHO), Rotary International, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Its goal is to eradicate polio worldwide. So that’s :

  • five core partners
  • involved 200 countries
  • involved 20 million volunteers
  • over 2.5 billion children vaccinated
  • US$10 billion international investment
  • the goal is a polio–free world

Progress toward eradicating polio worldwide was a recurring theme at the recent Rotary International Convention in Toronto. Two notable polio occasions at the Convention were when:

  • Rotary International President Ian Riseley presented Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with Rotary’s Polio Eradication Champion in recognition of his leadership and Canada’s contributions to polio eradication. Trudeau highlighted Canada’s continued commitment to working towards a world without polio, a world with gender equity, and a world where everyone has a chance to succeed. He expressed a wish that his children would grow up in a polio-free world, and encouraged Rotarians to continue their important work to achieve eradication worldwide.
  • Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal Princess Anne praised Rotary for its work in fighting polio. She spoke of Rotary’s ‘extraordinary reach’, its extensive understanding of cultures and languages, its members’ “endearing habit of leaving (their) egos at the door”, and the organisation’s ingenuity at overcoming obstacles that baffled others. In doing so, she said Rotary with its partners has brought polio to almost full global eradication.

    We pay tribute to our fellow Rotarian Anthony Whittle who passed away suddenly on 3rd July 2018, aged 36. Anthony, left, hosted a really interesting ‘a Rotarian presents’ at the Plaza Pharmacy earlier this year.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 5 July 2018

Rod’s Ramble 

Rod Walker, Narooma President 2018-2019

It is a great honour to be your President in the 60th year of Rotary in Narooma. When I look back on the great presidents of the past and the fantastic achievements of such a small club, it is a daunting prospect.

I will say more about my approach to the presidency at this week’s meeting. I will outline our business plan for the year at the Changeover on Saturday 4 August. Suffice it to say, I enjoy some of the formality that used to be an integral part of Rotary culture. It was a structured approach that resonated with the industry in which I worked and was a counterpoint to the informality of the sporting clubs I was involved with at the time. I felt privileged to be a member of Rotary.  You will see some more formality from me in 1918-19 whether you embrace it or not is up to you.

It’s worth considering  there are at least four former presidents still living in Narooma and no longer members of the Club and probably another six to 10 former members. If this much experience was lost in the corporate world then there would be a major review of the workplace culture to see what is going wrong. Membership will be a major focus for me but hand in hand with that is looking after the wellbeing of our current members. Therefore my theme for 2018-19 is ‘Fun, Fellowship and Family’ I will elaborate on this at this week’s meeting.

This Week: For my first meeting as President, I invite partners and friends to join us as we begin the 60th year of Rotary in Narooma. In the spirit of ‘Fun, Fellowship and Family’ it will simply be an opportunity to share a meal and a few stories in the company of the wider Rotary family. Please let Bob Aston know if you are bringing guests on Thursday or if you are an apology. Unless he hears otherwise, he will assume you are coming.

Regards Rod

Sandra Doyle presents Michelle Garcia of Narooma Public School with a $500 donation from the Busking Festival.

Out and about

Busking Festival buys musical instruments 

We wrapped up the 2018 Busking Festival with a ‘thank you’ night in Narooma Golf Club’s auditorium last Thursday for sponsors and volunteers. We also made donations with Festival proceeds to six local schools. Festival coordinator Sandra Doyle said the Festival in May was a huge success with the town buzzing from the Flat to the Plaza. ‘It would not have been possible if Rotary did not have the support of the many sponsors (both of prizes and hots spots) and all the wonderful volunteers from our community,’ she said.

Sandra Doyle presents Brendan Constable of Bermagui Public School with a $500 donation .

In Bob Aston’s last official function as President 2017-2018, he added his thanks to those who helped on the day, as well the Club’s appreciation to Sandra and her ‘Dream Team’ for their initiative and hard work in staging the of Narooma Public School Festival.

Sandra presented cheques to Narooma High School ($1,000) and to each of the five primary schools in Narooma Rotary’s catchment ($500 each), proceeds from the busker hot spots and busker votes, topped up by the Club. She said these donations would enable each school to purchase more musical instruments to encourage students to further their musical experience. One of Sandra’s little ‘twists’ for the evening was a display by Narooma Camera Club of candid shots of some of the buskers on the day, with a people’s choice.

Bob’s year ends

It may seem strange not having an official handover at this time of the year, with Bob’s year just seemingly morphing into Rod’s with our official changeover not until the 60th celebrations in August. However it is perhaps important at this point to pay tribute to Bob’s leadership over the past 12 months and to all that we have achieved, while also looking forward to a new ‘captain’ for the next 12 months. Another good year ahead!

Please don’t forget to let Bob know if you are bringing guests on Thursday night by 4pm Tuesday.

Bob would also like to know if you are coming to the changeover/60th celebrations on Saturday 4 August.

Cheers Laurelle

A date for your diary!


Narooma Rotary Beacon 28th June 2018

Bob’s Blog

Hello everyone
Welcome to my last blog as President of Narooma Rotary. Although I will provide a full report to members at our combined changeover and 60th on 4 August, it is well worth reflecting on our achievements over the past 12 months, especially as we are a very small Club.
Have we made a difference? I think we have.

