Narooma Rotary Beacon 16 May 2019

Busking Countdown – the Narooma Rotary Busking Championships are just a week away. Here are some of the buskers who will be taking part this year.

Rod’s Ramble

While we had low numbers last week, there was a good vibe at the meeting. I think when the numbers are low the big table format we used last week works best; when there is a guest speaker separate tables of eight probably work best.

At the Board meeting, we agreed in principal to run the Renewable Energy Expo again in early November. Frank will lead the charge but he needs a group of willing assistants. We will put together a committee in July so if you can help out please volunteer. 

Frank also has suggested we need to do some succession planning for maintenance of the web site. We need someone with a basic knowledge of and confidence with computers to be mentored by Frank. If we can’t find someone in the Club maybe you know someone else who could help out? If interested, please let me know.

We will have a lot of people away over the next three months so we need everyone available for the Busking and the Markets in May as well as the Markets in June. Please try and be available on those days. Spouses, partners and friends also most welcome.

The Board is in the process of finalising our charitable distributions for 2018-19. We have already distributed over $17,000 and have about $5,000 available. If you have a local charity/service group you think we should support let me know.

I have just been offered a large body of work which means I will miss the meetings on 16 and 23 May and 13 and 27 June. This also means we will have to move the Changeover date to 4 July. Rod


Our guest speaker is Julie Kirk who will talk about Red Cross services available on the South Coast. The range of services they provide these days is extraordinary so Julie’s talk will be particularly informative.

The Week that Was

It was great to welcome Peter Bull back. He gave an entertaining and interesting talk about Karen’s and his experiences on their recent Ghan expedition. The train was 1km long and passengers were taken to their carriages in golf carts!

Presidents x four for 2019-2020

It was with a sense of great relief that members at the Club Assembly supported the Board’s recommendation to have four presidents through 2019-2020, one every three months. Charmaine White will do the first three months, Ange Ulrichsen the second, and Bob Aston and Rod Walker will share the first six months of 2020. Laurelle offered to stay in the role of vice president through the year to give some continuity, if that works out best for the Club, rather than do one three month term as president.


Our BowelCare coordinator John Rungen drew everyone’s attention to the fact that Rotary’s annual bowel cancer awareness campaign is underway.
BowelCare kits cost $15 from local pharmacies and are available until the end of May.

Age is an important factor in bowel cancer. The risk begins at age 40, doubling every five years and more rapidly as the person gets older. bowel cancer is one of the most curable cancers if detected early.” John made an interesting point that this programme is available for everybody regardless of age, whereas the free National Bowel Cancer Screening Program is only provided to those aged 50-74.

Peter and Laurelle spoke about how Rotarians used to be more involved in distributing the kits, which thankfully we don’t have to do today.


Ange told last week’s meeting she is delighted that two Narooma High Aboriginal students will attend RYPEN this weekend at Old Mogo Town – Breanna Glass and Layton Moore. We hope to hear back from them in coming weeks about their RYPEN experience.

RYPEN (Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment) is an intensive three-day program of plenary sessions, workshops, and sport and entertainment activities. Participants are given the opportunity to hear from people who have achieved in business, sport and entertainment. Those presenters will share their experiences with students while emphasizing the need to work hard and stay focused. Participants interact with peers from different backgrounds and improve their team working and leadership skills, and all in an informal atmosphere.

Appropriate too that this is taking part in May which is Rotary International’s Youth Service Month.

Changeover dates changed

In view of Rod Walker’s work commitments, our Club changeover has been moved from Thursday 27 June to Thursday 4 July. Hopefully more people will be able to participate at that time in this important event. Rod and incoming president (for three months) Charmaine White will work out the details. It will be two courses at $35 per person. Partners and Guests welcome.

Other news

Cinders’ battle for Trivia crown

On Wednesday 12 June, we go ‘into battle’ with Moruya for the coveted annual Cinders Trophy. This year we are playing on Moruya’s home turf at Moruya Golf Club, commencing 6.30 for 7pm. Cost is $17 pp. John Doyle will circulate an attendance list for Cinders over the next two weeks.

This is a great fun night. The trophy last year was shared between the two clubs and is currently in Moruya’s safe keeping. Car-pooling is suggested. Guests of Rotarians are particularly encouraged, President Rod adds particularly if they are knowledgeable about all things ‘trivial’. We need final numbers by 5 June.

Our Mother Club Bega

Ange has organised with BegaRotary President Margaret Taylor to have a combined Narooma-Bega meeting on 8 August 6 for 6.30pm. The tentative venue is Cobargo Hotel where we have met many times over the years. It will be great to catch up with Bega Rotarians again.

D9710’s last conference

The last District 9710 Conference will be held at Ulladulla on 8 March 2020. The following year D9710 will disappear as a district and amalgamate with D9700 to become the much larger D9705.

Next week:

Our guest speaker will be Angela Keogh who works as a canine behaviour consultant and professional dog (and owner!) trainer. Her subject will be ‘Real help at both ends of the leash’.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 9 May 2019

Rod’s Ramble

Visiting Rotarian Lindsay Jones of the Rotary Club of Balwyn

Hi all

We held a successful Assembly last week where it was decided that because we had no nomination for President in 2019-20, we would rotate former Presidents for periods of three months. The four Presidents would also be members of the Board for 12 months.

