Living the Rotary dream

John and Shirley Hayes-Cornish have years of experience travelling all over Australia and the World helping people who are in need.

Members of Moruya Rotary Club, they travelled the short distance to Narooma last Thursday to inspire and inform our members on the most recent journey they have undertaken, in Timor Leste.

Since independence, Timor Leste has been struggling to become a strong nation. Rotary is a big presence and is helping in every way possible to improve the lives of the East Timorese people.

Shirley worked on women’s health projects giving them knowledge in sexually transmitted disease, birth control, hygiene and other women’s issues while John helped out with a water project.

Turning dirty water into clean drinking water is an enormous challenge which Rotary is meeting. Simple, easy to maintain filter systems that are very cost effective can make the difference between life and death, something we take for granted and rarely give a thought to.

With two and a half thousand dollars from their club, John and Shirley made sure that the contribution was well spent, to bring much needed support in the poorest country in the world, our next door neighbour.