Beacon 30 June 2016

Short Notes by Bob Antill

This last week has been full on. We attended Moruya changeover on Wednesday and Thursday evening Batemans Bay. Both were a celebration of the wonderful job done by Mike (Moruya) and Vere (Batemans Bay).

Vere and I have both been Presidents at the same time, twice, and this year I took over as Assistant Governor for Group one from Vere, a position I’ll now hold for another two years.

This Thursday night will be the changeover for Narooma and I get to hand the reigns over to Michael O’Connor. I wish Michael all the best and I know it will be a very positive year ahead. My thanks to all members of our fantastic Club for the hard work and support during this year, you are all a gift to the world.

Today we held our June Markets which not only exceeded expectations but the great turn out made it a fairly easy time full of fellowship with the extra bodies making the jobs  easier, well done all and thank you.

Our Renewable Expo is starting to gather pace. Frank and his team are getting together a great line up of top quality speakers. Look forward to more exciting announcements.

Thank you also to my beautiful and understanding wife, Merinda. Without her support and help, this year would not have been possible.

“So long and thanks for all the fish”




Butch Young’s Toolbox for Life’


The intensity and passion of last week’s guest speaker Butch Young touched many members.

Butch spoke about the realities and pain of living with schizophrenia for over 20 years, and of the stigma that often surrounds mental illness.

He also shared with us his joys and determination to live a normal and happy life.

Butch is employed by NSW Health at the Chisholm Ross Mental Health Centre in Goulburn as a consumer advocate supporting others with mental illness, helping them live positive and fulfilling lives.

‘I’m always amazed too at how healing it can be to tell my story,’ he said.

He spoke of the need to learn resilience, to learn how to throw the negatives away and make changes in your life, to retrain your brain, to think positively and accept responsibility.

Early intervention and communication he said were key.

‘Everyone needs love to get well, he said. ‘We all need something to go home to.’

Butch showed us his ‘Toolbox for Life’, a treasure trove of small reminders of positive things in his life that help him deal with various situations. Everyone probably should have one.

He also told us some sobering statistics.

·         One in 100 people in Australia suffer from schizophrenia

·         Australia has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, especially amongst men, and especially amongst men over 80.

·         Different regions have higher rates.

Mike Young said when thanking him, Butch had given one of the most inspiring and moving talks he had heard.

2016-06-24 Rotary Butch Young 001
Mike Young thanks Butch Young



Beacon 23rd June 2016

short words

I’ve often said that the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an excellent example of Government getting it right. They borrowed all the money, and in a time of depression gave jobs to hundreds, which had a flow on effect throughout the community.  It took many decades to pay off but it has repaid the city of Sydney and Australia many times over.

The Harbour bridge, the Snowy Hydro Scheme and the water pipeline from Perth to Kalgoorlie-Boulder are examples of what can be achieved by people with vision and forethought. People who look at the big picture and go for it. Rotary, as an organisation, is very much in this mold.  The best example I can think of, is the eradication of Polio. When the idea was first promoted many thought it was too hard, would cost too much and would take too long. Well because of people with vision and belief we will soon see this. Our grandchildren will not know of Polio.

This week PE Michael and I are off to the Change-over for both Moruya and Batemans Bay. A year has flown by and I wish the incoming Presidents all the best as their Rotary year begins and they take up the challenge to work towards looking after their community, the national community and the global community, who knows, it might be on their watch that Polio is declared eradicated.

Bob Ant

Stan Swarbrick – Narooma Probus Club

It was good to hear from Stan Swarbrick last week about Narooma Probus.

Rolf and Stan Swarbrick of Narooma Probus
Rolf and Stan Swarbrick of Narooma Probus

Probus is an association of active retirees who join together in clubs, the basic purpose of which is to provide regular opportunities for them to keep their minds active, expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.  The first clubs were formed in the UK in 1965. Many, but not all Probus clubs have been formed by Rotary clubs.

Our Rotary Club sponsored the formation of Narooma Men’s Probus in 1982. In 2001, the Ladies Probus Club wound up (also sponsored by our Club) and combined with the men.

‘Probus’ – is from ‘Pro’, short for professional, and ‘bus’, from business.
Stan explained that Probus clubs are not service clubs. Instead they are about promoting friendship and stimulating interest among retired people, with meetings once a month.