Charmaine volunteered to take the first three months from July to September and Laurelle and Ange agreed to take one of the other three month periods . That leaves one three month period to be filled.

Under the circumstances, this is a good result. Two factors impacted on this situation. Firstly a number of members are away for lengthy periods in 2019-2020 and  we have some members dealing with serious health issues. Hopefully 2020-2021 will be better. We already have a President Elect in Rolf so that is a great start.

We were also without a Secretary for 2019-20. Sandra Doyle has agreed to be Correspondence Secretary while I have agreed to be Minutes Secretary, with the understanding that others would need to relieve us from time to time. I encourage all members able to assist by stepping up to these roles when needed.

Our next event is the Busking Championship on Saturday 25 May followed by the Markets on Sunday 26 May. All hands available will need to be on deck to help with running these events; hope you can help.

Also please keep in mind our Changeover on Thursday 27 June. Rod

The Week that Was

Last week

Our Club Assembly last week particularly focussed on how the Club would deal with having no nomination for president next year (see Rod’s Ramble). The outcome reflects everyone’s determination to ensure the Club’s survival and being able ‘to continue to do good in the world’ and in our own community.

Charmaine White raised the possibility of the Club assisting an exsiting solar power programme at an orphanage she visited during her time earlier this year on a dental aid project. This will be discussed further by the Board this week.

We also welcomed visiting Rotarian Lindsay Jones from the Rotary Club of Balwyn, a very active club of more than 70 members in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Lindsay said he found it very rewarding being a member of Balwyn Club. Their main fundraiser is their weekly Sunday Camberwell markets, going for over 40 years, which raises about $900,000(! surely there’s a nought too many!) a year to fund a wide range of charitable causes. They usually have about 400 stalls at $60 per stall, and the markets require about 20 people to run. He also mentioned the Club’s involvement with the Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway once a month

Lynn Hastings with son Todd Hardingham

Lynn Hastings’ son Todd Hardingham also graced our table. He was visiting en route to Merimbula to do a gig as a professional photographer.

Laurelle gave the International Toast last week to all 61 Rotary Clubs of Sri Lanka, particularly the Rotary Club of Colombo Central, in the wake of the tragic bombings of three Christian churches and three luxury hotels in Sri Lanka just days before. The only reference Laurelle could find on Club web sites to the bombings was this:

The Rotary Club of Colombo Central stands together and strong with the rest of Sri Lankans at this very difficult period. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost their loved ones. Once full verification is done to the current situation we will initiate projects to rebuild churches and assist families of the victims.

Our thoughts are with them.

Narooma Oyster Festival

Our Club decided it was not in a position to take the food van to the Oyster Festival’s Friday concert, largely because of the difficulty with manning it. That decision freed up some members to just enjoy Friday’s music and fireworks, with Charmaine’s daughter Lizzie fronting headline nine-piece powerhouse party band Big Boss Groove from Canberra. Fantastic.

Not having to work in the food van freed Ange, Lynn and Charmaine up to get with the Oyster Festival vibe and just enjoy the music.

Next week:

Our guest speaker Julie Kirk will talk about Red Cross services that are available on the South Coast. The range of services they provide these days is extraordinary so that will be particularly interesting. We will also be joined by our Assistant Governor Alan Russell of Batemans Bay.

Just a reminder May is Youth Services Month.

On another note:

Physicist Albert Einstein was not only a renowned physicist but also famous for some of his inspirational quotes, like these…..

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”


Narooma Rotary Beacon 2 May 2019

THIS WEEK: Club Assembly

This week’s meeting will be a Club Assembly where President Rod will discuss with us a possible presidential scenario for the 2019-2020 year.

You will recall in the last Beacon Rod outlined that the Board had discussed possibly sharing the presidential role through the coming year between several former Club Presidents and he wants to discuss this with us all this week. Rod said our Assistant District Governor Allan Russell said there is a precedent where one club rotated the presidency every three months so that a 12-month commitment was not required.

Our Board agreed to this in principle and there was some interest from Board members to nominate, but it was agreed that we should put the idea to members at this Club Assembly. If that is the Club’s wish, the Board would seek nominations as soon as possible.

The Busking Festival committee will meet at 5pm at the Golf Club.


Anzac Day

Our Club was well represented at the Anzac Day services with four of our members in the community choir – Robyn Miller, Lynda Ord, Sandra Doyle and Chris O’Brien, Laurelle Pacey marching, and John Doyle attending.

John and Sandra Doyle laid the Club’s wreath at the memorial.

Narooma Oyster Festival

At the Markets on Sunday, it was decided to withdraw from taking the food van to the Oyster Festival’s community concert, largely because of the difficulty with manning the van at that time, what with so many members being away.

Holiday Markets

The gate takings were down a bit even from the last market at $835. We only took $364.55 at the van and the wishing well was $63.70. All of which suggests that many holidaymakers were heading home that day. The town had certainly been buzzing up until then.