  • We have provided much needed information to the local community about renewable energy.
  • The Busking Competition has made a difference, it helped build community spirit and though the donations we have made from our profits many students at our local schools will be able learn a musical instrument.
  • We have also helped to make a difference to the lives of meant through our donations to The Foundation (both the Annual Fund and Polio Plus), to RAWCS and Australian Rotary Health.
  • We have also made a difference through our donations to local organisations such as Narooma Surf Club, RFS and Monty’s.

I think we have also made a difference at a club level:

  • We have learnt about the work of our members through our ‘Rotarian Presents’ nights
  • We have been kept informed through a range of thought provoking speakers at many of our meetings.

In conclusion I would like to thank all members for their guidance and support throughout the year I would also like to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of the Board; you have made my life easier. All the best to Rod and his crew for the 2018/19 Rotary year.

Out and About

Our overworked morning barbecue crew of John Doyle, Mal Gray and John Rungen enjoy the winter sun with off duty gate keepers Rachel and David McInnes.

Sunday’s Markets

Last Sunday’s markets was a little quiet, being our smallest market for the year but good atmosphere for those who came, enlivened by the great music from buskers LP. Great work on the gate with David and Rachel (standing in for Chris who was away enjoying ‘grandma time’) along with our regular team of eager helpers.

Needless to say, being relatively quiet, the barbecue team had plenty of time to enjoy the sun, as the photo shows.

Moruya Changeover

President Bob and Peter Bull represented our Club at Moruya’s Changeover last week at Moruya Golf Club. Outgoing President Mike Dent reported the Club had donated about $33,000 to the local and international communities over the past year. Both Mike Dent and incoming President Ward Hack spoke of the need to attract younger members. The average age of Moruya’s 50 members is 71 years and four months (will be interesting to work out ours). Much like our Club, when Moruya Club started 62 years ago, its members were drawn from the town’s main businesses and would have had an average age around 40. One suggestion new president Ward is putting to the Club to rejuvenate membership is to change their meetings from weekly to fortnightly.

Batemans Bay Changeover

John Rungen and I represented our Club at Batemans Bay’s changeover. Their changeover included an impressive line-up of all past presidents in the Club. Outgoing President Maureen Manning stepped down from her third (and she says final!) term as President, but still continues at the District level as RYPEN Chair. Interesting to note the Batemans Bay Board includes someone solely responsible for membership.

New President Alan Russell is also our new Assistant Governor (taking over from Bob Antill) for the year.

The Busking Festival fills the town with music.

This Thursday

Please don’t forget that our ‘Thank the Sponsors and Volunteers Night’ this Thursday starts at 5.30pm  upstairs at the Golf Club. Please bring your partners with you.  Sandra describes it as ‘mainly a social gathering with a couple of little twists’.

Cheers Laurelle



Narooma Rotary Beacon 21 June 2018

Bob’s Blog

Hello everyone

We had a very busy combined Board meeting last Thursday, our last Board meeting for the 2017/18 Rotary year.

At last week’s combined Board meeting, Angie Ulrichsen, incoming President Rod Walker and current President Bob Aston.

We agreed to fund the purchase of musical equipment for local schools from the proceeds of the Busking Competition. The high school will receive $1,000 and each of the five local primary schools will receive $500 each. The Board also donated:

  • an additional $1,000 to the Foundation
  • $2,000 to Australian Rotary Health to support mental health research
  • $1,000 to the RAWCS Dental Project in Timor Leste. Members will recall that Charmaine will be heading there next month to work with this valuable project.

The Board also agreed to transfer $4,500 from the charity account to the scholarship account. This will allow us to make Second Semester payments without having to dip into our term deposit.
The Board also accepted, with regret, the resignations of Bob Antill and Michael O’Connor from the Club. We have written to Bob and Michael thanking them for their service. The Board has offered Bob honorary membership of the Club which I am pleased to advise he has accepted.
Members are reminders that even though the changeover will not take place until 4 August, Rod and the new Board will take up office from 1 July. Although the changeover is an important event it is really a celebration of our achievements and an opportunity to introduce the new Board to the community.
A reminder that if you are an apology for a meeting or if you have guests, please advise me by email by 4pm each Tuesday.

Have a great week


Out and About

Great to hear from PDG and PP Jack Ings

Jack Ings working in our old Rotary food van circa 2000.

President Bob received a lovely note from Jack Ings, a past president of this club and a past District Governor (the only one from our Club) in response to the invitation to our 60th celebrations. Unfortunately he will be unable to join us.

Thank you for thinking of me. I still keep an eye on the club through the weekly bulletins you send me and enjoy reading about what is going on there. Some of the best years of our lives were when we were in Narooma and I shall never forget the great years I had in Narooma Rotary Club. I am still in Rotary through the E club of Melbourne and still on the Board and doing the bulletin and organising the speakers…. I am now in a Nursing home but it is more like a resort and I still take part not only in Rotary but U3A and am still giving some lectures. Please give my best regards to all my friends there and wish everyone a happy 60th anniversary. Jack

Jack wrote the history of Narooma Club for our 40th anniversary which resulted in the Club receiving a PR recognition. He was regarded affectionately by many Narooma members as the supreme Rotary statesman. For many years during the annual Cinders Challenge with Moruya if there was a series of questions on who’s who in Rotary, ‘Jack Ings’ was often our default answer.  It is obvious from Jack’s continued involvement, he still deserves that status.

Changeovers this week

At Moruya… President Bob and Peter Bull will represent our Club at Moruya Changeover.

