Narooma Rotary Beacon 28 July 2016

President Michael show off the 22kg backpack he will carry on his trek
President Michael show off the 22kg backpack he will carry on his trek

Outside the Square

We had good news this week that Linda Ord had her operation and is recovering well.

On Thursday we had a lively meeting with Bob Aston giving us a 3-minute talk on some of his experiences in Narooma Rotary Club in decades past. It seems they were fun times and I hope someone in decades hence will look back on their time this decade in Narooma Rotary with similar memories.

I gave an outline about the 1000km I walk will be doing next year and why I will be trying to raise funds for ‘End Polio’ and Friends of Rang’I between now and when the trek begins in 8 months time. Members who tried to lift the 22kg pack that I will be carrying brought home to all that the trek is not simply a walk in the park.

Donna was the saleslady for the jewellery and other items from Kenya, which seemed to be a hit and from the response at the meeting. We will definitely have a stall at our markets in the warmer months. It is a win win situation as we source all the items from Rang’I, we pay the going rate for them, not wholesale but from people trying to eek out a living making and selling the items and all the profit from the mark-up when we sell them here goes back to Friends of Rang’I.

A very successful markets were held on Sunday, though it was extremely cold at 6.00am, thankfully the sun came out and made it an enjoyable market. Members managed to organise the stall holders, sell more than 170 whale tickets feed the crowd our usual fare.

I was amused with the response of many of the stall holders as to “Why are you so happy” when it was obvious everyone was cold. I just felt that if you put on a happy face it can be like the flu, infectious. I also realise I was happy because I wasn’t swimming with the NUMNUTS and the Blue Balls at Bermagui where the water temperature was a bracing 130.

Finally, we wish Rolf a very happy and joyous visit to his homeland and parents in Switzerland.

Next week I hope to report on our Christmas in July fundraiser on the 31st at Donna’s and my home.

The Week that Was

12 Members were present was well as 2 guests, Donna Anderson and Iris Domeier.

Mike Young led the welcome and President Michael led us in a toast to the Rotary Clubs of Nice in recognition of the work these Clubs are doing to assist those in need after the terrorist attack of 14 July. Chris O’Brien asked us to toast the memory of Jack Whitman, Jack would have turned 89 on 21 July.

As President Michael has mentioned, Bob Aston gave a 3-minute talk on Rotary in Narooma back in the early 2000’s. He spoke about the movement of the markets from the Plaza to NATA Oval and the role Paul Cropper and Bill Phillips had in making it happen. He also spoke about the current food van and how any why it was purchased and fitted out in the 2002/3 Rotary year. The van replaced a much older one that didn’t meet health standards and has suffered some external damage when being towed by one Jack Wightman.

President Michael was our guest speaker. He told us that the reason he wanted to walk Bibbulmun Track in south west Western Australia was three fold:

  • To honour the memory of his sister
  • To raise money to help Rotary to end Polo, and
  • To assist the Friends of Rang’I raise funds for the Sr. Jennifer Hawthorne Samber Quality School in Kenya.

Michael told us that his desire to help raise funds to end polio was partly based on the fact that he had been diagnosed with a mild form of polio some many years ago. He also gave us a history of the Friends of Rang’I and its successes in supporting the school. Michael and Donna became involved through a young person by the name of Michael Hawthorne who I understand went to school with Michael and Donna’s children in Tamworth. Michael Hawthorne played a key role in forming the Friends of Rang’I group.

Michael expects that it will take him 6 to 8 weeks to walk the track.

To find out more about the Friends of Rang’I check out the website:

To find out more about the Bibbulmun Track check out their website:

And of course to find out more about Rotary’s effort to end polio check RI website.

Happy moments included Rolf telling us about his upcoming trip back to Switzerland and Bob Antill updated us on the new house – It was successfully transported from Wagga Wagga to Lake Conjola and in place on the block.

Sandra provided us with an update on MUNA, students have their resolutions and are working hard to be well prepared for the event when it takes place on 14 to 16 August.

Iris won the port and John Doyle the wine.

The Week Ahead

CiJThere is no meeting this Thursday 28 July instead we will meet at Michael and Donna’s place at 1:30pm on Sunday to celebrate ‘Christmas in July’ (just). Pay what you think the dinner is worth, all food and drinks are included. All funds raised will go to support President Michael raise funds to end polio and to support the Friends of Rang’I

Renewable Energy Expo

Publicity is well underway for the upcoming Renewable Energy Expo with an article in the Narooma News. Thanks to Laurelle for a copy of the article – see below.

Mike Young, John, Angie and Frank discuss planning for the expo. School of Arts Hall with solar cells purchased by Rotary in the background.
Mike Young, John, Angie and Frank discuss planning for the expo. School of Arts Hall with solar cells purchased by Rotary in the background.

A Renewable Energy Expo in Narooma on 26-27 November will be a must for householders and business owners on NSW’s south coast concerned about their future electricity costs.

 The Expo is a Narooma Rotary Club Community Service project.

‘Many people are trying to work out how to best minimise their power costs, and there’s a lot of information, products and suppliers out there who can help,’ said Expo coordinator Frank Eden.

‘We’re working to ensure the best and latest information on renewable energy will be available at the Expo and its associated forum, so people can prepare for the future, save money and also help protect the planet.

‘We want to provide people with the opportunity to meet manufacturers, suppliers and installers in the Renewable Energy sector, as well as showcase investment opportunities.’

The Climate Council says that coupling solar panels with battery storage could be the cheapest way to get electricity within three years.

‘That will certainly feature at the Expo, but we also want to include other forms of renewable energy where we can,’ Mr Eden said.

The Expo will be held in Narooma’s Sport & Leisure Centre with a Forum and Expo dinner in Club Narooma on the Saturday night.

The Expo webpage has more information.

Potential exhibitors or sponsors should ring Frank Eden (0434 197 110) or Mike Young (0409 894648) for more details.

Speaker 11 August

Chris has organised an interesting speaker for 11 August. Annette Kennewell from the South Coast Health and Sustainability Alliance (SHASA), a not-for-profit group based in Eurobodalla who help to make renewable energy more accessible and more affordable. SHASA is coordinating a solar bulk buy for the Eurobodalla community. Please encourage friends and guests to come along to the meeting.

Some Humour

Thanks to Chris O’Brien

A little boy goes to his father and asks ‘Daddy, how was I born?’ The father answers,

‘Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mum and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo.

Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mum and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, and googled each other. There your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said: ‘You’ve got male’