Last meeting

At our last meeting which was on the 18th April, Laurelle Pacey spoke about how Narooma has a plethora of war memorials with only two referencing its own servicemen and women; most are generic. She explained how Narooma has come to have seven different war memorials between Dalmeny and the Uniting Church in Narooma. They are:

The Queen of Narooma and her entourage beside the just completed Memorial Hall in December 1925. The wall behind is where the Now Showing display is today.
  • the Memorial Hall (Kinema) – built 1925 as the town’s memorial to its soldiers at the First World War and containing the Honour Roll to all soldiers from the district who went to war. All Anzac Fay and Remembrance Day services were held here until 1975. The first function in the Hall was the crowning of the Queen of Narooma, all related to raising funds to pay for the Hall.
  • The central window in the Uniting Church Tower, erected in 1933 in memory of soldiers who gave their lives for their fellows during the Great War. More recently the RSL installed a plaque stating it was also a memorial to subsequent wars.
  • The CWA Rooms were erected in memory of those who served in the 1939-1945 War. Erected between 1948 and 1950.
  • Clock Tower in Thomson Park, now without a clock, was erected in 1975 as the Narooma War Memorial by the RSL Sub Branch and Narooma citizens. It was erected in memory of those who gave their lives in all wars the cause of freedom. Called. Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services were then held in front of this memorial from then until the new war memorial was built at Club Narooma in 2012. An Honour Roll to the district’s servicemen and women was only installed in 2013, an initiative of Trevor Bennett and Narooma Historical Society.
  • Avenue of Remembrance of New Zealand Christmas Bushes on the Flat – an RSL Sub-Branch initiative, dedicated in 1995 as part of the Australia Remembers programme commemorating 50 years since the end of the Second World War. It honours the men and women who served Australia during World War II.
  • Club Narooma war memorials – dedicated i18 August 2012 to all conflicts.
  • The Anzac Memorial Drive on part of Dalmeny Drive, established in 2018 to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

International toast at the last meeting

Lynda Ord proposed the International Toast to the Rotary Club of Paris Notre-Dame, after the devastating fire at the Cathedral earlier that week. She wrote to the Club beforehand and was delighted to receive the following response from the Club’s Public Relations Secretary Laetitia Andreu.

Dear Lynda and Friends from the Rotary Club of Narooma. Thank you for your support and your kind message. The structure and most of art works were saved.

She welcomed the support by many French and other billionaires and multinational companies which will help ensure the Cathedral will be rebuilt.   The Notre-Dame Rotary Club was founded in 2006. Interesting to see the Club’s average age is 42 years, over 65% of its members are women, and it meets twice a month.

NEXT THURSDAY: Board meeting at 5pm

Narooma Rotary Beacon 18 April 2019

Rod’s Ramble

Hello Rotarians

President Rod presented Rotary Pride of Workmanship Awards on Thursday to Kimberley Clunne (IRT Dalmeny), front left, Jo Donkin (Dalmeny Long Day Child Care Centre), Jeannie Willoughby (Estia Health Dalmeny), Ria Manolias (Bodalla Dairy Shed), Karen Grindley (IRT Home Care); Melissa Burke (Tilba Real Dairy), back left, Ali Elmasri (Rapley’s Mid-town Quality Meats), Scott Curry (Will’s Water Worx). Will Farrell, back right, collected the award on behalf of Daniel Smith. Elise Dixson was also unable to be there.

What a great night last week at the Pride of Workmanship presentations. Laurelle has the details below but I would like to congratulate Laurelle and her helpers for firstly attracting 10 awardees and secondly putting on a great night. Thanks also to Lynda Ord for a great job as MC.

At the Board meeting last week, I am proud to report that we committed funds that achieved most of my fundraising targets for the year. These were $3,000 to each of our Tertiary Scholarship Fund, Rotary Health and The Foundation ($1,500) and Polio Plus ($1,500). These donations are a testament to everyone who has sold or bought raffle tickets, worked at the Markets and cooked or cleaned at other BBQs or participated in other events.

We have one target to meet and that is $3,000 to local charities. I have one more raffle to run, a quilt made by my very clever wife which I will start after Easter. Monies raised will go towards the $3,000 local charities target.

Re: 2019-2020 – please consider carefully

At the last Board meeting, we discussed options for filling the President vacancy for 2019-2020. Our Assistant District Governor Allan Russell said he had seen another club rotate the presidency every three months so that a 12-month commitment was not required. So that would mean four presidents over the year.

The Board agreed to this in principle and there was some interest from Board members to nominate. It was agreed that we should put the idea to members at our Club Assembly on 2 May. If agreed, we would also seek nominations as soon as possible. The Board is still happy to take an expression of interest for the full year up until 2 May so, if you can make the commitment for a full year, please contact me ASAP.

See you Thursday. Happy Easter to those already away or unable to attend.

This Week

Laurelle Pacey will talk about how Narooma has remembered those who have gone to war over the years. Please bring your friends!

The Week that was

Last week, 10 local businesses recognised valued employees at our annual Pride of Workmanship Awards at a special dinner at Narooma Golf Club. Lynda Ord was our MC.

“This is a great night, always so uplifting, and a highlight of our Rotary year,” she said. “It’s our version of the Logies or the Academy awards but without all the carry-on. It’s a chance for employers across the broad spectrum of businesses and service providers in our community to publicly recognise key staff members for their contribution and excellent work across all aspects of their job, and how much that’s appreciated. Our community as well as these particular businesses benefit greatly from what they do.”

The great strength of these awards is it’s not a competition, so everyone nominated is a winner. We couldn’t do these awards without the support of all the various businesses, some who come on board most years.

