Beacon 30th July 2015

“….democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time” Winston Churchill.

Rotary, Rotarians and passion about an idea or cause go together. Last Thursday evening we were treated to a wonderful presentation from a Rotarian who is very passionate for the upcoming generations to learn about our

2015_07_26_12_42_073Colin Holmes, from Canberra Rotary,

Colin inspired us with his sales pitch of Rotary Adventure in Citizenship – What you always wanted to know but dared not ask…… but we did.

Colin stunned us with the statistics: “Only 60% of Australians and just 42% of young Australians aged 18 – 29 years of age believe that democracy is preferable to any other kind of government.” –Lowy Institute  2014 poll. In another survey, only 25% of Gen Y believed “that we have had a peaceful and stable political history” and “that our elections are free and fair”.
One way to address this lack of knowledge is taking students, one from each club area, to Canberra to join together and enter the depths of Parliament . Behind the scenes access, meeting with important people, learn by doing and home hosting.
In Colin’s words “this is a gold standard Rotary program, not just another school visit to Canberra”.
Maybe next year we will be able to select a yr 11 student from Narooma to go over the mountains to become enlightened.

Short words by Bob Ant.

What a great turn out last Thursday evening to hear Colin speak. Please make sure you let Anthony know if you are unable to attend or if you are bringing visitors, by Tuesday
This week we will be having a board meeting before the main meeting at which we, as a club,  will be able to see what the board has decided and also bring forth ideas that you have or feel that need to be brought out in the open. Don’t forget that if you feel something is not right please call me and I will do my best to fix or find a solution that you are happy with/ can live with.
Thank you to all who helped at the markets, Chris for holding it all together as things changed,  John Rungen for staying the distance, John and Sandra Doyle for their help and Ashley for delivering the washing. To Laurelle, Charmaine, Lyn, David, Frank and Jack and Rolfe (hope I haven’t missed any one) this is a great part of the fellowship within our club as well as a fundraiser, and lucky for us it is a morning market as the wind set out to everything away after lunch.
It was sad to hear of the passing of Fergus Thomson. For those who knew him both socially and during his time on council he was always down to earth and genuinely happy to talk with you. He supported our club and our thoughts go out to his family. His funeral service will be this Wednesday at Broulee at 2pm.


Past President Angie has done the ground work to get the Whale watching raffle up and running. Tickets are coming and we need to have it done and dusted by the August markets. If everyone could spare one hour per week, somewhere, selling (that’s 4 hours all up) then we should nail this quickly and painlessly for ShelterBox.
Laurelle on van duty, keeping warm.


We have just started a new Rotary Year so thought I should let you know that  in the near future the Rotary Club of Woden Daybreak  will be hosting a  Rotary Alumni breakfast meeting. It is deliberately timed this year to immediately precede the Rotary Success conference, and the speaker will be Mark Atkinson, from a NSW club which is doing work with farmers affected by the drought  west of the Great Divide.  Mark is attending the conference.

The date is Friday 4 September and the meeting place will be the Southern Cross Club at Woden. Time 7.15 for 7.30am.  Suggest you might like to encourage your Club Alumni, and other Alumni you have come across, to attend the meeting. This meeting will provide a great opportunity for Alumni to meet with others and share their experiences. It will be appreciated if you could let the Club President Rosemary Castle (an Alumnus!)  and myself know the names of those planning to attend.

Yours in Rotary
Graham Waite


This week – Board meeting and club assembly.
6th August : Charlie Bloomfield and his wife Leonie from Rotary Bega to update us on CCASE accommodation at the new Bega District Hospital.
13th August TBA                        (President Bob at Lyons Change over)
20th August :  Introducing Radar and Merinda Antill on the National Music Mentoring Program
23 August:  Markets
27th August : Board meeting and club assembly
3rd September: Andrew Seaton  Education beyond schooling
10th September: Mystery Location – fun night
17th September TBA
October 14th Wednesday combined meeting with Moruya at Moruya, District Governor Monica Visit.


Q: What does a cheese say when it looks in a mirror?
A:  Hullo Me!