Narooma Rotary Beacon 25th October 2018

Rod’s Ramble: 

As I write this I am laid low with a cold so Rod’s Ravings may be a better title.

 Last week’s meeting had a great vibe due to the unexpected attendance of three Rotarians and two partners from Victoria and our regular visitor Rotarian Gordon. “Older” members tell me that visiting Rotarians was a regular feature of meetings in the past as Canberra Rotarians came to Narooma for holidays. I am thinking of writing to all the Canberra clubs reminding them we are here and encouraging them to visit. What do you think?

Wednesday October 24th is World Polio Day. Here is a link to more information on this event. 

Secretary’s Musings 

A couple of weeks ago Luke Burgess the Maintenance Manager at Dalmeny IRT emailed me to ask if Rotary was interested in some old wheelchairs, walkers and other equipment no longer suitable for use at the Care Centre. I emailed Fred Fawke to see if he and RAWCS were interested, well at least I thought I did! I was actually using an incorrect email address. When I realised my mistake, I made contact with Fred on Friday afternoon. Believe it or not Fred was on his way to Moruya with a three-tonne truck to pick up some hospital beds, so on Saturday he was able to continue on to Dalmeny to pick up all the gear. We managed to load a heap of old wheel chairs, walkers, walking sticks and other bits of pieces onto the truck before the rain struck. I understand that the gear will be sent to Sierra Leone.

Thanks to Fred Fawke and Brain Goldstraw (Gungahlin Rotary) who picked up the gear and to Luke Burgess and the IRT who made a very generous donation to help Rotary International projects.

Luke Burgess (Dalmeny IRT), Brian Goldstraw and Fred Fawke with the truck loaded with gear donated by the IRT.

I also made a quick trip Moruya Rotary’s Renewable Energy Expo on Saturday afternoon. Although the number of exhibitors and visitors were less than what we had experienced when our Club held the event at the Leisure Centre it was great to see the Moruya Club take up this important initiative. Thanks to Frank for all his enthusiasm for the event and to Phil Armstrong and his team from Moruya for taking the event on this year.  Hopefully, we can bring the Expo back to Narooma in 2019 with Moruya taking it up again in 2020.

Attendance :  13 Members, 6 Visiting Rotarians, 5 Visitors & 2 Club Guests

Members are reminded to advise me by 4:30pm on the Tuesday prior to the meeting if they are an apology for our Thursday meeting. If you are bringing a guest, please also let me know by 4:30 each Tuesday. Preferred format for letting me know is email.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 18th October 2018

Rod’s Ramble:

Last week:

Rotarians and Friends,

I take my hat off to last week’s meeting where members recognised the scourge of mental illness in our society and highlighted Rotary’s efforts to combat this insidious disease. Like Australians often do we reflected on the impact mental illness has on families by doing something funny. A funny hats theme was the order of the day. Thanks to all who participated and to our guest judge Therese (is that how you spell it Bob?) Aston.

Keeping with the theme guest Dr John Brown gave a brief but insightful presentation on how mental illness can manifest itself. It was a pleasure to have John and wife Larry with us at Rotary. We have some great speakers coming up before the end of the year.

Here’s a list. 

THIS WEEK 18 th October Nacy Casu

Title: Your Health and Retirement Nancy Casu is a fitness specialist, personal trainer, author, speaker and presenter on the subject of ageing and functional fitness. She earned her degree in Health Science (Leisure & Health) at Charles Sturt University and has fitness specialist qualifications.
Nancy believes we should live our lives to the fullest, live with no regrets and keep a positive attitude.

25th October Michelle Preston and Donna Falconer
Turning Family Pain into Power
Donna and I take the message of drug awareness very seriously and use our combined lived experiences to educate people on how to deal with an addict, keep mentally healthy through the process and offer many families a confidential space to simply off load without judgement. We also
have a vast network of local service providers that we can link people with.

15 th November Eleanor Robin 

Captain Charles Swanston Writ Large: revelations from a nineteenth century bank archive’
After a lengthy career as journalist and writer, in retirement Eleanor resumed her study of Australian history. She was awarded a doctorate from the University of Tasmania in 2017. Based on her thesis, the biography SWANSTON Merchant Statesman was launched by Professor Henry
Reynolds in Hobart in August 2018.