Those who received awards this year were:

  • Elise Dixson (Anton’s Café)
  • Ria Manolias (Bodalla Dairy Shed)
  • Daniel Smith (Dalmeny Electrical & South Coast Lighting)
  • Jo Donkin (Dalmeny Long Day Child Care Centre)
  • Jeannie Willoughby (Estia Health Dalmeny)
  • Kimberley Clunne (IRT Dalmeny)
  • Karen Grindley (IRT Home Care)
  • Ali Elmasri (Rapley’s Mid-town Quality Meats)
  • Melissa Burke (Tilba Real Dairy)
  • Scott Curry (Will’s Water Worx)    

Rotary Christmas Races 2019

The beneficiary of our joint fund raising with Batemans Bay and Moruya  Rotary clubs and the Moruya Jockey Club at the Christmas Races will be Yumaro and Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels. The aim will be to raise at least $15,000 towards a people mover bus for use by both organisations.


Narooma Rotary Beacon 11 April 2019


This Thursday is the club’s annual Pride of Workmanship Awards, one of the most prestigious nights in our Club’s calendar. President Rod will be presenting 10 awards to employees nominated by their employer because of their outstanding approach, attitude, dedication and commitment to their job.

There will be 50 people all up, including Rotarians. Lynda Ord will be our MC. Should be a great night. It’s normal time – 6 for 6.30pm. Cost is $35 for a two-course meal (choice of two dishes each course).


Last Week

Ang Ulrichsen and Sandra Doyle with Narooma High students at RYDA last Tuesday.

Sandra Doyle gave an interesting account of their day with students from Narooma High last Tuesday for the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) at Moruya Jockey Club. Sandra, Ang Ulrichsen and Geoff Robin were our representatives. Batemans Bay students were also there that day.

This was the second day of this year’s RYDA. All up, 240 Year 11 students attended this year from the Eurobodalla’s five high schools. There were six different sessions presented by qualified and experienced presenters to small groups of students.

This is the 12th year RYDA has been held as a joint project of the Eurobodalla Rotary Clubs; during that time more than 2,200 local students have benefited.

RYDA Eurobodalla coordinator Neil Simpson of Batemans Bay Rotary paid tribute to the many Rotary and community volunteers, presenters and school staff who support this program each year:

  • Coastal Auto Group each year provides a car for the stopping demonstration
  • NSW Police each year provides three officers and a highway patrol car for the two days
  • Moruya Jockey Club allows us to use their premises free of charge each year
  • Our presenters come from Rotary, two local learn-to-drive schools, NSW police, Eurobodalla Shire Council or the community. Lunch for everyone is donated and prepared by Moruya Rotarians. It is truly a joint effort!

Neil Simpson also managed to get extensive media coverage for RYDA; it was also a great promotion of Rotary. He said nearly 50,000 students across Australia and New Zealand are expected to attend a RYDA course this year organised by Rotary.

While there are several different driver education courses available, he said RYDA is considered best practice, most current and very relevant to learner drivers. The next local RYDA is 30-31March 2020.

An added bonus last week was welcoming back from Antarctica and Galapagos Islands our much travelled Charmaine White. She gave an impromptu talk about her travels. Fascinating.

Rotary Emergency Services Community Award

Do you know anyone from one of NSW Emergency Service Agencies who perform Community Service above and beyond the call of their normal duties?  Nominees must be appointed as paid or unpaid (volunteer) members of either Fire + Rescue NSW, Marine Rescue NSW, NSW Ambulance Service, NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW State Emergency Service or the Volunteer Rescue Association.

Check out Tuesday’s email from Bob Aston for more information.


Laurelle Pacey will talk about how Narooma has remembered those who have gone to war over the years. Please bring your friends!

Narooma Rotary Beacon 28 March 2019

Rod’s Ramble

Hello. My Rotary contribution this week was limited to helping out towards the end of the Market. Unfortunately rain dampened the enthusiasm of many stallholders and when I arrived there were only about one third left and the BBQ boys were having a chat. Thanks to all who helped out.

Bob and Therese Aston head oversees mid April so I am looking for some assistance with clearing the mailbox and taking and collating Board minutes in April, May and June. I will also need help to mark out NATA Oval for the markets in April, May and June If you can help let me know ASAP.

A more serious and now pressing matter is that regretfully David McInnes has withdrawn from being President Elect and the Presidency for 2019-20. If anyone is prepared to step into this breach contact me urgently as there are two meetings approaching were your attendance would be beneficial. I would like to go to the next Board meeting with a solution to this problem but can’t unless someone steps up to help ensure the future of the Club.

This Week:

Dr Denis Muller will talk about ‘Fake News’

Dennis worked as a newspaper journalist for 27 years on The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Since 1995 has worked as an independent social and policy research consultant , taught media and communications management and ethics and media law at the University of Melbourne, been a weekly guest on ABC Radio Victoria in ‘Behind the Media’, and wrote Journalism Ethics for the Digital Age.

Sounds particularly timely… Don’t forget to invite your friends and family and let Bob Aston know by Tuesday if you are bringing any extras.


Last week

Geoff Robin’s talk on the Australian Constitution last week was quite thought provoking; he was thanked by Bob Aston

What a fascinating talk Geoff Robin gave last week about The Australian Constitution; his passion for the subject shone through. Most of us also realised how little we know about our Constitution and how much we take for granted.