Like many organisations, they struggle to attract new members. From 50 odd, they are now down to 26, and so they are looking at ways to increase membership. Stan mentioned the possibility of interstate trips with other Probus Clubs, more promotion, including having a stall at our markets starting July, and more publicity.

Beacon 9th June 2016

short notes by bob ant

Hopefully the power will stay on long enough to send this out. It’s been a wild and woolly few days and as we sit high and dry on a hill, the creeks and causeway have cut us off. All going well, we will be mobile again this afternoon.

Thursday evening Radar, our exchange student, stepped into the breech and became our guest speaker. Our advertised speaker, Charmaine, caught a nasty bug and was not able to be with us.

In the 11 months that Radar has been with us, he has grown in confidence and the ‘Australianising’ of his English is almost complete. Slides of his fantastic ‘Reef to Rock 2016’ trip; a short history of Taiwan; and brilliant Q&A session made this a great evening.

Saturday afternoon some very brave souls made it to my place for a joint meeting of the Board, both incoming and out going members.  Part of this meeting was to finalise some of the outgoing expenditure for the changeover and most of the money is allocated, however,  if you feel there is a good cause that might have been left out, then please give me a call…. quickly.

The board was also updated on the Renewable’s Expo which has now been moved to November, as the October date clashed with a similar Expo being hosted in Canberra. Frank and his team are progressing well on this project and should have a web site up soon. It is all looking really good.

Lynda also updated us on MUNA and our NYSF student application. The Board also agreed to funding, towards the NHS Junior and Senior Debating Team who are competing in the Regional Premier’s Debating Challenge on the 10th of June.  A lot of work is going on with Youth and I’m very grateful to Sandra who has come on board to help Lynda.

Thank you to all and I’m looking forward to this Thursday night and finding out about how the Council is facing the challengers of change with renewable and cost saving technologies.

Yours shortly,
bob ant

Rainbow after the big storm
Rainbow after the big storm

Bowel Care

The Bowel care program finished on Tuesday the 31st of May.  330 bowel kits were distributed to the four pharmacies, Cobargo, Bermagui, Narooma pharmacy and Narooma Plaza.  Sales were down this year, with only 204 kits being sold.  Lynn, our Treasurer has sent a cheque of $3029 to BowelCare.
–  John Rungen

Hah hah

It should be easy to write an article about the inside of the trombone player’s head–there’s so  much room there! And if you understand that, you understand the essence of the trombone player’s personality. Supremely confident, superhero, the perfection of the human race–these terms don’t come close to describing the trombonist’s opinion of himself, and yet they greatly exceed the opinion that others hold of him.

What accounts for this remarkable self-image? Perhaps it is the awesome responsibility involved in playing the trombone. You see, most brass instruments have 3 valves, which can be open or closed, yielding 8 possible combinations. However, playing valves 1 and 2 is the same as valve 3, so there are effectively 7 valve combinations from which to produce notes. The trombone, with its slide, has an infinite number of positions, and while only 7 are recommended, the trombonist feels responsible for all of them, and in fact, plays many positions that are totally uncalled for. It’s an awesome responsibility.

And why did Meredith Willson write “76 Trombones”? I believe it was because he knew what trombone players know: that more is better. In addition trombonists save conductors a lot of rehearsal time. They never have to be told to play louder.

Think about it. If you were playing a gig and your band was attacked, and you had to use your instrument as a weapon, would you rather have a clarinet, a trumpet, or a trombone with its variable length poker? Trombone players carry this same weapon mentality right into the rehearsal room. Be thankful for them.


Beacon 2nd June 2016

short words

Last Sunday was a very good day for our Markets and a surprising result for an almost-winter market!!

Later that evening Radar and I had dinner, in Wagga, with Wagga’s current exchange student Jess who hails from Taipei . She is a fun loving student who delighted with her enthusiasm and Radar enjoyed talking with her in his native tongue.  I’m sure they’ll catch up and exchange notes when they return home to Taiwan.




Thursday night was a great information session by our computer expert Frank (he hates computers…lol…) who not only showed us how to use the Club’s website but did it in a way which made sense…. well at least for this computer non-expert…. who has a long way to go. Frank also showed how small some of the computers are and I was amazed by the size and power of them.