22nd November Noel Trevaskis (PDG)
‘The Rotary Story; Yours and Mine’

Attendance – 9 members, 8 visitors, 1 club guest & 1 visiting Rotarian.

3-Minute talk – Chris O’Brien on all things hats, followed by a hat quiz.

International Toast – The “pan handle” of Florida recently devastated by Hurricane Michael

Narooma Rotary Beacon 11th October 2018

Rod’s Ramble: 

Last week’s meeting was an Assembly and followed a Board Meeting. At the Board meeting the following dates were confirmed:

  • AGM Thursday 13th December – this will be our last meeting for 2018. The next time we meet will be Thursday 31st January. We will organise a social event in January if there is interest.
  • Saturday 15th December Christmas Party venue to be confirmed but probably Casey’s.
  • Thursday 27th June – Changeover

It was also decided that the proceeds from this year’s Duck Race will go to our Tertiary Scholarship fund.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to the future of the Club for members to take on Board positions.  Please consider doing something in 2019-20. In particular we need a President Elect for 2019-20 to maintain some continuity. This position is available now we don’t have to wait for the
AGM it is a current year vacancy. Talk to me if you are interested.

Our next community activity will be our Market on the 28th October combined with our volunteering expo. We need all hands-on deck for this day. Please let John Doyle know your availability ASAP. In particular we need someone to tow the van on that day. If no one is available we may have to forego cooking at this market and again in November. We will also need people on the Rotary stand.

Next on our community agenda will be Carols by Candlelight on Friday 14th December commencing at 7.30pm. We will most likely be doing a sausage sizzle. Then its 2019 and we start the year with the Duck Race on Saturday 26th January. If you already know you are NOT available can you let Charmaine as soon as you can.

Membership was discussed the Assembly with a number of suggestions on attracting members tabled. Including the use of social media and holding a free event with food to capture interest from the broader community.
The Assembly agreed to set up a small committee to develop some other strategies. Chris, Frank, Lyn and Ange are on the committee but I am sure they would welcome anyone willing to help.

At the next meeting we will be celebrating Hat Day and all attending are asked to wear their best or worst hat. Special guest will be Dr John Brown.
With 1 in 5 people experiencing a mental illness every year, it’s very possible that you know someone who has had a tough time with their mental health. It’s now Mental Health Month and World Mental Health Day is 1 WEEK AWAY. That’s when Australian Rotary Health will be celebrating
Hat Day.

Last Week’s Meeting:

Attendance Last Week: 12 members, 1 visiting Rotarian, 2 member’s guests

Raffle: Winner of the wine – John Rungen.

International Toast:

Rotary Club in the Philippines

History –
Preliminary steps were first made to organize the Club in the Philippines in January 1919 through the interest and agreement of Leon J. Lambert. In June 1919, the Charter No. 478 authorized the Rotary Club of Manila (RCM) to operate as a formal organization under Rotary International.
The Rotary Club of Manila was both the first Rotary Club in the Philippines and the first in Asia under the direct supervision of the International Association of Rotary Clubs (now Rotary International).
The Club went on to organize its daughter clubs, the Rotary Club of Cebu in 1932 and the Rotary Club of Iloilo in 1933. Rotary Club of Bacolod and Baguio were also established later on. The Rotary Club of Manila was also responsible for organizing the Rotary Club of Guam as its first overseas daughter Club in 1939, through the efforts of then R.I. Vice President Carlos P. Romulo.
During World War II meetings of its members were only held if circumstances allowed. This period lasted from May 1942 until it was reorganized in 1945. Many other Rotary Clubs were subsequently established in the Philippines.
There are now over 800 Rotary Clubs in the Philippines, and their members are among the most active when it comes to serving the Filipino community and helping those in need.

Narooma Rotary Beacon 15 September 2016

Image 2

Outside the Square:

I will be very brief this week and next week as my Rotary experiences are limited due to limited involvement.

Donna left for Japan on Father’s day and our 23rd wedding anniversary and today, as I write is her birthday, hence my mind on other things.