Geoff is a former journalist (Canberra, Melbourne), Federal public servant, and former advocate for the Australian Local Government Association, and much more. He outlined why he believes the Constitution needs reform, drawing our attention too to many sections now redundant. Interesting there are over 50 references to the Queen. He also highlighted how difficult it is to make any reforms.

What was also interesting was hearing some of the ‘back story’ to the drawing up of our Constitution. Most of us have heard of Henry Parkes and Edmund Barton in relation to the Constitution, but in fact the principal author of the Constitution was Tasmanian Andrew Inglis Clark (1848 –1907) who was also an engineer, barrister, politician, electoral reformer and jurist. Ill health plus other factors took him out of the picture in the late 1890s. Geoff said in one of several reviews of the draft Constitution, his colleagues removed what is referred to as ‘Clark’s clause’ which, “as well as providing for the concept of an Australian citizenship, embraced the most fundamental of individual rights, the protection of life, liberty and property and equality before the law”.

The Australian Constitution Act was passed by the British Parliament 9 July 1900.  Who would have thought such a potentially dry subject could be so interesting.

More  Renewable news with view to Expo

A meeting of almost 400 people in Bega last week unanimously voted for 100% renewable energy for the Bega Valley by 2030. The vote, initiated by local climate change action group Clean Energy for Eternity (CEFE), followed a similarly unanimous vote and public meeting in Tathra last month that was attended by Frank.

The talk was not just on solar, although mention was made of the potential benefits of a community-owned solar farm. Wind, the rapidly growing and developing field of lithium-ion batteries, which have historically been the most expensive part of any solar system, were all mentioned. Also mentioned was the potential of anaerobic digesters to capture gases from organic waste and create power.

The results of both meetings will be taken to Bega Valley Shire Council which is currently reviewing its clean energy policy. The meeting heard how local government is leading the way in switching to renewable energy. Eleven other councils including Eurobodalla, have already adopted a 100% by 2030 goal or similar. [taken from About Regional coverage]

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness

Sandra, Geoff and Ange  will accompany Narooma High students at this year’s Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) for Year 11 students next Tuesday 2 April. This is the second day of the program which targets pre-learner drivers from Eurobodalla Shire’s five high-schools. It is run by Batemans Bay Rotary in conjunction with Moruya and Narooma Clubs. Our Club pays for the bus to get Narooma students there. 

How Rotary has changed to help people get clean water for longer than just a few years (From RI news)

The lack of access to clean water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene resources is one of the world’s biggest health problems — and one of the hardest to solve.

Rotary has worked for decades to provide people with clean water by digging wells, laying pipes, providing filters, and installing sinks and toilets. But the biggest challenge has come after the hardware is installed. Too often, projects succeeded at first but eventually failed. To read more about how Rotary tackles this problem click here.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 21 March 2019


Our very own Geoff Robin will talk about The Australian Constitution. Geoff is a former journalist (Canberra, Melbourne), Federal public servant, and former advocate for the Australian Local Government Association, and much more. He is passionate about the democratic process and therefore our Constitution which he believes needs urgent reform to safeguard our Parliamentary democracy.


Last week

Liz Cherry and the Royal Military College Duntroon Band at Narooma Golf Club

Instead of our meeting last Thursday, many of us enjoyed the wonderful concert by the Band of the Royal Military College Duntroon featuring Charmaine’s daughter Liz Cherry. Ten dollars from each ticket is going to our local Rural Fire Service units, in appreciation of their role in fighting the Tathra bushfires one year ago.

Lynn Hastings, Liz Cherry and Chris O’Brien

D9710 Learning and Development Weekend

A combined Club Development Seminar, Presidents Elect Seminar and District Assembly will be held in Canberra on the weekend 30-31 March 2019. The Presidents Elect Seminar is for incoming Club Presidents and the Assembly and Club Development seminar is open to all Rotarians and Rotaractors in the District.

Moruya gets funds for drug action team

Moruya Rotary Club will receive an initial $10,000 grant from the Australian Government to help develop a local community action plan to identify and deliver evidence-based prevention, promotion and harm-reduction activities to prevent substance misuse in Eurobodalla communities.
The Club will work in partnership with service providers, schools, police, young people, Indigenous and primary health services and other non-government organisations, with resources and support provided by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

From Bega Rotary’s webpage

Bega Rotary was involved in the recent Far South Coast Science & Engineering Challenge, now in its third year. Students attended from Monaro High, Bega High School, Sapphire Coast Anglican College, Lumen Christi Catholic CollegeEden Marine High, St Patrick’s Parish School, Mallacoota P12 College and Bombala High.

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness

This year’s Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) for Year 11 students is rapidly approaching on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd April.  Sandra, Geoff and Ange Narooma High students will be assisting Narooma students on the Tuesday. This programme targets pre-learner drivers from Eurobodalla Shire’s five high-schools and is run by Batemans Bay Rotary in conjunction with Moruya and Narooma Clubs.

From Batemans Bay Rotary bulletin

Batemans Bay High student Elijah Kinnane gave a presentation to Bay Rotarians recently on his experiences at the National Youth Science Forum in Queensland in January. He said it was “the greatest experience” He really appreciated finding “a number of other students who were also Science Nerds and he formed lasting friendships. NYSF enabled him to decide to focus on studying Medical Biotechnology

NEXT WEEK: Dr Denis Muller on‘Fake News’

Dennis Muller worked as a newspaper journalist for 27 years on The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Since 1995 he has:

  • worked as an independent social and policy research consultant
  • taught media and communications management at the University of Melbourne in the Political Science Masters program
  • taught ethics and media law in the Masters Journalism program at the University of Melbourne
  • and been a weekly guest on ABC Radio Victoria in ‘Behind the Media’
  • wrote Journalism Ethics for the Digital Age (Scribe Publications 2014).


