Beacon 13th August 2015


The most disappointing part of the construction of the long overdue Bega district Hospital is the fact that accommodation for guests has not been factored into the design.
Not only the lack of regular public transport from the feeder towns and the “roo” factor for early morning and night travel leave patients with little option but expensive motel bills.
This has been a problem for many years and through the great insight and community spirit of many in the Bega area the way forward in affordable, localised accommodation is becoming a reality.
Bega Rotary members Charlie and Leonie Blomfield were our guest speakers on Thursday night to update us on CCASE – Community Carers Accommodation South East.
Charlie is on the committee and through a brilliant slide show gave a detailed outline of the plan for affordable accommodation right next to the new Hospital. Bega community is well under way with fund raising for something few of them will use, but all see this as an essential need.
The Eurobodalla Shire is in the feeder zone for the New Hospital and we all need to take some ownership of this project, which over the long term will cost more than 2 million dollars.
I’m sure as this project progresses will see more money from and input from the Eurobodalla community. Our thanks to Charlie and Leonie Blomfield for coming to us and they are available to talk to clubs and groups about this worthy cause. Charlie can be reached at email

Short words by Bob Ant

What a great meeting on Thursday night. It was fantastic to induct John Doyle who takes our number to 20. John will be a great asset to the club, thank you to Chris O’Brien for introducing John and to Sandra (John’s wife) for supporting him and us.
2015-08-04 Rotary 2 (Small)
It was my pleasure to thank Charlie Blomfield for his talk on the CCASE accommodation and in doing so hand over a cheque for $500 on behalf of our club. It is a small amount in the scheme of things but every bit helps and thank you to all our members and the board for making this possible, I’m sure more will come.
2015-08-04 Rotary 2 (Small)
Don’t forget next week is a lunch time meeting at the Whale 12 for 12.30 to allow founding member George Barker to attend a meeting, as he hasn’t been able to go out at night. This is a first for the club and Mat and Jen at the Whale offered the service to us out of respect for George and through their wonderful commitment to Narooma Rotary. Please let Anthony know numbers by Tuesday and bring friends and stories of George if you have some. Normal $25 applies, this has been especially put on for us so please give it the best support you can.
Frank has started putting together the new website, looks fantastic and easy to navigate. This will replace Club Runner which has served us well but as it is in US dollars it puts a cost impost on us that, for a charity, we don’t need. Thank you Frank and everyone send him some photo’s that you think might be worthy.
Well I’m off to Sydney to pick Radar up. The Typhoon has slowed or turned slightly and his plane is leaving early so he’ll be in tomorrow morning about 1 hour earlier.

Whale Watch Raffle 2015

On again! The whales are out there – and the excitement is building. Money raised will buy some much needed  ShelterBoxes.

We have 1000 tickets to sell by the draw date Sat. 5 September.

It’s easy and a WIN/WIN for all!

The tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5 and the winner gets 2 adult whale watch vouchers with Narooma Charters and can choose to head out to view these magnificent creatures of our oceans any time between the draw and mid November.

Please make every effort to sell your raffle books handed out last Thursday. There are still many more books left and we need you all on board.

Ang will organise to get the ok from Council for Rotarians for rosters to sell tickets outside the IGA on the Flat and the Newsagents.


MUNA – Recent Story in the Narooma News

Narooma students speak for the UAE
Several Narooma High students spent last Sunday in a workshop organised by Narooma Rotarians to help them prepare for an extraordinary experience.
Tyler Holloran, Keely Clark, Paris Blessington and Sabine Kildea have been selected to take part in the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) in Canberra in August.
‘MUNA simulates the United Nations Assembly with teams from over 130 schools from the eastern states of Australia,’ said Narooma Rotarian David McInnes.
‘Each school represents a different nation; Narooma will represent the United Arab Emirates (UAE).’
MUNA is sponsored by the Australian National University and Rotary.
 ‘Over the MUNA weekend, the students debate various resolutions from their given country’s perspective,’ Mr McInnes said. ‘So they have to do a fair bit of research beforehand to familiarise themselves with their particular country’s history, politics, economics and particular stance on world affairs.
‘On Sunday we gathered together some people we know who are either former diplomats or former UAE residents to help our students gain some insight into the UAE, its world view, and life there.
‘It went really well. We had several work stations and as a result our students developed some understanding of global issues from the perspective of different nations.
‘They’ve now put together three resolution positions and practiced them.
‘They are the situation in the South China Sea, the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, and efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.
‘They’re also working towards a position on the coordination of taxation arrangements in the globalizing world, and the protection of global climate.
‘The workshop has given them the confidence to know they will be able to participate in the whole event in a meaningful way.’
Mr McInnes said their preparation continues today when they will meet the other Eurobodalla teams from Moruya, Batemans Bay and St Peters in a practice debate.
Last year was the first time Narooma had fielded a team to MUNA. The experience proved such a challenging and rewarding experience for those students, the school was keen to field another team this year.
MUNA Gathering 3 (Small)
Rotary MUNA gathering
At Sunday’s workshop to prepare Narooma High students for MUNAAnnmaree O’Keeffe (former Australian Ambassador to Nepal), front left, Rotarian David McInnes, Narooma High students Tyler Holloran, Keely Clark and Sabine Kildea, former diplomat Robin Scott-Charlton, Rhys Dobson and Leisa Hassock (both former UAE residents); Narooma Rotarian Angie Ulrichsen, back left, Liam Dobson and Brittany Mitro (both former UAE residents), Graham Jensen and Narooma High teacher Sue Fahey. Photo by Rachel McInnes.

Facebook and Twitter

At the Thursday meeting, Peter Bull told those down our end of the table about his recent experiences with Facebook.
He was told all about how good Facebook is, and how one can improve ones social life.But not ever owning a computer or smartphone, Peter was afraid of missing out.  So now he walks down the street and tells passers-by what he has eaten, how he feels. what he did the night before and what he will do for the rest of the day.  He also gives them pictures of his wife, his daughter, his dog and selfies while gardening and on holiday, spending time by the pool. He also listens to their conversations, telling them he ‘likes’ them and gives them his opinion on every subject that interests him… whether it interests them or not.
And it works !
He already has four people following him: two police officers, a social worker and a psychiatrist!