Beacon 6th August 2015

July ended with our board meeting and a fellowship night.  The board meeting covered a lot of areas but in a nut shell:
The sign at Rotary Park has been moved to a clearer location and members are encouraged to check it out and Jack (who has done all the hard work on this) has ask for input on ideas about design etc.
The Defibrillator project is on hold for another month while we await news on Rotary grant.
The board gave the go ahead to Frank to work on the new web site. While the current one, Club Runner, has some great features it is very expensive and as a charity better if we keep our costs down. Frank is looking for input and assistance. Lots of photos are required of Rotary activities within the club. He also needs physical help in putting it all together.
Rod Walker was appointed Secretary and public officer, Lynda Ord and Peter Hartley Directors.
John Doyle was approved for membership. Next week is a partners night, partners are welcome every night.
A huge thank you for John Rungen for again running the Bowel Care program and Anthony and other chemists for stocking and promoting the kits. This year saw more units sold.
Mike Young gave us a great three minute talk on working on a Rotary project in Vanuatu. President Bob gave a run down on the board meeting and David caught every one up to date on MUNA and the work…. Hard work …..very hard work that they have been doing with the students including a Sunday meeting and last Wednesday taking the students to Moruya to meet and debate with the MUNA students from Moruya and the Bay. Many thanks to David, Rachel, Angie and Lynda who are all working so hard for the success of our local youth in this and other youth programs. Jack won the CD on the wheel which will be back next week – Songs of love and Romance, Volume 2
Short Words from Bob Ant. (waiting for winter to finish)
Thank you to all the board members and most of all thank you to Jack. Jack has been working tirelessly with many hats for years and now is easing back. This was Jack’s last board meeting as the main organiser and we, as a club, will be forever grateful for his hard work, professionalism and organizational skills, honed over many years in the army.
Lewis Ives was unsuccessful for the NYSF however he gained valuable skills and Lynda is organizing for him to go to Honeywell.
Last week Merinda and I attended Fergus Thomson funeral at Broulee. Fergus was the first popularly elected Mayor and a good family man, farmer and friend to all. To his family we extend our thoughts for healing.
Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.