Rod’s Ramble

The Band of the Royal Military College in concert.

This Thursday many of us are attending the Band of the Royal Military College concert at the Golf Club. For those of you not coming, this is what you are missing.

Often referred to as RMC Band or the Duntroon Band, it is based in Canberra. Its role for the Army and the Australian Defence Force is predominantly ceremonial in support of Vice-Regal and government agencies, Defence Headquarters and the Royal Military College, but off the parade ground it performs as a concert band and has several smaller ensembles as well. These ensembles include a concert band, marching band, stage band, woodwind quintet, brass quintet, jazz ensemble, rock band, Dixie band (known as the Steamboat Stompers), saxophone quartet, clarinet quartet, and woodwind trio. This versatility enables the band to cover all ceremonial tasking in the ACT and to perform a regional role engaging with the community, such as with this concert tour.

The band has been deployed in many areas – support to OP BELISI II – Peace Monitoring Group – Bougainville, OP WARDEN – International Force East Timor (INTERFET), and OP ANODE – Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands. International engagements have included representing Australia in Paris for the 50th Anniversary of Armistice Day in 1968, ceremonial activities in London commemorating the Centenary of Federation in 2000 and ceremonial duties at Gallipoli on Anzac Day 2003.

The band is also a respected participant in the arts life of the wider community in Canberra. In addition to concerts at many of Canberra’s national institutions, the band is well known for its regular Music at Midday series held at the Canberra Theatre which raises funds for local charities.

RYPEN returns

Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) is a three day personal development camp, sponsored by Rotary Clubs, for boys and girls 14-17 years old. It targets those who show qualities of decency, courage, persistence, sincerity and application that deserve further development. They don’t have to be school leaders or top of the class. The next RYPEN Camp is 17-19 May at Old Mogo Town.

We need your help to find students to participate in this extremely worthwhile program.  There are 64 places to fill across our Rotary District and we hope for an even mix of boys and girls. RYPEN aims for the average student and not the outstanding few. If you know anyone who might be interested, please let us know ASAP.

I hope to see you all at our meeting on 21 March.



Our meeting this Thursday has been replaced by The Band of the Royal Military College Duntroon concert, also at the Golf Club. Over 20 Rotarians and friends are going. Starts at 6pm. Two-course dinner and concert. Over 20 of our Rotarians and friends are going. Charmaine’s daughter Liz will be starring. $10 from each ticket is going to the local Rural Fire Service.

Out and About

Last week

Bob Aston kept us entertained with some interesting Maths puzzles… all good fun although few got the correct answers. Bob then informed us they were aimed at Grade 5s…. groan.

International Toast:

ShelterBoxes help families stay living as a family unit after they lose their home in a natural or man-made disaster.

John Rungen made our international toast last week to Rotary International and the ShelterBox team. Rotary partners with ShelterBox to help communities devastated by disasters. “We all know that 2018 was a year of global disasters and conflicts,” he said. “Rotary and the ShelterBox responded 18 times to eight conflict zones, four tropical cyclones, two earthquakes, two floods, one drought and one volcanic activity.”

Countries affected included Antigua/Barbuda in the West Indies, British Virgin Islands, Chad, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, the Philippines, Syria, Somaliland and Bangladesh.

In 2018, Rotary International and ShelterBox provided support to 30,000 families by providing them with emergency shelter and other household items including tents, blankets, mosquito nets, water carriers and filters, and basic tools. A further 12,000 families were provided with essential household items.

Rotarians around the world spent 1,120 days helping in many of these areas.

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness 1-2 April

This year’s Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) for Year 11 students will be held at Moruya Jockey Club Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd April.  Narooma High students are going on the Tuesday and Sandra, Geoff and Ange will be helping.

This programme targets pre-learner drivers from Eurobodalla Shire’s five high-schools and is run by Batemans Bay Rotary in conjunction with Moruya and Narooma Clubs.

The RYDA programme is written and resourced by Road Safety Education (RSE) Ltd ( and is presented to students from 600 schools across Australia. The theme of the day is ‘My Life, My Choices’ and covers a broad range of topics including hazard perception, fatigue, stopping distances, vehicle safety and the opportunity to listen to and speak with a crash survivor.

RYDA is a significant youth project for our clubs and particularly involves Batemans Bay and Moruya members in organising the days and in catering, as well as Council, Moruya Jockey Club and the Coastal Auto Group.

NEXT WEEK (21 March):

Our very own Geoff Robin will talk about The Australian Constitution.

Geoff is a former journalist (Canberra, Melbourne), Federal public servant, and advocate for Australian Local Government Association, and much more. He is passionate about the democratic process and therefore our Constitution which he believes needs urgent reform to safeguard our Parliamentary democracy. Should be interesting….

Narooma Rotary Beacon 7 March 2019

Rod’s Ramble

Regrettably I will not be with you again this week due to work commitments, this time with the Australian Security Directorate which is the organisation charged with protecting our online data. They were recently in the media concerning a cyber hacking incident involving Parliamentary emails.

