Narooma Rotary Beacon 27 June 2019

NOTES FROM ROTARY MEETING 27 JUNE 2019 Small meeting of twelve people were fortunate to be able to share fellowship and listen to our Guest speaker Fiona Jackson, the principal of Narooma High School. Guests were Claudia from Narooma Newspaper and her mother Kathy Ferguson , Mandy Wheatley and Gillian Kearney.

Rolf said the Invocation. We welcomed our Guests.

Frank did the International toast to the Rotary Clubs of Iris’ home town in Germany, Freudenstadt. Freudenstadt is well know for “fresh air”, but not much else! Formed in 1962, Freudenstadt Rotary Club supports a water project in Haiti in the mountain village of Beaumon, and together with five other Rotary clubs from Baden-Württemberg participates in a water project in the southwest of Haiti.

Fiona Jackson Principal Narooma High School with Charmaine White

Fiona has the honour of being Narooma High School’s first woman Principal. The title of her talk was

Women in Leadership

Wow! Her journey in teaching has been 26 years and she is still passionate and positive about her profession. Lots of challenges and changes along the way with being a mother to two children ,wife, with a very supportive husband and now coming to Narooma High School, a school that has three times the student population of her last school in Tumbarumba.

She is so positive about giving every child the opportunity of being the best they can be. She said it is not all about university as each student now could have up to 8 different careers.So education has a responsibility to get children ready for this challenge of many career changes.

Fiona told us about her life as a teacher and growing up in Tamworth being a Brownie then going on to Girl Guides and this gave her some great women role models in her early life in Netball water polo team sports and Guides. She went to Oxley High School as did our Frank, small world. In a further coincidence, she went to Newcastle University as did Frank.

Her first posting was Barham NSW near Koondrook VIC initially her plan was to Stay 3 years and move back to the city but love got in the way and she was there for 17 years, even teaching 2nd generation students. Then an opportunity arose to teach at Tumbarumba where she served for 4 years as Deputy Principal and then as Principal for 5 years.

Some of her goals are

  • To get children building each other up
  • Have a welcoming fun friendly environment in the school – even the toilets are getting an overhaul.
  • Include more in the curriculum about marine education and the amazing surrounding environment we are so lucky to live in.
  • Develop a sense of belonging among the students and give them opportunities.

She is planning this ten year journey and wants to include the local community and evolve and improve the students in her care. She believes that attitude is 90%. She wants students to feel safe in their school. She is very impressed with the SRC and enjoys having chats with them and including them in planning improvements for the school.

Narooma High School has a Registered Team going to MUNA.

Very keen debating teacher Monique Wicks has selected three students to attend MUNA ( Model United Nations ) this year. Luke Potts, Geena Thomas and Crystal Elmasrin. Ange will be their counsellor and Monique has agreed to transport the students to Canberra … Great work by Ange for getting a team together.

Alicia Bate

Our 2018 Tertiary Student Alicia Bate is engaged. Congradulations Alicia.

Dates ( the edible kind )

Frank told the meeting about his freshly picked South Australian Dates from Gurra Downs ; a mix of three varieties, Medjool, big & sweet, Barhee, caramel coloured , and small black Fadi . Hopefully there may be some left at our changeover dinner. $10 a box. They are yummy.

Reminder: Changeover Dinner next week

Narooma Rotary Beacon 20 June 2019

This week a small meeting of ten people were fortunate to be able to share fellowship and listen to our Guest speaker Jeff Lean.

Robyn said the Invocation, after which we welcomed our guests, then Lynda did a toast to the Rotary Clubs of Hong Kong.

Rolf and guest speaker Jeff Lean

Jeff Lean gave a thought provoking talk: “The Economic and Social Drivers of Global Pollution and Species Extinction.
It was very informative and interesting to get a world view on what are the causes of climate change.

Climate Change and Global pollution are caused by human activity – power generation, transport, agriculture and industry. The use of resources is the problem and we must reduce the resources that we use. The purpose of the economy should be focused on meeting needs rather than wants. Our economists should be using the GPI index (Genuine Progress Indicator) not the GDP index.

