• Duties – UNUSED!
    Duty 9 Feb 2017 16 Feb 2017 23 Feb 2017 2 March 2017 9 March 2017 16 March 2017 23 March 2017
    Cashier Peter Hartley Rolf Gimmel No Meeting Mike Young Bob Aston John Rungen Laurelle Pacey
    3 Minute Talk Michael O’Connor Bob Antill Combined  meeting Rod Walker Charmaine White Bob Aston John Rungen
    Introduce Speaker John Doyle at Moruya Peter Hartley Mike Young Peter Bull
    Thank Speaker Frank Eden on 22 February Sandra Doyle Frank Eden Mike Young
    Wheel Rolf Gimmel Lyn Hastings Laurelle Pacey Chris O’Brien Sandra Doyle Linda Ord

    The Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do:

    Is it the TRUTH?

    Is it FAIR to all concerned?


    Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

    Narooma Bonus extra : Will it be BENEFICIAL to the environment?


    Position Phone
    President Michael O’Connor 0419 254 212
    Secretary Rod Walker 0411 711 475
    Treasurer Bob Antill 0400 104 731
    Newsletter Bob Aston 0414527316
    Markets Chris O’Brien 0408 489 247

    Postal Mail

    The Secretary, Narooma Rotary Club,
    PO Box 151, Narooma, NSW, 2546

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