Beacon 27th January 2016

Time to Get Back Into the Swing of Things:

  • Meeting THIS Thursday 28th Jan
  • Afternoon tea at Michael’s for the Cambodian Dental Project, Sat 6th Feb

Christmas Party at Caseys Cafe

A great time was had by all who attended the Christmas Party.

This happy chappy declared the food to be “schrumdiddleeumptious”.

Christmas Party at Caseys IMG_2516


Christmas Party at Caseys IMG_2500 Christmas Party at Caseys IMG_2494


Christmas Party at Caseys IMG_2522


Rotary Exhibition

Angie has put together an exhibition on Rotary and the work our Club does,  which is currently on in the Narooma Library.

The photo shows just a part of the2016-01-25 Library Exhibition 1 exhibition. The Youth section will then be on display in the Narooma High School’s Library.





Australia Day Ceremony

At the Australia Day ceremony, President Bob announced that Melanie Miller is the winner of the 2016 Narooma Rotary Tertiary Scholarship.  She will be our special guest at our meeting this Thursday.

2016-01-26 Australia Day - Melanie Miller Tertiary Scholarship winner


And Radar gave a fine speech.  Laurelle said  “He gave a great talk!  Excellent, and light and humorous as well. Quite the public speaker these days!


2016-01-26 Australia Day - Radar


January Market

The first market for the year was a huge success.  Heaps of stall holders, heaps of visitors, great weather, and fantabulous “smoothies” of which Frank was lucky enough to be the first to try one.

A total of $2,939.35. – Gate: $1,396.50  – Van: $1340.40 –  Wishing Well: $202.45 ….😁

PLUS all the rest of the Duck Tickets were sold…😀

This fine effort didn’t just happen – it took a lot of hard work from many members.

Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all.

Australia Day Duck Race

What a great community event, the bridge was groaning under the weight of people !

2016-01-26 Australia Day Duck Race 1

And they’re racing, 1000 ducks take the plunge off Narooma Bridge on Australia Day.

2016-01-26 Australia Day Duck Race 2

The winning duck 415 (corresponding ticket holder Emily and Zoe Deck) after a late spurt just before the finishing line, discusses race tactics with last place-getter duck 334 ticket holder AJ Hayden of Narooma.

2016-01-26 Australia Day Duck Race 3

All hands on deck to pick up the ducks at the finish line. Thanks to Narooma Surf Club members, Rotarians and friends doing the pick up and to Maritime NSW for their assistance.

Wanted – Fugitive Duck Suit !  Has not been seen at this years duck race, his whereabouts is a mystery. Frank was disappointed at the no-show – he was overheard to say “I was sooo looking forward to wearing that duck suite, it was my one and only chance, because John Doyle has already put his hand up for the 2017 event”.

More photos:

Movie of the ducks jumping in

From the Ducks Perspective


Raising Funds for our Rotary Cambodia Dental Team

Michael is hosting an afternoon tea at his place 153 Old Highway (first house after Flying Fox Rd).

Date and Time is 2:30pm 6th Feb 2016

Click here for a poster that you can download and print



Wild Polio Case Counts (as of 16 January 2016)

Country 2014 2015 Last Case
Pakistan 306 53 2 Dec 15
Afghanistan 28 19 19 Nov 15
Somalia 5 0 11 Aug 14
Nigeria 6 0 24 July 14
Cameroon 5 0 9 July 14
EquatGuinea 5 0 3 May 14
Iraq 2 0 7 April 14
Syria 1 0 21 Jan 14
Ethiopia 1 0 4 Jan 14


Ha Ha

I didn’t like my beard at first. Then it grew on me.