Moruya President Mike Dent in this week’s Changeover Bulletin says one of the highlights was the outstandingly successful Drugs Meeting in April which attracted over 200 people to discuss drug and alcohol problems in the Eurobodalla. He still hopes they can secure funding for a Local Drug Action Team to initiate programs to address the prevention of AOD problems.  Another highlight was Moruya Club funding seven ShelterBoxes, thanks largely to the efforts of Alan Shephard and team at Moruya Markets throughout the year. Mike concluded: ‘So where to from here … we have a great club but we cannot rest on our laurels and we must confront the future to ensure our continued success. We need to attract new members and vary our programs to meet changing trends in our society.’ Moruya’s incoming President is Ward Hack.

Meanwhile at Batemans Bay…

John Rungen and Laurelle will represent the Club at Batemans Bay’s Changeover on Thursday. Maureen Manning is the outgoing President.

Batemans Bay Rotarians are currently working through the ‘visioning process’ towards their Strategic Plan for 2018-2019. President Elect Alan Russell is pleased everyone has been so open and willing to contribute ideas. The first part was a Club Audit. The second part was discussing ‘what if’ scenarios which offered members the chance to discuss things that had not been discussed for some time and ways forward for the Club. The next part involves each new Director developing their Objectives for the year and presenting them to the Board. The final stage is their Strategic Plan.

This week

Our guest speaker this week is Allan Rees from the 350 Eurobodalla climate action group, accompanied by Paula Howe another member of the team. The goal of the worldwide movement is to restore the planet to health through a rapid transition to 100% renewables in our area and across Australia and no new fossil fuel projects.

Don’t forget to let President Bob know by email by Tuesday 4pm if you are an apology or if you are bringing any guests.

Cheers Laurelle


Narooma Rotary Beacon 14 June 2018

Bob’s Blog

Hello Everyone
Well this week was a little quieter on the Rotary front, it was nice to spend the weekend at home catching up on a few chores.

Last Thursday Lynda gave a great presentation on the life of a Celebrant. Two take out messages for me, one don’t let the dog or cat deliver the rings at the wedding ceremony and secondly, and much more importantly, take the time to prepare for what happens when you die. Make sure your family know your wishes for your funeral service and your worldly goods.

Lynda Ord spoke about her recent career as a celebrant. Cup cakes courtesy of her friend Carol Holland.

This Thursday we will have our last Club Assembly for the Rotary year. The main topic will be membership. Please bring along your ideas and suggestions. Board members (both the old and new) are reminded we have a Board meeting this Thursday at 5pm.
Don’t forget on 28 June we will host a thank you event for sponsors and volunteers at the recent Busking Competition. Instead of our normal dinner meeting we will have drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Have a great week.

Out and about

Last week

Lynda Ord never fails to be a fascinating speaker and last week was no exception. She spoke about her life (since 2005) as a celebrant, the last in our series ‘A Rotarian presents’ which President Bob introduced in his year as a vocational programme. It has been highly successful.

Lynda works as a celebrant over the whole south coast although she has cut back and is talking about retiring ‘in a wee while’, likening her retirement to Dame Nellie Melba’s. She said the drawback of being a marriage celebrant was having her weekends booked up two years ahead, and spoke about ‘strange things can happen the night before the wedding’. She is delighted same sex marriage is now legal. Her ‘big passion’ is funerals when she gets to meet the most remarkable people with the most extraordinary stories. She added she is ‘blown away’ by the resilience of some people. Lynda spoke of the reluctance of some people to explore just what their loved ones wanted wrt a funeral etc., cremated or buried, and where they wanted their body or ashes deposited. She emphasised to us all the importance of ensuring your family knows about your life. She referred to the value of The Rest Easy Journal, produced by Shanna Provost, a copy of which she donated to the Wheel.

Local Rotarians receive OAMs

Incoming Pambula Rotary President Lynne Koerbin has been awarded an OAM

Two Rotarians in our area will receive the Order of Australia(OAM), announced this week.

Incoming President of Pambula Rotary Lynne Koerbin will receive an OAM for her service to people with a disability and to community health. Lynne has worked for 35 years with people with disabilities and said it was very humbling to be recognised for her work and how it has made a difference to people. She is well known in the Bega Valley Shire community being president of the Carers Accommodation South East project and working over the past five years to build accommodation at the South East Regional Hospital. Lynne is an occupational therapist by training and has previously managed community health services in the Bega Valley before moving across to disability support services; she is currently a senior planner for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.Bay Rotarian Peter Wood  with wife Lyn.

Bay Rotarian Peter Wood with wife Lyn.

Current Batemans Bay Director Peter Woods has also been awarded an OAM for his services to the community of Batemans Bay and to youth. He has been Batemans Bay Youth Foundation Chairman, since 2005. The Foundation gives Grants to students to attend University or a course at TAFE or an Apprenticeship. The criteria for giving a Grant include academic achievement, personal aptitude for further study and a need for financial help. Since its inception in 1994, the Foundation had given Grants valued at over half a million dollars to 182 students.

Moruya Rotary and ShelterBox

Each Saturday at Moruya Markets, Moruya Rotary has a team that focuses on raising funds for ShelterBoxes. Last Saturday they raised an impressive $1,630 which included a cheque for $1,000. Their bulletin does not say from whence the cheque came.