This Thursday night Charmaine will be giving us a run down on her work in Cambodia. Should be a great insight into a whole world that we know very little about. Bring friends, they won’t be disappointed.

Every Rotary meeting starts with an affirmation of our respect for the organisation of which we are a part, and for the four way test which is the moral foundation that guides the things we think and do. So on Thursday, Bob Aston will bring a new draft version of the Invocation (acknowledgement / thanks) that he and Laurelle have worked on. I’m looking forward to the discussion.

Have a magical week



The Website Cookbook

Some basic instructions on how to add content to the website can be found in a link towards the bottom of the “Members only”page.

Resizing Pictures

When sending pictures to the newsletter editor, it is very helpful to make them a smaller size.  If you have a PC, install this software:  “Image Resizer for Windows”,

After installation, you will find that you can right mouse click on your picture in Windows Explorer,  and find an option “Resize Pictures”

A width of 500 pixels is small enough without being too small.  Make sure you select  “Only shrink “ to retain the aspect ratio.

Open Source Software

Open source software is usually free, and can be better quality than commercial software, simply because many eyes examining the code make light work.  It is also often available cross-platform, which means it can run on non-Windows platforms.  The most popular free non-Windows alternative is Ubuntu, which itself is open source.  An alternative to Microsoft Office is Libre Office (Writer,  Impress, Calc), while GIMP is as functional as Photoshop and vastly cheaper.  VLCplayer, Image Resizer, 7zip, are all worth taking a look at.  Interested in Music? Musescore is a great alternative to both Finale and Sibelius, while Audacity is a great free recording and studio tool that is so easy to use it is excellent even for simple things like removing clicks and pops after digitizing your record collection.

Hah Hah

Marriage is like playing the trombone. It looks easy until you try it.


Beacon 26th May 2016

short words by bob ant

After a close fought battle last night we, the Narooma Rotary Club, just pipped the Moruya Club at the post to win the 2016 Cinders Trophy. This annual contest is a lot of fun,  a little confusion but always a good night. Chris O’Brien did an outstanding job, as always, in organising not only the questions but the venue.

Club Narooma looked after us with a great meal, bar service and space in the Montague Room. Steve Young drove Mike Dent and the Moruya crowd down in a bus. All this combined to help make the night run smoothly and keep the fun level high.

The Cinders Trophy comes home !
The Cinders Trophy comes home !

It was fantastic to see the smiling Charmaine return safely from her trip to Cambodia. A quick talk revealed that not only did she enjoy the trip but the hard work the team put in was well appreciated and the “Tip” children can now show their pearly whites. I’m looking forward to her talk and grateful to all who worked to raise money  for them to buy the little things that helped make the trip a success.

May started on a Sunday so the Markets were with us, it seems, early in the month. With the wonderful warm weather we’ve been having it was another busy Sunday.  John Doyle made sure of the numbers and there were plenty of helpers on the day.

Radar and I travelled to Wagga on Sunday afternoon for a quick overnight visit. In his almost full year he has traveled around  the country but Wagga was new to him.

Have a great weekend and a magical week



Rotary Cambodia Dental Team

The Rotary Cambodia Dental Team, led by Narooma dentist and Rotarian Charmaine White, has returned after a most successful two weeks.

Rotary Cambodia 1

The team treated children from families living on the rubbish dumps around Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh as well as from a local orphanage.

“The problem is huge,” she said. “Our main task was to get these children out of pain.”

“There’s a school on the dump and we accessed kids through the school.

“It’s interesting because there was some fear that extracting teeth could lead to brain damage, but we  spoke with families at a parent information session and explained that was not the case.”

They treated over 200 children with some needing two or three appointments.

“That would equate to about $72,000 worth of work in Australia,” she said.

Ms White said her team was fortunate in being able to use a dental clinic set up by dentist Robert Ogle as well as use his “wonderful translation staff”.

This was a joint project between RAISE Cambodia who coordinated contacts within Phnom Penh, Cambodia World Family who provided the dental clinic, and Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) who provided the working team.

Ms White said they greatly appreciated the generosity of Narooma people who raised over $4,000 for the project.

“We used this to buy disposable things like needles, filling material, gauze, as well as tuk tuk rides,” she said.

“We would bring the kids in from school in tuk tuks as well as provide them with breakfast the first week.”