GPI is more focused on the wellbeing of the population not just economic growth. There are many groups starting up to make the population more aware such as Extinction Rebellion and Degrowth Regulation to name two.
Renewables are part of the answer they can stop one third of emissions but industry currently still will need coal and fossil fuels for some activities like steel making. We need to think in rationing terms – for example 4 tonnes of CO2emissions per capita is Okay, at the moment.
But right now Australia is running at 21 tonnes per capita. India is at 2 tonnes per capita. Jeff gave us possible solutions that we all can do. Here are some:

  • We must reduce resource use
  • No Growth economy or a sustainable economy is the goal.
  • Shop Local, grow and swap produce.
  • Use your car less.
  • The many household items should not be thrown out so quickly try to keep longer.
  • Buy repairable items then the local repairman of the 1950s 1960s will come back.
  • Buy secondhand do not be shy about going to bag a bargain at Vinnies.

Happy Moments

Lynda told us about Lewis Ives a past National Siemens Science Participant. He has been invited by the Yamaha Japan CEO to go to Japan and he will give him employment at the motorcycle plant. He is studying Mechanical engineering and this is a brilliant opportunity for him.

Frank told the meeting about the ceremony at Montys, to celebrate the installation of solar panels donated by SHASA and MESA. Monty’s have a number of fridges and freezers and the power they use can now be supplied by the new system avoiding the electricity costs. Which means they willl have about $2,000 per year to spend on their primary mission! Read more in the Narooma News article.

Beacon 16th June 2016

short notes

Last Thursday evening Mark Shorter from Eurobodalla Shire Council was our guest speaker. Mark looks after all manner of sustainable and renewable things for the Council.

A lot of work behind the scenes has resulted in the Council saving not only money in operating costs but also reducing their carbon foot print. This is a fantastic win for the community and the environment. This is the exciting future our politicians keep on about but we rarely have the chance to see it in action.

Well done to Mark and his team and to the council. Hopefully we’ll see the Council as a stallholder at our Renewable Expo in November.

Saturday I drove Radar and three other exchange Students to Canberra for their final get-together. This was a chance for them to mingle, sign flags etc and for Youth Exchange magician John Briton to hand over certificates and say his good byes. John is the face of this very popular program and works very hard to make sure it all works …. an amazing effort.

A quick thank you to Laurelle and Rod for bringing together our Change Over program at the end of this month.

Have a fantastic week,


Mark Shorter – ESC environment officer

Mark Shorter (ESC) and Frank Eden
Mark Shorter (ESC) and Frank Eden

Mark Shorter is the Sustainability Coordinator for the Eurobodalla Shire Council (ESC).  He started his talk last week with a very short history of the Council’s early attempts to do something about its carbon emissions.  His first slide was interesting – a newspaper clipping from the Braidwood Dispatch in 1912, so we have known about the risks for a long time.

Braidwood Dispatch

The targets set by the ESC for 2012 were not met, and Council has since put into place a more effective strategy, starting with a close examination of each of the Councils activities and its impact.

A very surprising outcome is the finding that waste is contributing 57% of the Councils emissions.  The council tips and sewerage works release a lot of methane, which is of course a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.  A grant has been received which will allow Council to capture that methane and either burn it or potentially use it to generate electricity in the same way they do in the Mugga Way tip in Canberra.

The ESC has also embraced behind-the-meter solar to reduce its electricity bills.  The admin building has 75kW.  The largest site is 100kW at Deep Creek Dam – used for pumping. Altogether there are 26 sites comprising 637kW – 2,500 panels.  Unfortunately, because the feed-in price is so low, there is no incentive to add solar capacity over and above what is needed to meet Council’s own usage.  This situation will change when virtual net metering is introduced.

The council is on track to reduce its emissions by 25% by 2020.  Their  efforts so far are very encouraging, especially because they save an estimated $244,000 pa.

Peter Bull pointed out that it would be interesting to see how this compares to other councils.

Shanna Provost mentioned that she has recently completed a photo shoot to help promote composting.  Watch out for workshops on how to do it effectively.

Bob recommended listening to Professor Andrew Blakers from the ANU, speaking about renewables and a 100% target for Australia. (That link will expire on 8th June).

Everyone was very impressed with the great strides Council is making in the area of energy security, due we are sure to Mark’s good efforts. Keep up the good work. The cost savings, and benefit to the environment are substantial.

CE4G Goulburn Community Solar Farm Feasibility Study

As promised in last weeks meeting, here is a link to the Goulburn Community Solar Farm Feasibility Study.  And also Clearsky Solar.

