short words by bob ant

As Summer comes to a close – but not daylight saving – we have another Narooma Rotary Markets under our belt. For a while it looked as if we were going to be down on numbers and then I had a flashback to a movie “build it and they will come”. On Sunday Rotarian’s and friends of Rotary came out of the proverbial woodwork and we had good numbers. David and Rachael joined with Laurelle to control the gate. Michael helped Frank with marking out and then made smoooooth smoothies and freeessssh juice all day, with a little help. Bob Aston and John Doyle assisted by Angie made Donuts and it was great to see Peter Hartley at the BBQ. Fred Fawke from Canberra (Mr ShelterBox) and Pam cooked, Joan and Rob, John and Sandra Doyle and my wonderful partner in grime Merinda. Rolfe assisted as time permitted (definitely well appreciated coffee) and to anyone I may have missed a huge thank you.

Last Thursday night was climate change… this Thursday night is a club assembly on change of another sort. Please feel free to put your two bob’s worth in. ¬†Fred Fawke will also give us an update ion ShelterBox and Fuji.

Following this week’s meeting is a board meeting…. all members are allowed to sit in and watch if you want or take an early mark.

It was an enormous pleasure to recognise the work of Past President Angie with a Paul Harris Fellow award. Our charity, the Rotary Foundation allows for a PHF to be given as a recognition for service to the Rotary family and local, national and international community. In front of a large audience Angie was formally recognised for her service, well done and well deserved.

A question for this Thursday night…. Do you remember Eddie the Eagle?

I hope a lot of magic comes your way this week……. Girls…. Did you pop the question?????