The team also consisted of Narooma dental assistant Sharon Holcombe, Rotarian and Gold Coast dental hygienist Sharyn Taghoade, and German dentist Marlene Schulz.  All team members paid their own airfares and living expenses.

As a RAWCS project, it was organised in association with the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh.

Ms White said she is already planning a return trip to Cambodia, this time to work with adults in the provinces outside of Phnom Penh who have never had access to any dental treatment.


Beacon 19th May 2016

short words by bob ant

This week we battle with Moruya on our home turf for the coveted Cinders Trophy which we narrowly lost last year. Bring your “Brain’s Trust” and notify numbers by tomorrow (Monday) . and remember that it is at Club Narooma .

Our board meeting last week agreed in principal to the Expo in October to show case what is new and upcoming on the alternate energy field. Frank and his team are getting things together and I’m positive this will be a community event with enormous interest.

Bob Aston suggested that we acknowledge country within our invocation at the beginning of meetings. His suggestion was positively received and Laurelle is putting the words together. This will bring us into line with procedures for most other meetings and groups.

The change over is fast approaching and Michael is getting ready to take control of the bell!!

Deciding how to distribute funds, which our members have raised, to our community is always a big job. We don’t want to just give money for general purposes, if we can help it, but for equipment or something tangible. Still looking for input from members.

Our Polio movie night was a great success and with the money raised from the Polio Pig and a little help from our reserves we are able to send $1,000 to add to the more than 600 from the earlier movie night. Great work all.

Have a great week studying up on trivia



Quota Club Trivia Night

Its that time of year!   The Quota Club also have a trivia night, on Friday 20th May 7pm for 7.30pm at Club Narooma Function Room.

It is being run by with proceeds to the Eurobodalla Riding for the Disabled.

Tables of 2 to 8 at $8 per person. Bookings to Vicki on 0419996419

Website Cookbook

Adding content to the Club’s website is as easy as adding something to facebook, but for the more adventurous, I’ve put together some notes on how to add photos and so on, (which is just a little more tricky).

So here its is the Narooma Rotary Website Cookbook


Pictures from the Movie Night – Eddy the Eagle

Lynn and Sandra
Lynn and Sandra
Libby Walker, Lynda, Peter
Chris, John and Radar
Rachel and Donna
Rachel and Donna
Radar at VIEW Club
Radar at VIEW Club

Beacon 28th April 2016

short words

Another week has flown by. Wednesday Michael and I travelled to Moruya for the combined Rotary Presidents’ meeting. It is good to know that Moruya and Batemans Bay clubs are also doing well and some great things are happening.

Last Thursday night we hosted our annual Pride of Workmanship Awards. This recognises good work of employees as judged by their bosses. It is not a competition but a public recognition and it wouldn’t be possible without the hours of work that Laurelle puts in to make it special. Thank you Laurelle.

Also thanks to Lynda our wonderful MC, Radar on photos, Peter and Lynn for meeting and greeting at the door, Bob Aston for the invocation and John Rungen for a international toast full of information on the positive things Rotary is doing in the world. Thanks also to Mat and Jen and their staff for making all welcome and for providing a great meal.

Thanks go to Julie Clark, Jim Sharpe, Debra Black, Julie Davis, Tracey Benbow, Ray Lawrence, Victoria Wilkin, Rebecca Tyrrell, Christine Lansley, Tracey Tunney and Sarah Navara for their hard work and dedication to their jobs and to their employers for recognising this.

Peter and Karin will be away for a little while whilst Karin undergoes some tests and we wish her a speedy recovery. Jennifer (Rod’s wife) is also recovering at home now and each day she is getting stronger. Our thoughts are with Jennifer and if you’d like to visit, please check with Rod first. Our thoughts are also with Peter H. at this time as he is having treatment and we wish him a speedy recovery.

The Markets were on last Sunday and we were very busy. Everyone loves our Smoothies and the Anzac biscuits were a very welcome addition. We had a very successful result.

And congratulations to Frank and Iris who joined the ranks of Grandparents last week….. Frank’s smile was so wide that Charmaine could count his fillings from two tables back!!

Radar has moved back with us for his final placement. His luggage seems to have increased since last time we saw him !!!


