Narooma Rotary Beacon 3 May 2018

Bob’s Blog

Our guest speaker last week Dr Ian Noble was thanked by Mike Young.

Therese and I had an enjoyable few days away in Sydney last week catching up with family and taking in a show or two.
Thank you very much to Laurelle who stepped into the breach last week and worked with the Golf Club about room changes for our Thursday meeting. It is good to know that when I am away Laurelle as Vice President can be relied upon to get the job done. Because the Club does not charge us for the use of the Seahorse Room, occasionally we may need to move to allow them to cater for different events.

A reminder we will be helping with catering for the Oyster Festival’s free family concert, motocross display and fireworks this Friday night from 4pm. We need members to help out to make the job easier on all of us. If you can assist, please let John Doyle know.

The District Assembly will be held this weekend in Batemans Bay; Rod and I will be attending. We will update you at next week’s meeting.
Don’t forget the Busking Festival is not far away and once again we will need your help.
Have a great week everyone.

Out and about

 Last week

At last week’s meeting – Peter and Julie Hartley, Ang Ulrichsen, our guest speaker Dr Ian Noble, and Frank Eden.

We had lots of visitors last week, thanks particularly to Ang and Frank, to hear our guest speaker Dr Ian Noble talk about climate change. They were not disappointed. Ian is Emeritus Professor at the ANU’s Climate Change Institute, based in Fiji. It was fascinating to get such an informed ‘big picture’ view of the issues and his views on possible mitigation and adaptation.

Many thanks to Angie for organising such a fascinating speaker.

Busking Festival needs more volunteers

Our Busking Festival supremo Sandra Doyle is delighted that so many people and organisations have embraced the Festival. ‘We’ve already received commitments from Quota, Lions, View Club and CWA to help on the day, but we still need more volunteers.’

Sandra asks everyone to please consider giving one or two hours on the day; also ask your friends. Volunteers are needed from 8am to help set up and put signs and that out, then on the street selling and collecting busker votes, checking on buskers to make sure they are okay, directing people to Symons free shuttle bus that will run between the Flat and the Plaza to help people get around to see the musicians, as well as handing out programmes and maps. People are also needed in the office in Easts Holiday Park to help register buskers and count busker votes, and more are needed after 3.30 to help take down the signs and various bits and pieces.

If you can help, please talk with Sandra (0408 298 233).

District Assembly this weekend

Bob and Rod are off to the District Assembly this Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning at Batemans Bay High. District Assembly is regarded as essential for incoming Board members to get everyone on track for the coming year and there is always something new to learn. The programme includes:

  • a ‘showcase’ of the District’s various programs with people at the ready to answer questions
  • breakout sessions on the various Avenues of Service
  • opportunities for networking during the day and at the dinner that night.

It will be interesting next week to hear back from Bob and Rod at our Club Assembly next week.

NEXT WEEK: Peter Bull is the next in our series ‘our Rotarian Speaks’. So please meet at Peter’s place at 6pm, then back to the Golf Club for dinner and a Club Assembly about 6.45pm.

On a lighter note

The Kennel Club has now recognised some new crossbreeds, or so it’s said…

Collie + Lhasa Apso: Collapso – a dog that folds up for easy transport

Pointer and Setter: Pointsetter – the traditional Christmas pet

Terrier + Bulldog: Terribull – not a popular dog

Bloodhound + Labrador: Blabadoor- a dog that barks incessantly