Narooma Rotary Beacon 17 May 2017

Short Words

I am writing this article on Mother’s Day, which, when we take the commercialisation out, is a great reminder to us all that our mums are, or were, very special people. Parenting is a job we undertake without any training, or extra skills and often with very little help or support. We make it happen and each generation praises (or complains about!) the efforts of their parents until they have their own children. So, Mother’s Day is a day of celebration and reflection of our mothers for they made us what we are today.

Spare a thought for all the mothers around the world who are suffering because of war, famine and violence, for those who are dominated by cruel men and for those who are denied the freedoms we take for granted.  For these mothers, we as Rotarians, through our fundraising and projects, can make a difference even though we live in Narooma.

Cinders is Wednesday this week. A bus is booked and I hope you have invited your “brains trusts”. Rod is sending out a time table. The bus leaves from the depot at 5pm and the evening is expected to finish at about 8.30pm in Moruya.  As always, I’m sure, win or lose, we will have a great night.

The team organising the Busking Competition under Sandra’s excellent leadership is powering ahead. It is fantastic that the Competition is being supported by the community and other Service Clubs which will make it a truly Narooma event. Well done to all.

See you Wednesday

Bob Ant.

The Week Ahead

This week we are off to Moruya to beat them in trivia once again so that we can retain the converted Cinders Trophy.

To help prepare the following information may be helpful.

2016/17 RI President          John F. Germ Theme ‘Rotary Serving Humanity’

2017/18 RI President          Ian HS Riseley Theme ‘Rotary: Making a Difference’

The first Melbourne Cub was won by Archer in 1861, Phar Lap won in 1930 and the winner last year was Almandin, Prince of Penzance won in 2015 with Michelle Payne aboard.

Cronulla won the NRL in 2016, Western Bulldogs beat the Swans in the AFL grand final.

Bus pick up times for Wednesday

5.00pm Depart bus depot

5.10pm Main bus stop (opposite Lynches Hotel)

5.15pm Bus stop on flat

5.25pm Kianga bus stop

5.30pm Bakala St

5.33pm William St

5.40pm Dalmeny shops

Rotary uses virtual reality to inspire others

Rotary is working with Google’s virtual reality team to offer an experience that showcases the impact of compassion to a global audience. A three-minute virtual reality film that emphasizes the two themes of polio and peace will premiere at the Rotary Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, 13 June. Click here to read more.

The Week that Was

Last Thursday we welcomed Rotarians Bob Allen from the Rotary Club of Yenda and Colin Holmes from the Rotary Club of Canberra to our meeting. We were also fortunate to have Iris and Merinda with us as regular guests.

John Doyle with the help of Sandra gave us an update on the Busking Competition -all systems are go with locations, sponsors, concerts, parking etc in place. In all we will have 38 buskers taking part in the Competition, a great effort.

Mal Gray gave an interesting 3-minute talk about cutting through ice on frozen lakes in central Canada to fish! It all sounded a bit cold for me, however, Mal assured as that some liquid refreshment helped the warming process.

The main entertainment was a fun night put on by President Bob and Merinda, it was great fun with all members trying to outdo each other to get the correct answers. The highlight was the ‘who am I game’. The aim of the game was for the selected Rotarian to guess the name placed on their head by asking questions where the response could only be yes or no. Unfortunately, no one solved the puzzle, however, some of the questions and answers were hilarious. Thanks to Merinda and Bob for all the work they put into organising the evening.

The winners

Enid Holmes cleaned up with eggs, lemons and wine, Laurelle also won a bottle of wine, Iris a Rotary shirt (As did our visitor Bob Allen who kindly donated it back to the Club). Peter Bull and Lynda Ord also won a dozen eggs each.

2017/18 Planning Day

All 2017/18 Board members are invited to a planning day on 18 June at Bob Aston’s house. The meeting will commence at 10:30 and conclude at 1:00pm. Please provide Bob with feedback about the planning document emailed to 2017/18 Board members on 2 May 2017 by Wednesday at the latest. This will assist the planning process.

Beacon Editor

A bulletin editor is needed for 2017/18 please see Bob Aston if you can assist. Comprehensive training will be provided. If no one nominates we will not have a regular Beacon next Rotary Year.