Pride of Workmanship Awards

What a great night last Thursday!
Eleven of our local businesses each recognised a valued employee at our annual Pride of Workmanship Awards at a special dinner at The Whale for over 60 people.
President Bob said how proud the Club is of this program and the support we receive from local businesses.
‘The program offers local businesses the opportunity, through Rotary, to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of employees who consistently achieve a high standard of work performance and show personal qualities worthy of such an award,’ he said.
Our MC extraordinaire for the night, Lynda, described the Awards night as a very positive and uplifting experience, adding that one thing she particularly likes about these awards is that it is not a competition.
She said, ‘What was also inspiring this year was the range of businesses represented’.


Pride of Workmanship Awards

President Bob presented Pride of Workmanship Awards last Thursday to

  • Debra Black (IRT Dalmeny), front left,
  • Tracey Tunney (Whale Motor Inn),
  • Rebecca Tyrrell (Quarterdeck),
  • Julie Davis (Narooma Dental Surgery),
  • Christine Lansley (Tilba Real Milk),
  • Ray Lawrence (Narooma Plumbing);
  • Narooma Rotary Vocational Service Director Laurelle,
  • Victoria Wilkin (O’Brien’s Hotel),
  • Tracey Benbow (Narooma Golf Club),
  • Julie Clark (Dalmeny Long Day Care)
  • Jim Sharpe (Estia Health).

Sarah Navara (Antons) was unable to be there but Lynda and Laurelle presented Sarah’s award to her at work the next day.


2016-04-22 Rotary POW 4
A delighted Sarah Navara, centre, of Anton’s at Kianga, was thrilled to receive her Award from Lynda and her boss Janine Ker on Friday.


2016-04-22 Rotary POW 5
Lynda Ord was our MC for last Thursday’s Awards presentation


Beacon 7th April 2016

Short words by bob ant

After a relaxing weekend off it’s back to work.

2016-04-03 Rotary, Bobs Birthday (Custom)
Birthday Bob and Merinda

Last Thursday night we were given not only  history but current information on the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens in Batemans Bay. This is a wonderful part of our area which we don’t think of when we have visitors. Not only worth a look but also worth becoming a friend of the gardens.

Thank you to all who wished me a Happy Birthday and to Merinda for arranging the fantastic cake from Rolf’s. I had a great time and on Saturday morning Merinda took me to Moruya for a surprise trip on the Sea Plane. We took off on the Tuross River, tracked south and circled Montague Island then over Narooma and back to land on the river next to Moruya Markets. Another great idea if you have visitors or just want to get up and see our beautiful lakes and rivers.

This Thursday night we have a Board Meeting and will hopefully be inducting two new members. It should be a good night.

Next Saturday at 1pm at Nerrigundah there is a memorial service commemorating  the 150th anniversary of the shooting of Constable Miles O’Grady. Those who were present when Peter Smith talked on his book about the Clarke Gang will remember the story of the gun battle between the Clarke Gang and the Police outside the Wallis Hotel. During the gun battle O’Grady was fatally shot along with bush ranger Wallis Fletcher.

The service will be at the Miles O’Grady Monument and if attending, you can book in with Jessica Petsalis, Executive officer 4478 9910 or email:

Have a magical week and think of Radar out in the desert enjoying the vast open spaces.



2016-04-03 Rotary, SOA 009
Victoria Callioni – President of the Friends of the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens

Ronald McDonald House Canberra Cycle 2016

Woden Daybreak Rotary has stepped in to assist Ronald McDonald House Canberra by running Cycle 2016 on 14 May 2016 as a fund raising activity for the Canberra House.

There are two rides: 50 kms and 135 kms. More details and registration are at >

Given the unexpectedness of Woden Daybreak’s participation, we would be very grateful if other clubs could spread the word to any cycling friends or do the ride themselves of course!  Please contact Darren Stevens if you need more information:

Pambula Rotary Club Charity Golf Day

On the weekend of 21/22 May, Pambula Rotary Club is holding a Charity Golf Day at the picturesque Pambula Merimbula Golf Course. see flyers attached.

Included with the normal golf competition both days is ‘A Service Club Challenge’ open to members of service clubs. Saturday, a $200 prize for the Service Club member with the highest score and on Sunday the best score by a service club team ( two out of four must be members of a service club) wins $800. Cheques will be made paid to their nominated charity or service club.