Timor Leste embraces RYLA

An interesting note in last week’s Batemans Bay newsletter mentioned that Bay Rotarian Peter Kable had presented a fascinating insight into the history of Timor Leste (East Timor) and the great success of RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) in helping to develop the impoverished country.  This prompted me to find out more. You may have seen the article in Rotary Down Under Dec 2017-Jan 2018. Timor Leste with a population of 1.4 million is still one of the poorest countries in the world.  Its main exports are coffee along with some oil and gas.

The Rotary Clubs of Crows Nest and Pennant Hills have worked closely with the Rotary Club of Dili to get this programme happening. The RYLA program has been adapted to suit the Timorese situation and local leaders act as presenters. Almost 680 young people in Timor Leste have gone through the RYLA programme since it was introduced in 2009 and e gone on to achieve great results. All alumni cite the training they received through RYLA has helped them get jobs, scholarships and training ahead of their peers. Four RYLA alumni stood for parliament at the recent elections.  RYPEN has also been expanded in Timor Leste schools

Next week: Our guest speaker will be Allan Rees from the 350 Eurobodalla climate action group, accompanied by Paula Howe another member of the team. The goal of the worldwide movement is to restore the planet to health. The 350 Eurobodalla has been active since the 2015 Paris climate talks and aims to educate people about how the planet’s health can be restored. The group supports a rapid transition to 100% renewables in our area and across Australia and no new fossil fuel projects.

Cheers Laurelle

Narooma Rotary Beacon 7 June 2018

Bob’s Blog

Hello everyone.

Well it was a little less hectic this week after the very successful Busking Competition followed by the Markets.

Last Thursday we hosted Moruya Rotary for our annual Cinders Trophy Trivia Challenge. It was a great night with 60 Rotarians and friends in attendance. The fellowship was great and the competition fierce. In the end I declared a draw with a Moruya team along with a Narooma team coming out on top with a score of 56. Although this caused some controversy, I think the result reflected the spirt of the evening.

Moruya President Mike Dent and President Bob will be joint custodians of the Cinders Trophy for the next 12 months following a draw at last week’e Cinders Challenge.

On Saturday, Therese and I represented the Club at Quota’s 31st Installation Ceremony. It was a great night with over 60 people attending. Quota has had a busy year donating over $26,000 to local, national and international charities. Chris Ryder is the new president of Quota.

This week, our own Lynda Ord is our guest speaker. I am sure Lynda will entertain us with some great stories about the life of a celebrant.

Don’t forget our 60th is not too far away. We celebrate this great event on Saturday 4th August – please keep the date free. This will also be our formal changeover ceremony.


Out and About

The Cinders Challenge

What a great night with Moruya Rotarians last week at Narooma Golf Club for the annual Cinders Challenge. For the first time ever in its long history, it ended in a draw with both clubs sharing the trophy for the year. President Bob organised for Narooma and Moruya Rotarians to share tables over dinner to encourage fellowship and that seemed to have been welcomed by everyone

The scoring system for Cinders seems ‘variable’ depending on the referee, but it is always taken in good spirit. Top table score (as last week with Moruya’s Brainiac matching our Cirrus), total score per Club, or the highest score per Club participant (total Narooma tables or Moruya tables score divided by the number of participants from that Club); perhaps a subject for some future discussion.

Whatever, it was a fun night enjoyed by everyone. Top questions by our absentee quiz master extraordinaire Peter Bull, and ably put by President Bob assisted by Frank with the recording.

Cinders table winners Derek Anderson of Moruya and our own Rod Walker share the new table trophy, courtesy of President Bob Aston’s recyclables, watched by President Bob and Moruya President Mike Dent.

End of the Rotary year

It’s somewhat sobering to think that President Bob’s year is almost at an end and PE Rod’s is about to start. It also sees the end of Noel Trevaskis’ two years as RI Director. Many have appreciated having an RI Director from our District particularly one who has worked as hard for Rotarians in both Australia and New Zealand as Noel has. Noel’s visit to address our Club was postponed because so many were away on the date scheduled but hopefully we will see Noel some time soon.

Meanwhile, we’re invited to join Moruya Rotarians at their Changeover Dinner at Moruya Golf Club on Wednesday 20 June (6.30 for 7). If you would like to go, please book with John Spencer before midday on 11 June.

We’re also invited to Batemans Bay’s Changeover on Thursday 21 June (6.30 for 7) at the Soldiers Club. Cost $35. Partners invited and dress is Lounge suit.

ShelterBox and Guatemala volcano

ShelterBox’s Operations Team in their UK HQ is in touch with colleagues in the Central American country of Guatemala following the eruption of the Fuego volcano and is monitoring what aid is needed in surrounding communities.

ShelterBox Operations Coordinator Anna Dixie said on Monday the disaster was still in the emergency phase, and they were still waiting on an accurate assessment by authorities of the number of people affected. ‘Only then will we will know whether ShelterBox aid can be helpful. If so, we have it stored a short flight away in Panama but, with Guatemala’s main airport closed, access will be one of the initial challenges.’


Unfortunately no one has put up their hand yet to be involved with MUNA this year. Narooma Rotary has sponsored a MUNA team for the past few years. For MUNA to be successful we need a member of the Club to take over responsibility for MUNA. Responsibilities will include liaison with Narooma High, the teacher involved and the team as well as attending the MUNA weekend in Canberra towards the end of August.

A belated Volunteer Week tribute to all Volunteers

National Volunteer Week may have been and gone, but volunteering keeps on keeping on, as demonstrated at our last Markets …  ( apologies for not including this last week).

