Beacon 5th May 2016

Short words by bob ant

A little late this week as I have been away for a few days.

Saturday and Sunday I attended the District Conference in Berry with PE Michael.  During the first session on District Grants I was asked to speak about our defibrillator program and our matching grant. It was a great conference and the dinner on Saturday night was a highlight.

Today (Wednesday) Radar is bound for Merimbula with Lynda and Sandra to the VIEW Club meeting. Radar was asked to be the guest speaker about being and exchange student.I’m sure he will keep every one entertained.

Last Thursday night was a great evening with Rachael organising our guest speaker Sue Barford, president of the River of Art organisation, what a great asset for our shire.

Lewis Ives who went to Honeywell last year came and talked of the experience. Wow has he come a long way and even his Dad was surprised how he talked to a large audience. Not so long ago he was very shy. This is a very positive outcome for us and our youth projects.

Tomorrow night (5th May) is our Polio Plus movie fundraiser of Eddie the Eagle . Bring ten friends and wear some interesting head gear. Many thank to Chris for her work on making this possible.

Have a good one


Lewis Ives and Lynda Ord
Lewis Ives and Lynda Ord


Sue Barford, President of the River of Art festival

Eurobodalla River of Art is a 10 day festival of live music, theatre, film, visual arts, literature, creative workshops and cultural experiences held along the picturesque NSW far south coast. This area, known as the Eurobodalla Shire, extends between Durras Lake in the north and Wallaga Lake in the south.

Sue Barford, president of the organization spoke to us about the talented and skilled artists whose work is showcased by this festival.  She also spoke about just how important this festival has become – drawing large numbers of people from Sydney, Canberra and elsewhere.

Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle – Thursday Night  5th May