It has been an active Rotary week. On Saturday, President Elect David and I went to a Rotary Foundation seminar in Ulladulla. I have been to a couple before as attendance is a condition for applying for a District Grant but it was good exposure for David as well as the opportunity to network with other Rotary Clubs.

The Foundation is of course Rotary’s charity.  At the 1917 RI convention, outgoing Rotary president Arch Klumph proposed setting up an endowment “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” That one idea, and an initial contribution of $26.50, set in motion a powerful force that has transformed millions of lives around the globe. If you would like to learn more about the Foundation click here.

You might also find this video worthwhile.

On Sunday some of our members participated in Clean Up Australia Day. Our site was Lewis’ Island – Mill Bay- boardwalk- to the wetlands. I was pleasantly surprised with how little rubbish there was. I found no cans, one bottle and lots of small pieces of plastic that can be deadly to marine life. More elsewhere in the Beacon, but thanks to Laurelle for organising the project.

Finally, at the Foundation Seminar I was reminded of this quote from  American essayist,  philosopher, and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson“To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived – this is to have succeeded.”


5pm: Busking Committee meeting at Narooma Golf Club 6pm: Normal meeting, possibly with a couple of hands of Trivia


Last Week

Robo Rebels Abbey Dawson and Andrew Baker with Narooma High Science teachers
Christina Potts and Gayle Allison

What a fascinating and inspiring meeting last week with Narooma High Science teacher and guest speaker Gayle Allison, fellow Science teacher Christina Potts, and two of the School’s robotics team Robo Rebels Abbey Dawson (Yr 10), Andrew Baker (Yr 9). Bob Aston in introducing them stressed the importance of encouraging young people into science to create the technology leaders of tomorrow.

Gayle said the school’s robotics team started about fours ago as an extra-curricular activity and since then the team has increased its level of sophistication. Robotics is now an elective at the school and includes coding and electronics. Each year the team enters competitions, seem to be mostly if not all associated with the Lego League Trust; their first this year is the South Pacific Regional competition at Sydney’s Olympic Park 15-17 March with a Deep Space theme.  The team is already there fine tuning for the competition which involves 10 matches over two days.

Narooma High Science teacher and guest speaker Gayle Allison, Robo Rebels Andrew Baker and Abbey Dawson, and fewllow Science teacher Christina Potts, with Buzz in foreground.

Last week they demonstrated their ‘space rover’ for the competition, now called ‘Buzz’, whose task will be to land on planet Primus and collect samples while battling sandstorms. NASA is involved. Abby said it’s a game of strategy and precision. Narooma’s Robo Rebels will compete against schools and universities from across the Asia Pacific.  What is particularly interesting is that Narooma is one of the few public schools competing; most are private schools. This is fantastic networking for Narooma students and teachers; should they ever make the finals, they will be competing in the USA

Gayle said it is a massive achievement just to get the team there. The kit alone costs $7,000. Robo Rebels fundraise by running robotics workshops for the area’s young people (over 1,000 have done robotics workshops since 2015)  plus run the occasional sausage sizzles at the school. Narooma Quota and Club Narooma provide ongoing financial support for the team; perhaps a good project too for our Club to support. The next competition will be in July. 

Our other guests last week were Lynne and Jack Jefferis of Temora Rotary Club,  local ice-cream van man Julian Domaracki and Becky Doyle.

Clean Up Australia

Laurelle , Mike and Ang were half of the Narooma Rotary team that picked up rubbish along the northern foreshore of Wagonga Inlet on Sunday.

On Sunday, Ang, Mike, Rod, Gordon, Steve and Laurelle picked up rubbish along the North Narooma foreshore of Wagonga Inlet from Lewis Island to the Apex Park boat ramp and along to the Bar Beach wetland.

All were impressed by the greatly reduced volume of rubbish compared with a few years ago. We would like to think it was due to increasing awareness and social conscience of the community not to leave their rubbish behind. However we think it is more likely to be testament to two things:

One is the ongoing and maybe increasing efforts by many in our community to keep this area rubbish-free – many people, and some in particular, regularly pick up along the way as they walk and enjoy that area. The other is the cash for returns of cans and bottles.

Whatever it is, it is working. A great and ongoing effort by our community to look after the wonderful environment in which we live. Unfortunately Rod and Gordon shot through before we could get a photo.


Remember next week’s meeting has been replaced by the Duntroon Band Concert. Over 20 Rotarians and friends are going to this event. It should be a great concert and featuring Charmaine’s daughter Liz.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 28 February 2019

Rod’s Ramble

Rotary President Rod Walker, Monty’s Volunteer Coordinator Di White, Chris O’Brien, Lana Swilks, Ang Ulrichsen, Helen Smith, Robyn Miller, Maureen Trees.

I really enjoyed hearing about Monty’s Place last week and was particularly interested in how the simple act of providing a meal can add so much to people’s wellbeing. The way Monty’s provides access to other services was also impressive. I am sure we will continue to assist where we can.

This week I am off to Canberra working and Laurelle will be in the Chair. I am working at the Royal Australian Mint where all our coins are made. No samples are given and security is intense. On a previous occasion I inadvertently tried to go out with a 20 cent coin rattling around in the bottom of my bag. Everything had to be emptied out to find the coin and I had to sign three forms detailing the age of the coin and other details.