All volunteers – Rachel and David McInnes and some of the Rotary crew

Narooma Rotary Beacon 31 May 2018

Bob’s Blog

Hello Everyone

Late in the afternoon Busking HQ in Easts Riverside Park was full of people counting busking votes and money. Shown around the table are Ashley Stanley, Iris White, Robyn Gourley, Jim Harrold and Ann Harrold, watched over by HQ manager Lynda Ord.

Well it’s been another hectic week for our Club.

Last Thursday we had an outstanding speaker in Fiona McCuaig. Fiona has had some fascinating experiences as a warrior for the environment, especially as a member of the Sea Shepherd crew. It was also great to see so many visitors come to listen to Fiona; hopefully some of our visitors will consider becoming members of our Club. We missed Frank last week but hope the doctors are resolving his health ‘issues’.

Last Saturday’s Busking Festival was an outstanding success. I am told the vibe around town was fantastic lots of visitors checking out the performers and voting for their favourites. A BIG thank you to Sandra and her dream team who organised the day; the Club owes you a great debt of gratitude.

Don’t forget Cinders this Thursday, I am sure we will give Moruya a run for their money. At dinner we will have mixed tables of Moruya and Narooma members so we can share some great fellowship. After dinner we will separate ready for ‘battle’.

Out and About

Busking Festival

What a wonderful and huge community day. Such a good buzz around town, from the Plaza to the Flat. There were many compliments on the day and since about the excellent organisation. Well done Sandra, John and team; all your planning and preparation paid off. Well done too to all those Rotarians and partners who put in a long day on Saturday selling busker votes, providing information and working in Festival HQ at Easts, and then turned up to help at the markets the next day. Great effort.

Busking Coordinator Sandra in full flight at the presentation ceremony at the Golf Club Saturday night.

Festival co-ordinator Sandra understandably was ‘absolutely thrilled’ with the response from the community. At the presentation ceremony at Narooma Golf Club that night, she was effusive with her appreciation thanking spectators (even more than last year), our 55 buskers, our major sponsors Narooma Golf Club, Club Narooma and Narooma Easts Holiday Park, as well as the many businesses and organisations that sponsored prizes and the 35 busker hot spots.

Great to have PDG Phil Armstrong helping out on Saturday, as was his wife Kim (selling Busker Votes nearby), but the photo here is with another volunteer Alison Philip who was ‘enlisted’ at last week’s meeting.

Sandra also thanked the other volunteers without whom it would not have happened – Lions, Quota, Probus, View, CWA and many others – and the four judges – Alan Spencer, long time busker and John and Sandra’s granddaughter Shelby Holland, Cr Lindsay Brown and Fiona Brown of Slightly Twisted Productions. The judges made 22 awards, all sponsored by local businesses or organisations, and there were nine People’s Choice Awards.

Sandra and John’s daughter Nadine did a great job as MC of the presentations, with Tim Bourke and Wayne Redman doing sound and lighting. The presentation ceremony ran seamlessly, preceded by an hour-long concert by buskers organised by Nadine.

David McInnes (as well as Rachel) were on most of the day selling busker votes.

At the presentation, ANBC instigator Alan Spencer of Cooma praised Sandra and her team for ‘showing the way’ with running regional championships. ‘Narooma has introduced a lot of innovation as well as showing how to involve the media, the community and small businesses in the event,’ he said. One innovation this year was combining a car display on NATA Oval with four busking hot spots sponsored by businesses away from the centre of town; a huge success.

Peter Bull and Karen Bull were pounding the pavements spruiking Busker Votes.

The programme on the webpage worked a treat, thanks to John’s expertise. John says it was one of the products that came from an online data entry system he wrote last year. It holds all busker details (details finances, emergency contacts etc.). It then provided an environment for Sandra to schedule in the buskers’ timetables, creates tables of output and feeds the website. That programme now belongs to Narooma Rotary.


The atmosphere continued at Sunday’s markets which were bigger than a normal May market and quite vibrant complete with buskers (including Selby). The markets coincided with a Canberra long weekend which had escaped most of us except some marketers who booked at the last minute. We had steady business throughout the morning and sold all we had in the van. Great work everyone.

Last week

Lynn Hastings thanks our guest speaker last week Fiona McCuaig

Fiona McCuaig, our guest speaker last week, attracted a lot of interest and with good reason. She spoke of her extensive background in conservation and her passion for marine conservation. Some of her talk focussed on her time with Greenpeace’s vessel Sea Shepherd in Antarctica in its campaign to stop whaling there, the ramming of one of its vessel and her being the person whose job it was to dive in and check for survivors, a task she was relieved not to have to perform once all crew were accounted for. She called for support to protect our marine parks, noting the harmful bycatch from some commercial fishing methods, and fearing an apparent watering down of the existing marine park system.

Canberra Rotary celebrates 90 years

The Rotary Club of Canberra celebrates its 90 years with the ringing of the Canberra Rotary Peace Bell on 16 June at 11am and we are all invited. It will be a great celebration of peace and fellowship as part of their birthday celebrations. The Bell is in Nara Park, Flynn Drive, Yarralumla. If you would like to go, please book via email to Meredith Hayes –

This week is our annual battle for Cinders

We welcome over 30 from Moruya Rotary for our annual battle for the Cinders Trophy, currently held by Moruya.  Should be a great fun night. They reckon, as stated in the Moruya bulletin this week, ‘surely by weight of numbers we should be a force to overwhelm them and on their home turf!’ President Bob has told them differently. They have been in training: when their speaker had to withdraw at short notice last week, Keith Armstong stepped in with some Cinders’ training. Members were divided ‘into raucous teams, much given to useless disputations, all adding up to a thoroughly enjoyable meeting’.

