Narooma Rotary Beacon 20 June 2019

This week a small meeting of ten people were fortunate to be able to share fellowship and listen to our Guest speaker Jeff Lean.

Robyn said the Invocation, after which we welcomed our guests, then Lynda did a toast to the Rotary Clubs of Hong Kong.

Rolf and guest speaker Jeff Lean

Jeff Lean gave a thought provoking talk: “The Economic and Social Drivers of Global Pollution and Species Extinction.
It was very informative and interesting to get a world view on what are the causes of climate change.

Climate Change and Global pollution are caused by human activity – power generation, transport, agriculture and industry. The use of resources is the problem and we must reduce the resources that we use. The purpose of the economy should be focused on meeting needs rather than wants. Our economists should be using the GPI index (Genuine Progress Indicator) not the GDP index.

GPI is more focused on the wellbeing of the population not just economic growth. There are many groups starting up to make the population more aware such as Extinction Rebellion and Degrowth Regulation to name two.
Renewables are part of the answer they can stop one third of emissions but industry currently still will need coal and fossil fuels for some activities like steel making. We need to think in rationing terms – for example 4 tonnes of CO2emissions per capita is Okay, at the moment.
But right now Australia is running at 21 tonnes per capita. India is at 2 tonnes per capita. Jeff gave us possible solutions that we all can do. Here are some:

  • We must reduce resource use
  • No Growth economy or a sustainable economy is the goal.
  • Shop Local, grow and swap produce.
  • Use your car less.
  • The many household items should not be thrown out so quickly try to keep longer.
  • Buy repairable items then the local repairman of the 1950s 1960s will come back.
  • Buy secondhand do not be shy about going to bag a bargain at Vinnies.

Happy Moments

Lynda told us about Lewis Ives a past National Siemens Science Participant. He has been invited by the Yamaha Japan CEO to go to Japan and he will give him employment at the motorcycle plant. He is studying Mechanical engineering and this is a brilliant opportunity for him.

Frank told the meeting about the ceremony at Montys, to celebrate the installation of solar panels donated by SHASA and MESA. Monty’s have a number of fridges and freezers and the power they use can now be supplied by the new system avoiding the electricity costs. Which means they willl have about $2,000 per year to spend on their primary mission! Read more in the Narooma News article.