Thanks Bob and Frank for taking over last Thursday as I was in Mogo trying to learn something about Village ( Narooma is classified as a village in the RFS) firefighting. WHAT HOPE DO YOU HAVE ?.

Ditto to Bob for the Whale Raffle last Saturday and again thanks to Norm from Narooma Charters for his generosity.

Sadly no sausage sizzel for the Council Elections, but alas the bureaucracy won once again to defeat community engagement. Thankfully it was raining so we might have had wet sausages.

This week we are meeting at Charmaine’s for a fun night, sadly I will be in Mogo again for some training and so I wish you all the best and have a great night.

President Michael

Last Week:

Attendance: 11 members

Visiting Rotarian: Jenny Lean (Port Moresby, PNG), Guest: Iris Domeier

International Toast: Rotary Club of Port Moresby, PNG

The Wheel: Eggs – Rolf (8), Port – Bob (43), Wine – Bob again (24)

Happy moments: Laurelle was happy to spend a penny to tell us about the new toilets for Kinema. Although not flushed for funds their committee were able to receive grants to enable this refurbishment to go ahead.

Acting President Bob Antill presented the Club with a Certificate of Appreciation from Dalmeny Rural Fire Brigade for donations made in Bob’s year as President.

PP Charmaine displayed the Rotary Solar Light, an initiative started by the RC of Sutherland, NSW which has the potential to change the lives of millions of people living in third world countries (

Frank & Sandra presented a draft set of By-Laws for the Club to consider, noting, that despite unworkable rules in the Constitution, only the By-Laws could be changes. Frank’s notes follow:

Constitution and Bylaws

Rotary International has some guidelines for how clubs should be run. It is published here:

Take a look at the Manual of Procedure which has Rotary’s policies and procedures. The manual is geared to Rotary club and district leaders and features information that’s most relevant to their roles. It is published every three years to reflect adopted legislation and decisions of the RI conventions, the Council on Legislation, the Rotary International Board of Directors, and the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.

In that document, there is a standard club constitution which every club must adopt. It can be downloaded here on the same page

Standard Rotary Club Constitution (PDF) (Word)
Note that in the footer of that document, it says “each club admitted to membership in RI shall adopt this prescribed standard club constitution.”

District 9650 has produced a very slightly altered version of this constitution to conform to NSW legislation.

Flexibility is provided by allowing each club to have its own set of bylaws. The constitution and the bylaws together are often referred to as “the constitution”, which can be confusing at times. Again, District 9650 has produced a recommended set of by laws which conform to NSW Legislation and RI. The committee looking into this has made a copy of that and is using google docs to collaborate, alllowing ideas and suggestions together with draft replacements and additions to the bylaws to be added into the text, colour coded etc.

If you want to help out or you are interested in progress, Frank, Sandra or Rod can send you a link.

When we have these bylaws in a state that we (and Michael) are not unhappy with, we will again invite everyone to have a read. Then we will have a special meeting to approve them. No-one should come to that special meeting and get a surprise about the content – it is your club and the by laws will from time to time restrict what we can do, so it is important to get them right.

If we do get them right, they should be documents we never have to worry about.

Frank Eden


Rolf showed us some wonderful slides from his recent trip home to Switzerland and particularly the train trip & views from Jungraujoch (3446m).

th           th         th

Coming events: Monty’s Place upcoming Movie Night at the Narooma Kinema on Friday 16th September.

Monty’s Place upcoming Movie Night at the Narooma Kinema on Friday 16th September (the night before it is released to the public). Monty’s will be glad of any assistance that Rotarians can give on the night.

The movie is the new Beatles Documentary ‘Eight Days a Week’. 7pm for 7.30pm. $20 includes wine & nibbles. It will be fabulous journey back to the sixties. Guests can dig out their 60s and Beatles clothes and come and join the fun.

The film will raise funds for Monty’s Place which serves a scrumptious meal to some of the more needy and isolated people in our community every Wednesday from 12.00 to 1.30pm at the church hall under the Water Tower in Narooma. Everyone is welcome..

Next Week: FUN NIGHT – fine food, wine (BYO) and adult games.

Charmain’s home: 24 William St, Dalmeny 6.00-6.30 – until late

Be there or be square.

Image 3