They will be coming by bus and, they assure us, with the trophy (not like us when we forgot to take it with us last year).

On a lighter note, courtesy Peter Bull

The biggest lie I tell myself is, ‘’I don’t need to write that down, I will remember it’.

If God wanted me to touch my toes, he would have put them on my knees.

Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice.



Narooma Rotary Beacon 24 May 2018

Bob’s Blog

Hello Everyone

Well it’s that time of year again with the River of Art Festival in full swing. It’s wonderful to see such diverse displays of visual and performing arts as a part of the Festival.

Our Busking Festival Coordinator Sandra Doyle, with River of Art committee members Di Jay, left, Lynne Griffiths and Robin Scott-Charlton at the River of Art launch in Narooma’s SoART Gallery last Thursday. Photo by Rosie Williams

As all members of the Club are aware, this Saturday’s Busking Competition in Narooma is a significant part of the River of Art program; it’s the last major event in the 2018 River of Art Festival. We have heaps of buskers and hot spots and all signs lead to an outstanding day of busking.  Many thanks to everyone who has put up their hands to help. Let’s hope the weather is great and the crowds come out to support our buskers.Such an event of course would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our Busking Competition organisers Sandra and John Doyle and their team of workers. Thank you Sandra and John for your great work; our Club thanks you for all the work you put into this great event.

Don’t forget our monthly markets follow on Sunday.

This Thursday, our guest speaker is Australian wildlife activist Fiona McCuaig. Fiona has been involved with wildlife activism for over 20 years. She has volunteered in wildlife rehabilitation in Africa, America and Sri Lanka, volunteered in several zoos around the world, and was with Sea Shepherd  for 2½ years including three anti-whaling campaigns in Antarctica and the Faroe Islands. Fiona is also passionate about the necessity of healthy oceans.

Next Thursday (31 May): We host Moruya Rotary for our annual Cinders Trophy trivia competition. I understand Moruya has been practicing for the past few weeks in the forlorn hope that they will retain the trophy. I have full confidence in our Narooma team; I’m sure we will win easily.

Have a great week.

Out and About  

Busking Festival round up

Some of the buskers who will feature at this year’s Festival.

Our Busking Festival and Competition this Saturday promises to be sensational with 55 busker registrations from Victoria, Canberra, Sydney, and out to Cowra and Gundagai. Our hard working coordinator Sandra Doyle anticipates that Narooma will fill with wonderful music ranging from country, blues, jazz and rock, to Scottish bagpipes, as well as dancers, poets and circus acts.

Each act will play at four or five of the 35 busker hot spots around town sponsored by the adjacent businesses.  Extra busker hot spots this year are at the SoART Gallery and School of Arts’ Studios, on NATA Oval and near Quarterdeck.’ A programme listing each busking act and the timetable for each hot spot (9am-3pm) is available online and in hard copy on the day from the Rotary Busking Information Stall opposite the Ice Creamery, from the Visitors’ Centre and from the yellow Rotary-vested Busker Vote sellers.  Profiles of some of the registered buskers are on the website and on Facebook.

A concert from 4pm at the Golf Club will feature a variety of performers from the day, with awards to be presented after 5pm.

Busker votes explained:  Not all buskers will be competing. For those that are, spectators can vote for their favourite busker for the People’s Choice prize of $1,000 by buying a special busker vote from our sellers; each vote costs $1. Back in the Festival office at Easts Van Park, our helpers will count votes for each busker to determine the winner. If the purchaser writes their name on the back of each vote, they enter a lucky draw. Each busker keeps any coin they collect.’

Narooma’s four judges, who will include Cr Lindsay Brown and Fiona Brown from Slightly Twisted Productions, will roam around listening to competitors throughout the day to judge the overall winner. Again the prize is $1,000.

Symons will operate a free bus through the day to ferry people between busking hot spots which extend from the Plaza to the Flat.’

Narooma Lions, Quota, CWA and VIEW Clubs are all pitching in as well as many other volunteers.

Four busking sites will operate on NATA Oval (behind the Visitors’ Centre). Also on NATA will be a display of about 30 classic cars from the Classic and Vintage Motor Club of Eurobodalla, the Montague Motoring Club, Verona Classics and the Groupe Auto Classiche, as well as new cars from the AMH Group of Moruya.

The Festival is hosted by our Club, partnered with River of Art, and is part of the Australian National Busking Championships (ANBC).

Renewable Energy Expo at Moruya

Moruya Rotary is looking at running the Renewable Energy Expo on a trial basis in October, possibly in St Mary’s Community Hall and adjacent carpark. While the Moruya Board is supportive, the Club’s involvement depends on people putting up their hands to form a small working party to plan and run it. Should Moruya decide to go ahead, Frank and others have offered to help with the ‘know how’.

The Moruya bulletin said, ‘overall it has the potential to be a fine project – challenging, imaginative, and of high community benefit’. Should Moruya run with it and it is successful, the proposal is for Moruya and Narooma to host it alternative years. Watch this space.

Cinders, where knowledge is power

Bring ‘all the weird, wonderful and utterly useless facts in your arsenal’, as well as like-minded friends, to our Cinders Challenge next week when we plan to wrest the trophy back from Moruya. Should be a great night and lots of fun. Please make sure you let President Bob know your numbers by Tuesday at 4pm.