This is a great challenge, a great way to earn valuable dollars for your club. The day will be a lot of fun with great prizes. Proceeds from this weekend will go to the Carers Accommodation at the New Southeast Regional Hospital at Bega.

Rotary Club of Bomaderry Golf Day Friday 15 April 2016

The Bomaderry Club is promoting its Golf Day at the Nowra Gold Club for the John Ryan Memorial Scholarship. The Scholarship is in memory of one its former Club members and is given to a student studying the Bachelor of Medicine Surgery at the Shoalhaven Campus of the University of Wollongong.

Part of the selection criteria is that the student must come from regional NSW and be likely to practice in a rural setting. So far the Club has awarded 2 Scholarships and it has assisted both recipients tremendously allowing them to focus on their studies rather than look for part time work to help them with their finances.

It would be wonderful if Rotarians could come and join us on the day and enjoy a great round of golf at the same time.

Venue: Nowra golf club, fairway drive, Nowra
Cost: $50 per player, which includes, breakfast,  lunch, and a round of golf
7.00am bacon & egg roll
8.00am shotgun start – ambrose 4 person team event.
12.30pm finish golf, refreshment and lunch at approx 1 pm. (Lunch will be b.b.q. Buffet)
1.30-2.00pm presentation of prizes & raffle winners
There are 8 carts for hire on a first in first served basis, players can book their team and/or a cart through the proshop
ph : 4421 2249
Hole in one prize of a hyundai car sponsored by country motor company Bomaderry.  Come and have a fun day

District Matters newsletter

Batemans Bay gets a mention in the April edition

Narooma Duck Race

Our Duck Race made it into the Rotary magazine in the UK/Ireland. Here is the link.; p. 28.


Duntroon Band Concert

Batemans Bay High School Hall
Saturday 16 April 2016

Helpers on the Day
The RMC Duntroon Band concert is one of our major fund raisers for the year and requires a fair bit of support behind the scenes. I hope you and your partner can help out.

Provide a salad or dessert
Our hospitality and home cooking is a real treat for the Band and helps ensure they come back year after year.
Could I ask members… all Rotarians and their partners to prepare either a salad or a dessert for the band’s meal following the concert? If you are unable to attend on the day would you arrange for someone else to bring it along?

The following helpers are needed to make the Band Concert a success.
11:00am Set up quadrangle (3 required) Tables, seating, urns, extension cords. Set out cups. Have tea and coffee, milk, lamingtons (cut in two) and biscuits ready on plates in canteen.
12:00am Set up audience and stage seating (4 required ) Roll out carpet, set up 40 chairs on stage and 400 in hall. Tables and chairs for ticket sellers in foyer. Collect Rotary Wheel from Baywaters Resort and place it in a central place –return same to Baywaters after concert. Display Rotary banners in a prominent place.
1:00pm Lunch for band and workers. (6 required) Confirm Pizza Dominios delivery for 1:00pm Ph 4475 3133 – manager is Jeff Pick up 25 pizzas from Dominos at 12:45pm – Note 2 vegetarian – 2 without cheese. Put out two salads with some plates and utensils. Serviettes and bowls of fresh fruit in bowls on tables. Set up a station for tea, coffee, milk, sugar, cups and urn. Have bottled water and cold drinks in esky.
2:00pm Ticket sellers and ushers (4 required) Man table (2) in foyer – cash float required (see Bruce Clarke). Ushers (2) at door to collect and count tickets.
2:30pm Concert commences (David Harding MC)
2:40 pm Serve tea and coffee at the interval. (All present) Set up tea and coffee, milk, sugar and cups. Ensure urns are boiling. Place biscuits and lamingtons on tables. Clean up and pack equipment away after intermission.
5:30pm. Evening meal (6 required) Check with Band for timing. Set up eskys with cold drinks, bottled water and beer. Have wine glasses and red/white wine available. Cook sausages, onions and chicken on the BBQ and place in trays. Set up serving station with plates, utensils, serviettes, bread, sauces, salt and pepper. Set salads up on tables. Assist serving the food. Bring out desserts and dessert plates and utensils. Clean up quadrangle after band has departed.

In between completing your duties, please feel free to enjoy the concert!

Hah Hah



Beacon 10th March 2016

Short words by bob ant

Last night’s meeting was a chance for members to give feedback anonymously on two issues:  Donuts and “The Elephant in the Room!” .

