Beacon 20th August

An amazing asset for our club and example to all

A lot of business managers get confused about assets and liabilities. Mistakenly they seem to put the core of the business, their workers into the liabilities side and not think of them as assets.

In a volunteer organisation like Rotary we know that our members are not only our assets but they are double assets. Their service is also an important asset to the community, locally, nationally and internationally.

One of the best examples of a “Service above self” asset can be found in Narooma on the NSW far South Coast. George Barker has been with Narooma Rotary since it was founded in 1958. George’s list of Rotary achievements are long and distinguished.

Lynn and Angie hold George’s present

Served as a director, secretary, President (1963-64) ,Youth, Club, community and international service , vice President to name a few. Helped with the establishment of Rotary Park, Scout hall, and Narooma Sport and Recreation Centre, and bird Avery at the Illawarra Retirement Trust construction , establishment of the Rotary Ringlands Walk (bushwalking track).

As well as the Rotary work George has been involved in local Rugby League a devoted husband and father and managed to run a successful business.

Due to failing health George has been unable to attend our regular Thursday night meetings so on August 13th we changed our meeting to lunch time. The gathering of current club members was complimented by past presidents and their wives and wives of past members.  George, at the 11th hour, had to miss the lunch due to ill health but was certainly with us in spirit.

In the future we will hold another lunch meeting and maybe George will be able to make it but we were all inspired by his achievements and it was also a good chance to catch up with past Rotarians and our friends of Rotary who we don’t see often enough. Presidents, look after your assets.


Radar is no longer on the Horizon

Radar arrived last weekend and is settling in very well. This week you’ll get to meet him and I’m sure all will like and warm to our new friend from Taiwan. He started School on Tuesday and has already found a new friend in Ki – Orit’s son. I won’t say much more as you’ll find out all about him on Thursday.





Current deployments: Cameroon, DPRK, Greece, Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger and Syria

Nepal update

Monsoon season has begun, bringing with it the threat of flash flooding and landslides. It is likely to last for around three months, further compounding the rebuild efforts

To date we have now been able to provide essential shelter for 15,000 people whose lives have been turned upside down during the disaster.

The team is working with the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) to distribute further aid.

14,500 tarpaulins have been transported into the country and are being distributed along with materials from ACTED, such as corrugated iron, so that people can create temporary shelters and make repairs on damaged buildings too


Myanmar – flooding

Last updated: Yesterday (Friday 14 August)

Overview:  Monsoon rains, along with the impact of Cyclone Komen, which hit recently, has caused flooding and mudslides in all but two states in Myanmar (this same weather pattern is also affecting neighbouring Bangladesh). More than a million people are thought to have been affected by the floods, with thousands displaced.

The team is currently carrying out assessments in the affected areas and liaising with various aid agencies about the possibility of working in partnership. Stay tuned.

Short words by bob ant

As I write this, Saturday afternoon, I’m about to go out for diner via the Fisho Club to find out what plans Oyster Festival organiser Orit has on offer for our club for the next festival, stay tuned.

Thank you to all who came to George’s lunch.

George’s Present – the Narooma Coastline

Unfortunately George was unable to join us but still he was with us in thought. After the lunch Rolfe and I delivered the wonderful painting and flowers to his home and presented them to Anne (George was resting) . My thank you again to John and Mike for organizing the painting.

This morning Frank and Iris were setting up in the main street to sell tickets to our Whale watching raffle while Angie,  David and Rachael were in Canberra with the MUNA kids.

Thank you to every one for your wonderful support.

I’m off to Canberra tomorrow to see Jack who is OK in Canberra Hospital. I’ll have a full report on Thursday evening. Bob


This year the bush fire season in our region has the potential to concern all involved in our emergency services.

In the event of an emergency, the NSW State Emergency Management Plan will swing into full operation. The front line of defense will move in with highly trained personnel and during this time many members of the community may be evacuated to varied locations in town, where they will be housed, assessed, clothed, fed etc.

It is here where you will find volunteers from Anglicare Disaster Recovery Services.

As a community partner working under the direction of the Department of Justice with organisations such as the Salvation Army, Australian Red Cross, the Anglicare volunteers assist where they are needed.

On Saturday the 15th of August John and Lesley Mordike led a meeting of the Narooma volunteers to update them on the latest operational matters. The members meet about every three months for an hour or so.

This role is ideal for someone who would like offer their assistance to the community in an emergency, but due to health or time constraints are to unable to be involved in a front line service organisation.

For further information call John or Lesley Mordike 44764739.



Birds on Montague Small

Feathered Whales on Montague Island,
anxious to buy tickets in the raffle

Ang has organised times with the council when WE can sell the tickets for the great Whale Watching raffle to raise $$$ for ShelterBox.

Please advise her as to when YOU can spare an hour and sell, sell sell.

Dates to choose:
Wed @ Newsagent near PO: 12, 19, 26 Aug – early morning best when NN is out

Thurs @ IGA on Flat – 13, 20, 27 Aug

Sat @ IGA on Flat – 15, 22, 29 Aug
Card table + chair + Whale Poster are @ Ang’s garage – 10 Old Hwy, Narooma. Just return them when you are done.  So, please choose a date and let Ang know as soon as possible – Council can allocate unused times to other organisations.


Bob was seen Saturday morning flagging down motorists on  “the Flat”.  Speaking to them sternly, he was overheard to say that Radar thought they were going too fast, but no fine was payable provided they bought a ticket in the Whale Raffle !