Narooma Rotary Beacon 17 May 2018

Bob’s Blog

Bob and Merinda Antill will be sorely missed from everyone in Narooma Rotary Club.

Hello everyone
We had a great turn out on Saturday to say farewell to Bob and Merinda Antill. It was especially pleasing to have past District Governors Maureen Manning and Phil Armstrong in attendance, as well as Phil’s wife Kim.
Bob and Merinda have made a significant contribution to Narooma in general and our Club in particular over many years. Bob has been president of our club on two and half occasions, and held many Board positions as well as being Assistant District Governor for the past three years. Bob has been the glue that has held the Club together for many years. He was the public face of Rotary representing us across the community. He also played a significant role in just about all of our projects and community events. Bob was also a highly regarded photographer, bus driver and landscape gardener for the past 25 years.

President Bob recognised Bob and Merinda Antill as Paul Harris Fellows

Merinda also played a significant role in Rotary as Bob’s partner. She often performed at Rotary events and meetings, taught us about music, playing for us and leading those who could sing to entertain us. Within the community Merinda’s passion for music was always evident. She led the community choir, helped students prepare for their HSC music exams, tutored primary school students in music and played a significant role in her church.

It was a great privilege to recognise Bob with a third Paul Harris Fellowship and Merinda with her first. We wish Bob and Merinda all the best in their new home at Lake Conjola.

This Thursday we were going to hear from Rotary International Director Noel Trevaskis, but in view of us having so many away, I have asked Noel to come later in the year, possibly in July.

Have a great week.

Out and About

Attendance at meetings

We haven’t worried too much about notifying apologies and the attendance of guests since we moved to the Golf Club. We discussed this at last week’s Board meeting and decided we should reintroduce the system of notifying apologies and attendance of guests. If you will be absent from a meeting or if you plan to bring a guest please notify President Bob by email by 4pm Tuesday. Thanks.  Bob

Last Thursday – Inside Peace

Cheryl Walker and Chris O’Brien at last week’s meeting.

Our special guest last week was Cheryl Walker who spoke about an award winning documentary ‘Inside Peace’ on the power of peace to change prisoners’ lives. The film tells of the experience of four inmates at Domenguez State Jail in Texas who attend a Peace Education Programme and begin to rebuild their lives. The programme featured in the film has been run globally in prisons, health, education and many other organisations. The programme is basically a workshop to help people discover inner resources and find personal peace. The film will screen at the Kinema on Friday 1 June at 7.30pm and Saturday 9 June at 2.30pm. Fifty per cent of ticket sales will go to Mental Health Research through Australian Rotary Health.

Cheryl is also looking to run the programme locally.

Busking Update

The signs are up and the excitement in our community is mounting with only about 10 days now until the Busking Festival on Saturday 26 May.

Festival coordinator Sandra reports that busker registrations have been rolling in from across the region, from Canberra, Sydney and Wollongong, Victoria and across south eastern NSW. As of last weekend she had 55 entries with a few more still on the way which translates to over 200 performers from the Plaza to the Flat. Entries range from country, blues, jazz and rock, to Scottish bagpipes, dancers, poets and circus acts. There are more bands this year compared with last, but Sandra is disappointed there are few entries from secondary students in Narooma.

The busking Festival is the final event in the River of Art Festival which will be launched this Thursday night in Narooma.

For those unfamiliar with the event, each act will play through the day at three or four of the 35 busker hot spots around town that are sponsored by the adjacent businesses. A programme detailing the location of each hot spot with a timetable for each act (9am-3pm) will be available online and on the day from an information stall opposite the Ice Creamery on the Flat, the Visitors’ Centre and from the roving Busker Vote sellers who will be wearing a Rotary vest.

Every spectator can vote for their favourite busker for the People’s Choice prize of $1,000 by buying a special busker vote from our sellers; each vote costs $1. Those votes are collected from each busker at the end of the day to determine the winner. The busker gets 10 cents from each $1 vote. Each busker keeps any coin they collect. Narooma’s four judges will be roaming around listening to all competitors throughout the day, with the overall winner’s prize also $1,000.  The Festival culminates with a free concert at Narooma Golf Club by finalists at 5pm and the presentation of prizes.

Narooma Lions, Quota, CWA and VIEW Clubs are helping on the day, as well as many other volunteers.

From our 2018 Tertiary Scholar Alicia Bates

Our 2018 Rotary Tertiary Scholar Alicia Bate.

Secretary Sandra has received a note from the United States from our 2018 Tertiary scholar Alicia Bates who is enjoying a gap year before starting university in 2019.

I have been in the States for two months now and loving it. The culture is so different and such a worthwhile experience. I did my very touristy look around Texas within my first week. They really do do bigger. Cars, food, cities you name it. Cars, food, cities, I definitely see why it can be hard to find good too. I’m very settled into the small town of Como. Much more expansive than the size of Tilba considering they have the same population. The farm is gorgeous and the family are amazing people. Hope all is well back home.


Narooma Rotary Beacon 10 May 2018

Bob’s Blog

Hello Everyone

Ashley Stanley and John Doyle completed the last bit of  cleaning with ‘specialist equipment’. It will be spick and span for the next Markets.