Donuts have been synonymous with Rotary in Narooma (and elsewhere) for many, many years. But now we must look to “manage risk” and minimise the chance of injury. Whilst no one has been seriously injured, the possibility of injury has to be considered and discussed.  After investigating to make our current set up safer, no suitable answers have been found. Research is ongoing, but until we can be satisfied that we are managing the risk correctly, we have no choice but to suspend donut-making from this next market. Thank you to all who have participated in this discussion.

The second issue is being addressed. I have sent an email to all members.

At last night’s Board meeting, we approved Paris Blessington to go to Rotary Adventure in Citizenship. RAIC is an intensive and fun-filled, week-long programme to help prepare young adults for full participation as citizens of Australia. Held in Canberra,  it will enable Paris to gain knowledge of how our Federal Government operates. She is a worthy student, who with the help of our Club and Youth Directors, has taken advantage of past opportunities made available and has grown. We look forward to finding out how this week goes on her return.

My thanks to Rod, our Secretary, for all his work on the Board meeting minutes, agenda and keeping track on what is transpiring. Thank you to the members of the Board and the Club for input and hard work for not only Rotary Narooma but our whole community. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful group of people.

Eddie the Eagle is the latest movie for Polio Plus – unfortunately, we won’t be able to have it for the Premiere, however we will still have it for a special screening on Thursday 5th May.

Have a great weekend and I hope you find some magic along the way.


Clean up Australia Day

A great effort by a small but dedicated group of Rubbish-Removing-Rotarians.  No picture of the black snake that gave Fred something to think about !

Laurelle, Angie and Mike
Laurelle, Angie and Mike
Fred Fawke, Angie and Mike
Fred Fawke, Angie and Mike

Shelter Box and Shelter Box Kits

Fred Fawke was here for a visit at the last meeting and he brought us up to date with the latest news on Shelter Boxes. The new policy is best summarised as “Horses for Courses”. In many cases buildings are partially damaged, and a tarpaulin and some tools to fix it with are all that’s needed. So we now also distribute Shelter Box kits; these are smaller and cheaper and often more suited to the needs of the disaster survivors.

Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards

Michael Edwards (born 5 December 1963), better known as Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, is a British skier who in 1988 became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. At the time, he was the British ski jumping record holder (a record later broken by others), the world number nine in amateur speed skiing, (106.8 mph (171.9 km/h)) and the stunt jumping world record holder (10 cars/6 buses). Finishing last in the 70m and 90m events, he became famous as an example of an underdog or “heroic failure”, and of perseverance and achievement without funding. In 2016, he was portrayed by Taron Egerton in the biographical film Eddie the Eagle, co-starring Hugh Jackman as fictional coach Bronson Peary.

RYDA 2016

Neil Simpson from Rotary Batemans Bay is organising the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) program this year on behalf of the Rotary Clubs of Batemans Bay, Moruya and Narooma. He has taken over from Derek Anderson (Moruya) who has so capably organised RYDA in recent years (with thanks).

This year it is expected that, with the help of Rotary, RYDA will be delivered to 50 000 students from 500 schools in 90 venues across Australia and New Zealand.

Our RYDA course will be held on Monday April 4th and Tuesday April 5th 2016 at the Moruya Jockey Club.

Year 11 students from St Peters Anglican College, Carroll College and Moruya High School will attend on Monday 4 April with Year 11 students from Batemans Bay and Narooma High Schools attending on Tuesday 5 April.

The RYDA program content has now been completely revised and updated and two sessions have been replaced altogether.

The program focusses on speeding, distractions and impairments; strategies (having a plan); the role of the passenger; personal reflection on their own risks and behaviours and interactivity (group work and discussion). Student participants now get their own goals, plans and strategies booklet to take home and they use that booklet in every session.

RYDA is now more interactive with less facilitator talk and more discussion, making it more engaging for participants. It is intended for those just commencing their learner driving instruction.

RYDA a joint project with our three clubs and we are again asking for your support.

Batemans Bay Rotary is arranging volunteers to set up and pack up, provide morning tea on both days and accompany student participants from St Peters, Carroll and Batemans Bay High on both days. Batemans Bay club held a bare foot bowls afternoon as their contribution towards costs.

