Narooma Rotary Beacon 27 June 2019

NOTES FROM ROTARY MEETING 27 JUNE 2019 Small meeting of twelve people were fortunate to be able to share fellowship and listen to our Guest speaker Fiona Jackson, the principal of Narooma High School. Guests were Claudia from Narooma Newspaper and her mother Kathy Ferguson , Mandy Wheatley and Gillian Kearney.

Rolf said the Invocation. We welcomed our Guests.

Frank did the International toast to the Rotary Clubs of Iris’ home town in Germany, Freudenstadt. Freudenstadt is well know for “fresh air”, but not much else! Formed in 1962, Freudenstadt Rotary Club supports a water project in Haiti in the mountain village of Beaumon, and together with five other Rotary clubs from Baden-Württemberg participates in a water project in the southwest of Haiti.

Fiona Jackson Principal Narooma High School with Charmaine White

Fiona has the honour of being Narooma High School’s first woman Principal. The title of her talk was

Women in Leadership

Wow! Her journey in teaching has been 26 years and she is still passionate and positive about her profession. Lots of challenges and changes along the way with being a mother to two children ,wife, with a very supportive husband and now coming to Narooma High School, a school that has three times the student population of her last school in Tumbarumba.

She is so positive about giving every child the opportunity of being the best they can be. She said it is not all about university as each student now could have up to 8 different careers.So education has a responsibility to get children ready for this challenge of many career changes.

Fiona told us about her life as a teacher and growing up in Tamworth being a Brownie then going on to Girl Guides and this gave her some great women role models in her early life in Netball water polo team sports and Guides. She went to Oxley High School as did our Frank, small world. In a further coincidence, she went to Newcastle University as did Frank.

Her first posting was Barham NSW near Koondrook VIC initially her plan was to Stay 3 years and move back to the city but love got in the way and she was there for 17 years, even teaching 2nd generation students. Then an opportunity arose to teach at Tumbarumba where she served for 4 years as Deputy Principal and then as Principal for 5 years.

Some of her goals are

  • To get children building each other up
  • Have a welcoming fun friendly environment in the school – even the toilets are getting an overhaul.
  • Include more in the curriculum about marine education and the amazing surrounding environment we are so lucky to live in.
  • Develop a sense of belonging among the students and give them opportunities.

She is planning this ten year journey and wants to include the local community and evolve and improve the students in her care. She believes that attitude is 90%. She wants students to feel safe in their school. She is very impressed with the SRC and enjoys having chats with them and including them in planning improvements for the school.

Narooma High School has a Registered Team going to MUNA.

Very keen debating teacher Monique Wicks has selected three students to attend MUNA ( Model United Nations ) this year. Luke Potts, Geena Thomas and Crystal Elmasrin. Ange will be their counsellor and Monique has agreed to transport the students to Canberra … Great work by Ange for getting a team together.

Alicia Bate

Our 2018 Tertiary Student Alicia Bate is engaged. Congradulations Alicia.

Dates ( the edible kind )

Frank told the meeting about his freshly picked South Australian Dates from Gurra Downs ; a mix of three varieties, Medjool, big & sweet, Barhee, caramel coloured , and small black Fadi . Hopefully there may be some left at our changeover dinner. $10 a box. They are yummy.

Reminder: Changeover Dinner next week