Beacon 8th October 2015

2015-10-04 - Radar playing Erhu
The Erhu, played for us by Radar

The Erhu  is a two-stringed bowed instrument , sometimes known in the West as the “Chinese violin” or a “Chinese two-stringed fiddle”.  Radar, our Rotary exchange student gave us a masterful rendition.One could easily imagine the Mongolian horses galloping across the Steppes.

Peter has returned from his travels abroad, but unfortunately his camera failed to return with him.  It is still languishing in the lost property section of DB at the Hamburg Bahnhof.  I will not attempt to retell the Pythonesque series of events involving dodgy international transactions, delivery of dangerous goods and a helpful native called Helga, you need to hear these things first hand, so if you did not attend the meeting last Thursday – make sure you interrogate Peter next time you see him.

Michael is in training to walk across the planet.  He has a madcap scheme to walk from Perth to the South Pole next year to raise money for his school building project in Africa – more info on that in due course.



A short note note by bob ant.

Well we survived the last great Southern Blues Festival.  Thank you one and all for your contribution to making this a great boost to our fundraising efforts. We made over $5,000 gross and I feel it should be more than $3,000 net.

This will boost our fundraising and help toward a good local cause. This is why we are in Rotary, service to the community and hopefully having some fun on the way.

Again thank you all for your efforts, see you on Thursday night …. bring ten friends !!

Cheers – Bob

Archived newsletters

Bob has been rummaging in the dark recesses of his computer and found some old copies of the Beacon, which have now been organised and uploaded to the website.  To find them, click on News, scroll to the bottom, click on Older Posts and again scroll to the bottom.

Why is it useful to have all the old newsletters available?

Well lets assume you remember that Mr Armstrong paid a visit, but would like to know when that was. You could enter this into the Google search box:


and find that he paid a visit on 3rd July 2014.   The “site” bit just tells Google to restrict results to just those for our website. Too easy!

BUT there are significant gaps – prior to 2009 and between 2011-07-07 and 2014-06-06.   If anyone has copies of the newsletter from this period, please send them to me, or put them on a USB stick.  If you only have paper copies,  I will scan them.

Cheers – Frank