On Saturday, President Elect David and I are going to a Foundation Seminar in Ulladulla. This is a prerequisite for any District Grant. Perhaps  we could assist Monty’s with a District Grant? Is there anyone prepared to follow this up? If you are give me a call to discuss.

Don’t forget Clean Up Australia this Sunday morning (3rd March). Laurelle has the details.


Our guest speaker is Narooma High Science Teacher Gayle Allison accompanied by several members of Narooma High’s robotics team, the Robo Rebels. Gayle is the Robo Rebels’ coach.  The Robo Rebels started in 2015 and are still going strong with entries in competitions and running robotics workshops, all of which provides them with a fascinating insight into many aspects of science. Should be a fascinating evening.


Di White of Monty’s Place


What an illuminating talk by Di White last week about Narooma’s Monty’s Place where Di is the Volunteer Coordinator. Three of our members, Robyn (Monty’s treasurer), Chris and Ange, are volunteers.

Monty’s started in early 2013, largely modelled on the success of Ricky’s Place in Bega and opened for its first meal in the Uniting Church Hall in October 2013. Over the five years since then it’s really come together and gained a lot of support from across the community including donated equipment. SHASA (South coast Health and Sustainability Alliance), and MESA (Micro Energy Systems from Bodalla) for example, will donate the solar system; Smiley McGill and Dave Swilks built the deck which provides a popular open space where some prefer to be.

Each Wednesday, a two-course meal is served to Monty’s guests who cover a broad spectrum of people, from lonely older people, Koori elders, to those struggling to make ends meet, homeless people, some with mental health issues, and includes some young people particularly over summer. They average 70-80 meals a week, with 117 the most served to date. Monty’s also enables people to share a meal out with friends which they may not be able to afford to do otherwise. People often give a donation. A lot of produce and other goods are donated.

Di said their guests feel comfortable in this environment; many build up relationships with other guests and with the volunteers. It’s also about networking; Monty’s also assists them in accessing certain services including social welfare, Pathways and women’s wellbeing

They now have 40 volunteers on their books including some Koori people with 22 places on the roster every week; some come every week, others every fortnight. Di said she is proud to be their coordinator

They have a big project coming up  to extend the kitchen storage area which will cost about $50,000. They will get 40%of funding from a Stronger Communities grant but will be looking to the community to raise the rest.

Monty’s is a stand-alone organisation but for insurance purposes is under the umbrella of the Uniting Church. Monty’s has also helped the Uniting Parish, particularly through its Centre in the old manse next door. Interestingly. Cooma is looking at setting up something similar to Monty’s using Monty’s as a model.

Last week’s International Toast

Mike Young proposed our international toast to the Rotary Club of Port Vila. Port Vila is the capital and largest city in Vanuatu, a bustling port town with hotels, restaurants and markets. Mike had lots of interesting details about the club and the area. 

Frank on new renewable energy target

Our Renewable Energy Supremo Frank Eden

Our Renewable Energy Expo instigator Frank Eden reported on a packed meeting he had attended at Tathra earlier that week which resolved  that Tathra adopt the target of 100% Renewable Energy by 2030. A jubilant Frank said the meeting, chaired by CEFE President and Tathra resident Dr Matthew Nott, determined that this was an achievable target.Guest speakers included BVSC Mayor Kristie McBain, former Liberal leader Dr John Hewson, Professor Andrew Blakers from ANU’s Centre for Sustainable Energy, and Martin Poole CEO of Epuron, a company that has been instrumental in rolling out wind and solar farms across the country.

Clean Up Australia this Sunday

For those who volunteered, please meet at Mill Bay at 9am when you can register and pick up bags and gloves etc from Laurelle who is our site supervisor. No person can take part unless they are officially registered.

So far we have Laurelle, Ang, Mike, Rod, Gordon and Di as our volunteers, with Steve doing Lewis’ Island to the bridge. Laurelle is looking to extend our site from the bridge to the Bar Beach wetland because a recent ‘recie’ showed some other community-minded people had already done a good job along the boardwalk.

Don’t forget hat, sunglasses (also offers eye protection from low branches etc), sunscreen and long sleeves, sturdy shoes and water. If you have one of those long ‘picker-upperers’. Please also bring.

A word from our dear friend PP Ted Bladwell

I noted in the 7th February Beacon, that Rolf Gimmel has been accepted as President Elect of the Club for the 2020-21 Rotary year. I had the pleasure of proposing and inducting Rolf into the Club during my term as Narooma President and am aware of the contribution Rolf has made to Rotary for the past 10 years. I am proud to have introduced Rolf into the Club. Congratulations Rolf!! PP Ted Bladwell PHF, President Narooma Club 2008-2009

From the Moruya bulletin on NYSF

Moruya Rotarians recently heard from two local students who they presumably sponsored to the recent National Youth Science Forum (NYSF). Both students described the experience as life changing, not just in the contact with like-minded students, but also in helping them decide on their future careers.

Bridget Lunn of Moruya High attended NYSF in Brisbane. It took her 24 hours travel by road to reach NYSF at Brisbane University. Her emphasis was on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and she particularly enjoyed visits to medical research laboratories. William Wall of St Peter’s College at Broulee attended the NYSF in Canberra, living in ANU student accommodation. His interest in all things scientific was met by visits to the ANU’s computer complex, CSIRO and a chance to speak to scientists at the Hadron Collider at Switzerland’s CERN.