Narooma Rotary Beacon 23 July 2020

Rolf’s Ramble

Last week we were able to have a face-to-face meeting at our beloved Golfie with hand-sanitiser, ID and temperature check beforehand. Attendance was awesome. We filled the 1st Hole with 10. Fellowship with a beautiful meal was enjoyed by everyone; no take-aways or cook-at-home meal. I hope we can keep it up.  

The International Toast was to the Rotary Club of Sherwood Forest in England. Thank you Laurelle, always entertaining and informative. It was the first time we could welcome Tony Butcher to one of our meetings. Tony was one of the volunteers who helped us at the Rotary BBQ cook-offs at the unforgettable New Year’s Eve and Day at the Evacuation Centre. We have kept in contact and hope to see more of Tony as a possible new member of the club.

The Board meeting went well, thanks to Rod the secretary extraordinaire (best ever) and of course helped by being face-to-face.  Thank you Lynn for having the books up to scratch. The meeting included a very important discussion about the Markets. The Board decided to cancel the upcoming Market on 26 July after serious consideration along the lines of ‘Stop the spread. Stay home, stay safe’. Thank you Chris and her team who were eager to bring the van back into shape with all the new COVID 19 rules. Only if we can keep a clean environment for our members, visitors and stall holders AND the distance and face-mask rule we might, but only might, have a monthly Market soon. Until we get a vaccine I fear nothing is really going to change. In what position did we humans just put ourselves into?

Thank you everyone who came last week.

Stay safe. President Rolf

THIS WEEK:  This week’s meeting should still be at the Golf Club. Please let Bob Aston know today (Tuesday) if you are not coming to this week’s meeting. We’ll keep you updated if there is any change.

Our guest last week Tony Butcher helped us out at the Evacuation Centre during the bushfire crisis.


Moruya Rotary

Moruya Rotarians were looking forward to their first regular meeting at Moruya Golf Club on Tuesday 4 August (note the move to Tuesday rather than Wednesday meetings), but the latest restrictions limiting bookings in Clubs to ten people puts resumption in doubt.

Similarly Moruya Rotarians are hoping to man the canteen at Moruya Races on 4 August, their major fundraiser through the year, after a gap of many months. But they’re a little wary after their costly experience with the last planned race meeting on Monday, 13 July. They had ordered food, planned menus and filled the roster, but Racing NSW made a last minute decision to abandon the races. So the Club is in close communication with Moruya Jockey Club to clarify whether the August races will go ahead.

Meanwhile Moruya has agreed to host the Men’s Health Van 7-8 September.

Batemans Bay Rotary

Batemans Bay’s new President is Chris Watson. This week’s meeting is in Chris’ home. The Bay Club hopes to have their first dinner meeting since the lockdown on Thursday 6 August.

Bega Rotary

Bega’s new President is Dorothea Polonyi. Their newsletter reports their Rotary Meetings are a little unpredictable at the moment. They aim to have a fortnightly meeting, if possible, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month and a daytime social get together on the 2nd and 4th Thursday. Members are notified of arrangements in advance. This Thursday they are meeting in the open, (hopefully in the sun) at Kisses Lagoon for lunch with pizza ordered for those coming. Members are asked to bring a drink and a chair.

Bega Club is still planning to have their popular Book Fair in the Bega Showground 18-20 September. With recent restrictions the Book Fair had been delayed from their usual July School Holiday timing.


Possibly at the Golfie. We will keep you informed.