Sadly last Friday’s Oyster Festival Community Night had to be cancelled due to persistent high and dangerous winds. I know this must have been a difficult decision for the organisers; however, given the circumstances, I think they make the correct decision. Unfortunately for us we missed an opportunity to make some much needed funds for our charity account. Fortunately we were able to freeze the meat and donate perishables to other charities. Thanks to all those who volunteered to man the van and barbecue.

Also on a positive note we gave the van a great ‘spring clean’ inside and out in preparation for the Festival, thanks to John Doyle, Ashley and Laurelle who did a great job cleaning and polishing. The van is sparkling, especially after John and Ashley cleaned the roof.

Peter Bull showed us his office where he continues his fascinating work as a chiropractic radiographer.

Last Thursday’s meeting was a bit of a mixture. We started at Peter Bull’s place for another in our series ‘a Rotarian presents’. Peter talked to us about his work as a Chiropractic Radiographer; he reviews x-rays from all over Australia and even the UK and works for a company where everything is done remotely. Their radiographers and admin staff have never actually met and worked together face to face. Peter’s pride and joy is his dictation system that allows him to complete reports without having to use a keyboard.

When we arrived at the Golf Club for dinner, we were joined by PCYC Far South Coast Club Manager Jason Hough and three other Police representing PCYC. Their speakers gave us an interesting insight into the history and role of PCYC (PCYCs were originally started with the help of Rotary). One of the main issues for the Far South Coast is how the PCYC can effectively operate as an outreach service covering town and communities from Batemans Bay to Eden.

I will fill you in on the weekend’s District Assembly at Batemans Bay on Thursday.

Have a great week everyone

Out and About

Last week

President Bob and  PCYC Far South Coast Club Manager Jason Hough.Last week 

Last week we had surprise guests from Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW (PCYC).They included CEO Dominic Teakle, Regional Manager Ian Kirk, Far South Coast Manager Jason Hough, and NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command Superintendent David Roptel. We were lucky to have them as Dominic, Ian and David were on a familiarisation trip to the Far South Coast Club. It was only a chance conversation between President Bob and the local PCYC Manager Jason that led to them all (except Jason) joining us for dinner.

Jason spoke about the outreach model used by the Far South Coast Club, given that his area of responsibility covers both Eurobodalla and Bega Valley Shires.  He said the Club has been running activities along the coast including archery at Narooma, Zumba Kids at Moruya and soon Junior Fitness at Eden and Bega. He will be forming two management committees, one for each Shire, and is looking for Rotary members to join those committees.

Our guests from PCYC last week were Ian Kirk, left, Superintendent David Roptel and Dominic Teakle with President Bob.

Dominic spoke about the long association between PCYC and Rotary beginning with the establishment of the first Police Rotary Boy’s Club in Woolloomooloo some 80 years ago. PCYC want to acquire two hubs in the Far South Coast from which to base their operations, with activities radiating out from the hubs as well as within them.  He indicated that PCYC liked to own and manage their facilities so that other programs and groups could use then in PCYC downtimes (during the day when kids are at school etc) to maximise their use and to raise funds.

He also hopes to acquire two small eight seater buses, one for each Shire, to transport participants to their activities.  To achieve this he is looking for a friendly car dealer who may be willing to provide buses at a reduced cost as part of a sponsorship program, as well as fundraise for their purchase.

Superintendent David Roptel has just taken up the role of Commander of the NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Unit and spoke about the value of engaging with local communities to strengthen relationships between Police and the public.  He gave as illustration the support local indigenous residents gave to police in Redfern at a particularly difficult time for their community.

All in all a great night and the PCYC team has given a lot to think about and perhaps a different avenue to support our young people.              Lynda Ord

Bega runs RYDA 15-17 May

Bega Rotary is coordinating RYDA for Bega Valley and the Monaro on 15-17 May at Frogs Hollow Go Kart Track south of Bega. This is where Narooma High students first attended RYDA before Batemans Bay and Moruya Rotary Clubs took up the challenge to run one in the Eurobodalla. The Bega programme  runs over three days to accommodate the 500 or so Year 11 students from Bega High, Eden Marine High, Bombala High, Lumen Christi Catholic College, South Coast Anglican College, Monaro High, Jindabyne Central and Mallacoota P12 College.

Sydney Male Choir Concert in Bega for Tathra Fire Appeal

You are invited to a special concert in Bega on Thursday 10 May to hear the Sydney Male Choir. This is the first time the choir, one of the most respected in Australia, has toured to the Far South Coast. Bega Civic Centre has partnered with the Choir to present a fundraiser performance 2:00pm – 4:30pm in the Civic Centre Auditorium. Admission is a gold coin donation with all proceeds going to support the Tathra community through the Mayoral Appeal Fund. If going, please book through

NEXT WEEK IS A PARTNERS’ NIGHT with special guest speaker RI Director Noel Trevaskis who will speak on ‘The Rotary Story; Yours and Mine’. Noel is currently a member of Narooma’s ‘mother club’, the Rotary Club of Bega. He is on the Board of Rotary International (2016-2018) representing Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and the South Pacific Islands (Zones 7 and 8). He was our District Governor 2005-2006, and a past Board member and Chairman of Australian Rotary Health. Check out the bulletin’s  calendar for more information on Noel.

On a lighter note, courtesy Peter Bull

I was in the express lane at the supermarket quietly fuming. Completely ignoring the sign, the person ahead of me had slipped into the lane pushing a trolley piled high with groceries.
Imagine my delight when the cashier looked into the cart and asked, ‘So which six items would you like to buy?’  Shame that doesn’t happen more often…