SouthCoast Health and Sustainability Alliance

The SouthCoast Health and Sustainability Alliance (SHASA) is seeking expressions of interest from anyone who wants to benefit from a low cost quality solar system and reduce their energy bills.

SHASA is a not-­for-profit community group based in Eurobodalla who help to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable. It is coordinating a solar bulk buy for the Eurobodalla community.

Paul Dolphin from SHASA said “We have been actively negotiating a bulk buy discount for quality solar systems at the best price and with the best local installers. It can be hard to navigate the world of solar so we have done all the research to give peace of mind and make sure people get good quality systems from reputable local installers at a discounted price.”

Shelter Box Update

After many years of hard work, research and information gathering, I’m pleased to announce that we have been granted deductible gift recipient status (DGR) under the OAGDS (Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme). This is great news and our new status will open up opportunities for fundraising with corporales and Private Ancillary Funds.

The timing of the announcement coincides nicely with the approaching end of the financial year. Now is a great time for potential donors to make a tax-deductible gift to ShelterBox Australia!

Below is the latest deployment information from HQ.

ShelterBox World Map


Our response in Fiji is now in its final few days. No more distributions will take place but we will continue to conduct monitoring and evaluation activities over the next couple of days. We are also in the process of signing an MOU with the Red Cross so that we can leave 250 tarpaulins with them to distribute going forward as needed. The total number of distributions are 491 boxes, 293 tents and 401 shelter kits.


The 999 shelter kits which were sent from our pre-positioned stock in Panama have now arrived in Ecuador and the team are in the process of moving it from the compound where it has been unloaded. The remaining 1001 shelter kits and non- food items are expected to arrive in country over the weekend.

In total this will give us 2000 shelter kits, 1700 water filters, and 300 small ShelterBoxes which each contain 1 water filter, 1 kitchen set, 2 solar lights, 2 mosquito nets and 2 water carriers to distribute in Portoviejo, where we will work with local agency PROGAD and Habitat for Humanity. The boxes will be distributed with a shelter kit to those whose homes were completely destroyed in the earthquake.


175 tents were distributed last week and we are in the process of speaking with Relief Aid about distributing more shelter kits in Aleppo City, which continues to experience intense conflict.


Following a distribution of 3000 shelter kits in Paraguay in response to widespread flooding at the beginning of the year, we now plan to send a monitoring and evaluation team to assess the effectiveness and impact of our work helping families displaced by the floods. No date has yet been confirmed for this, but it is a priority and should happen over the next couple of months.

North Korea

A monitoring and evaluation trip is also planned for North Korea and we are working with our contact to confirm a date.


Beacon 5th May 2016

Short words by bob ant

A little late this week as I have been away for a few days.

Saturday and Sunday I attended the District Conference in Berry with PE Michael.  During the first session on District Grants I was asked to speak about our defibrillator program and our matching grant. It was a great conference and the dinner on Saturday night was a highlight.

Today (Wednesday) Radar is bound for Merimbula with Lynda and Sandra to the VIEW Club meeting. Radar was asked to be the guest speaker about being and exchange student.I’m sure he will keep every one entertained.

Last Thursday night was a great evening with Rachael organising our guest speaker Sue Barford, president of the River of Art organisation, what a great asset for our shire.

Lewis Ives who went to Honeywell last year came and talked of the experience. Wow has he come a long way and even his Dad was surprised how he talked to a large audience. Not so long ago he was very shy. This is a very positive outcome for us and our youth projects.

Tomorrow night (5th May) is our Polio Plus movie fundraiser of Eddie the Eagle . Bring ten friends and wear some interesting head gear. Many thank to Chris for her work on making this possible.

Have a good one


Lewis Ives and Lynda Ord
Lewis Ives and Lynda Ord


Sue Barford, President of the River of Art festival

Eurobodalla River of Art is a 10 day festival of live music, theatre, film, visual arts, literature, creative workshops and cultural experiences held along the picturesque NSW far south coast. This area, known as the Eurobodalla Shire, extends between Durras Lake in the north and Wallaga Lake in the south.

Sue Barford, president of the organization spoke to us about the talented and skilled artists whose work is showcased by this festival.  She also spoke about just how important this festival has become – drawing large numbers of people from Sydney, Canberra and elsewhere.

Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle – Thursday Night  5th May