Moruya Rotary is providing lunch to all participants and presenters on both days of RYDA as their contribution towards costs. Moruya will also be seeking three Rotarians to accompany the student groups from Moruya High School (Monday).

Narooma Rotary is providing bus transport for Narooma students as their contribution towards costs and will need three Rotarians to accompany the student groups from Narooma High School (Tuesday).

Potentially there are 330 Year 11 students in our Shire who could attend RYDA and we are making every effort to ensure that most attend.

We look forward to your support of this life saving program again this year!

Neil Simpson
Rotary Batemans Bay

Meal Costs

At the board meeting it was decided that due to the fact that $3 of each meal goes toward paying for the guest speaker’s meal that those who do not choose to participate in the meal, should contribute $3.00 each week to help with these costs.

The wheel, happy moments and the $3 are the funds we raise toward administration which covers guest speakers meals and other sundries from time to time.

Foundation Seminar

As part of our continued effort in keeping Members informed and up to date with our Charity “The ROTARY FOUNDATION” you are invited to attend an information Seminar on the Foundation. The information available at the Seminar will cover the many programs of the Foundation as well as give an update on Foundation activity in our District and part of the criteria for access to District Grants is for someone from every Club to attend an information session. It will also give you an opportunity to meet the District 9710 Foundation Team for 2016/17. Please pass on this invitation to all interested Rotarians in your Club that may wish to learn a little more about our Foundation.

It is anticipated that the Seminar will commence at 10.30 for an 11.00am start, coffee / tea / water and biscuits will be available on arrival. The  Rotary Foundation Seminar will be held on Sunday the 20th March 2016 at Raiders Belconnen, Hardwick Crescent HOLT. A light lunch will be provided and we are planning for the seminar to conclude no later than 4.00pm.


Gratuitous Picture of the Newsletter Editor

“Yours Truly” and his extra-ordinary wife !

2016-02-07 Rotary - Cambodia Frank and Iris
You’re the best !


Quota FundRaiser

Join Quota Narooma for a Fundraising Film Presentation of

The Lady in the Van, starring Maggie Smith
Truth is stranger than fiction in this comedy based on the real-life tale of a homeless woman, Miss Shepherd (Maggie Smith) who parks her van in the driveway of a house owned by playwright Alan Bennett (Alex Jennings) and lives there for 15 years

WHERE: At The Kinema

Time: 6.30pm For 7.00pm Screening Thursday 10th March
Cost: $20.00 Including Light Supper & Refreshments
Bookings Or Pre-Purchase Of Tickets Advised
Phone The Kinema 44762352
Or Email: Kinemaweeklyemail@Gmail.Com
Everybody Welcome

Funds raised will support Quota’s Hearing and Speech local community projects.


short words by bob ant

As Summer comes to a close – but not daylight saving – we have another Narooma Rotary Markets under our belt. For a while it looked as if we were going to be down on numbers and then I had a flashback to a movie “build it and they will come”. On Sunday Rotarian’s and friends of Rotary came out of the proverbial woodwork and we had good numbers. David and Rachael joined with Laurelle to control the gate. Michael helped Frank with marking out and then made smoooooth smoothies and freeessssh juice all day, with a little help. Bob Aston and John Doyle assisted by Angie made Donuts and it was great to see Peter Hartley at the BBQ. Fred Fawke from Canberra (Mr ShelterBox) and Pam cooked, Joan and Rob, John and Sandra Doyle and my wonderful partner in grime Merinda. Rolfe assisted as time permitted (definitely well appreciated coffee) and to anyone I may have missed a huge thank you.

Last Thursday night was climate change… this Thursday night is a club assembly on change of another sort. Please feel free to put your two bob’s worth in.  Fred Fawke will also give us an update ion ShelterBox and Fuji.

Following this week’s meeting is a board meeting…. all members are allowed to sit in and watch if you want or take an early mark.

It was an enormous pleasure to recognise the work of Past President Angie with a Paul Harris Fellow award. Our charity, the Rotary Foundation allows for a PHF to be given as a recognition for service to the Rotary family and local, national and international community. In front of a large audience Angie was formally recognised for her service, well done and well deserved.

A question for this Thursday night…. Do you remember Eddie the Eagle?

I hope a lot of magic comes your way this week……. Girls…. Did you pop the question?????