Narooma Rotary Beacon 3 November 2016


The Rotary week began with a very successful joint meeting with Moruya, and Batesman Bay at the Moruya Jockey Club. We presented Brian Crowden a Paul Harris fellow, a true Friend of Rotary. Brian is the Secretary and Manager of the Moruya Jockey Club and in that role has helped our clubs to raise over $50,000 for the Oncology Unit at Moruya. Brian is continuing with his support and hopefully we can raise sufficient funds, together with a District Grant , to purchase 9 defribrillators for our region.

Thursday I was in Goulburn registering for the District Conference and setting up my stand at the House of Friendship. The Conference went from Friday to Sunday and with promoting the Expo, talking to Rotarians about our 1000km walk , some were incredulous where I raised $132-00 which I thought was excellent considering the competing demands for money that came from all directions.

Narooma Rotary attracted a lot of interest, as the Kenya jewellery I was selling made us stand out and I nearly sold out.

Exhausted by it all.

The Conference began with a fairly sad opening where there was a roll call of all the Rotarians in District 9710 who are no longer with us., including George and Jack. There was an excellent talk on Rotarians Against Malaria, a program that I would hope we can get behind in coming years. . This was followed by Greg North, a Bush poet and comedian, which gave us some light relief. There were many other interesting presentations and Australian Rotary Health Sport Initiative and Handup Congo were, for me, well worth attending the Conference.

Our District Governor Steve Hill put on an excellent Conference and I had a very enjoyable conference dinner sitting with our Bega Rotarians.

Next week I have a talk to give to Probus about our 1000km walk, a Race Day committee meeting on Wednesday and on Thursday we have our ASSEMBLY AT THE NAROOMA CLUB. Hope you can all make it as we have some significant matters to discuss.


Pres. Michael

A thought before having a swim in the ocean this year:

“Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes or shark attacks. (So, watch your Ass! )”


There are three kinds of people – facebook junkies, facebook lurkers and facebook haters. Whatever category you feel you belong to, the team organising the expo needs your help.

If you are a FB lurker, we need you to set aside your natural inclination to avoid participation, and instead, you need to share, post, reshare, and “like” every expo post you see in the next few weeks.

For brevity, lets include everyone who doesn’t give a toss about facebook into the third category, the FB haters. I’m there. Somehow I feel disturbed enough by reality without the tunnel vision of a facebook feed. If you are, or know anyone, in this category, we have a solution for you – make sure you grab some flyers at the next meeting! Or if you want to send an electronic copy of the flyer, see our normal rotary website and click on “flyer” just under the Expo heading. Or click here:

The FB junkies are mostly aged less than 30 and suffer from a disease known as FOMO ( fear of missing out). Anyone who forgets to register for the Renewable Energy Expo buffet dinner will experience the symptoms of this debilitating disease when they miss out on a good feed and are turned away at the door. Fortunately there is an easy solution, and it doesn’t involve facebook. Simpy go to the website and register!

But YOU know about this event by reading the Beacon – what about all those thousands of potential attendees? Here is where YOU come in – share each and every expo facebook post. Mike has kicked off the ball into a rolling state:

Share it! image-1

Soon there will be a solar cat video (see above photo) on facebook – share that one too. Even better, make a funny comment.

Lets spread the message!





John and Sandra Doyle were among several Rotarians at the Quota Club Indian Dinner Fundraiser. John thought he was going to a Melbourne Cup calcutta but was pleased with the Calcutta Curried Chicken anyway!  Meanwhile PP Bob is on the last leg (or his last legs!) enjoying a wee dram in Scotland.